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If things get tougher?



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    I think the aim of this thread is to go beyond moneysaving but towards survival because this energy malarky isn`t going to go away. We will never have cheap fuel again. It is really making me think about folks who can`t get out for a bracing walk and who haven`t got the spare £££ to pay 6% more for their council tax.

    My thermostat is low and it is on the chilly side here but we lived in very cold houses in the old days and survived. Some of you will remember the frost on the inside of the windows and the little paraffin lamp in the outside toilet to stop all the pipes freezing.
  • metherer
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    Kittie, I remember frost on the inside of the windows & I'm only 25.

    My parents live in a 17thC farmhouse, with no heating/insulation etc. Every morning in winter the panes of glass in my bedroom window would be thick with frost. Used to numb my fingers trying to scratch it off to look outside.

    And the stairs - dreadful. In cold wet weather there was water running down the walls, coming in from outside. Made the stone steps cold n' slippery.

    Still that was manageable. Its when we came down for breakfast to find our wellies lined up at the bottom of the stairs for us, because we'd flooded again, that meant it was bad weather. Still didn't get to miss school tho....

    Now, I moan when I have to put a second jumper on. & If I'm off up to see them in winter I know to put on several layers and not take my coat off until I'm home again. Can you tell I've got soft??

    Not heavily in debt, but still trying to sort things out.
    Baby due July 2018.
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    I don't think there are an awful lot of things i could do to cut costs, as we already do most of the things to save on spending,although we could get rid of sky & the internet.. ok, just sky!
    But if things got really tough I could get a job. We are still home educating our youngest, who is 15, and he could probably manage to get on with things without my presence for a while. So that is always an option. But I quite enjoy the independence of being "my own boss"! And I wonder if I would have to spend money on clothes, transport etc that would cut down the earnings. Not only that, would anyone employ me after being nearly 24 years out of the job market!!!!!?????
  • twink
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    i dont have the gas on high am sitting here with hot water bottle on my knee nice and cosy!
  • Well I have energy saving lightbulbs in all the lights but could do with turning my heating down and wearing more layers .
    I'm going to bake more currently doing biscuits and bread and mst meals from scratch but could probley do a bit more.
    cc debt ( end dec 05) 6485 :eek:

    Shopping for March
    Week 1: £46.74
    Week 2:
    Week 3:
    Week 4:
    A+L loan but as I have already paid the intrest no point in paying it off early(dont get one) so going to save, save, save when cc paid off

    The £2.00 savers club:£24.00
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    metherer wrote:
    I wish I had a thermostat to turn down!

    I have a gas (!) fire in the living room, and an oil filled radiator plugged in at the top of the stairs.

    And its blinking freezing

    Same here, i live right on top of a hill and i look out of my bedroom windows and can see for miles. I have no central heating just a gas fire in the living room and three electric heaters in the bedrooms. I cant really cut down on heating any more as the house is so cold. My kitchen is so cold i cant use a slow cooker in the cold weather as it doesnt cook. In fact it takes twice as long to cook anything in a conventional oven come to think of it.

    I think to cut down on fuel any more i would have to start turning plugs off at the wall when we go to bed at night and i would also turn off the fan in MrJudis shed. Its circulating air day and night, winter as well as summer. :mad:
    My fuel bills are enormous during the winter months.
  • i only put the central heating on for an hour or so - if i'm home - i broke the timer swich a few years ago :)

    as i'm on my own i'm happy with no heating on and under a duvet / blanket if i want to watch telly downstairs - but i'm normally on line upstairs. either on here or playing poker :) or both

    i only keep my pc for keeping in touch with people - if i had the choice the tv and licence fee and telewest charges would be gone.



    Current CC debt : £00000

    Was £4900 in May 2005

    now got a girlfriend and savings
  • hi judi -
    i live on top of a hill too - i don't have the views but i get the cold :( i think everyone should go for the - take a duvet everywhere - option
    Current CC debt : £00000

    Was £4900 in May 2005

    now got a girlfriend and savings
  • Pink.
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    There's a very recent thread on Discussion Time along similar lines that you may find interesting: So what do you think are neccessities?

  • I'm not sure how much I could cut down from now. We very rarely go out or takeaway! Living in a cutoff area means I can't cycle and we only have the heating on for a couple of hours in the morning and evening. Don't drink or smoke.
    I have been known to put on a jumper and a hat (the hats briliant to keep you warm) rather than turn on the heating and i'm hoping to uncover an old fireplace this year, i've got a paper brick maker coming for my summer project - i'm going to share them between me and a friend, whos very good at giving me stuff and loves recycling. anyway, hopefully i can cut down on the heating costs but at the rate thay are going up I will probably be paying the same!
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