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If things get tougher?



  • mummysaver
    mummysaver Posts: 3,119 Forumite
    They are doing a BOGTF deal on party size tubes of Pringles as well :whistle:

    Any other deals I should look out for in Mr M at the moment? I need to pop in this evening as am out of Marmite...

    Savoy cabbage and sprouts are 50p each, well 50p a bag for the sprouts, not each obviously!

    Chickpeas are 18p a can and value flour is still 33p!

    Big bags of potatoes are £3.49 for 12.5kg if you have enough storage space, usually have lots of big ones suitable for baking as well in there.

    Fig rolls were 49p as well, finally coming back down in price!

    Okay, all that makes me sound like I only eat healthy food, I do eat some sweets as well ;)

    Just gone and grabbed my receipt! Other bargains:

    cherry toms 50p
    onion bhaji 59p (chilled)
    garlic bread, 2 sticks 50p (frozen)
    PG Tips 240 bags £2.17 (watch out you get the special offer one, there were also boxes with 50% extra free, making 240 bags at £3 something!)

    Just about to enjoy my fig rolls with a nice cup of coffee!
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  • elona
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    Told DH yesterday that I had placed an order with appproved food as I was expecting it to be delivered on Wednesday.

    Just as well I finally told him as it has just been delivered and he answered the door.:eek:

    Really pleased with what has come especially Simple face wipes and face wash for £1 each!!!

    We have about 30 cans of soup stowed away safely that cost about a fiver in total and some of them are brand name "big" soups.

    The docking station for an ipod that is also an alarm clock should have been £25 but was £5 with a £25 order so that is a pressie for DD (14) sorted that she will not expect.

    Tried to tell DH how good it was but he is unimpressed!!!!!

    I mentioned the food site on an international forum I go on and a British member of a "survivalist" site (think peak oil etc) was very impressed at the low prices and has ordered stuff for people in Holland!!!! The delivery will be to the UK and then he or friends will take it abroad when they visit.
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  • To all my lovely old and new friends in our `tougher` thread community. It is time to move on to the next phase. We have survived so far and now the next stage beckons. I have started a new thread

  • I breastfed my son until he was about 2 and for us it was the best thing. I wanted to breastfeed anyway but the hospital kind of insisted on it. I got a mammary cyst and that was really painful but I got that sorted quickly. The looks and comments I got from family and friends were not always nice, none of them could understand why I did it and trying to explain was like talking to a brick wall. I'm glad I persevered as it was the best 'food' I could give my son and I think it also made our bond stronger. Was it best for me, I think so even though my boo*s hang by my knees now :rotfl::rotfl:

    I fed him in public and was discrete but quite frankly I didn't give a fig what anyone else thought, I was feeding my son. He also never developed that horrible 'dummy' habit and never ever had a bottle. Yes it did mean that I was always around to feed him but I took to being a Mum like a duck to water even though I always avoided kids until I had my own as I never knew what to do with them!
    I did feed him in church once and the looks I got were :eek: but surely that's how Mary would have fed Jesus? that's what I said at the time anyway.

    At the end of the day it is a personal choice and one that in my eyes should be made firstly for the health of your child rather than convenience, but that's just my view and each and everyone to their own.
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  • exlibris
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    I fed my 2 till they were 5 months old. They stopped not me. They had been having water from a cup and decided that they preferred this. They never had a bottle and sucked thumbs not dummies!

    They are both now in ther 40's and are hardly ever ill (tough wood)
  • Cinny91
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    Yategirl wrote: »
    Could you post the recipe for the tea loaf please? What type of cooking facilities do you have in your caravan? We do all sorts when camping (and even better meals when we had an oven in our caravan!) - things like packet sauces really help as you don't need to carry boxes of spices etc!

    I think we've got a basic oven and hob. The night we get there we've having cottage pie and chips (don't know if I should make and freeze one or buy a pre-made one. trying to figure out which is cheapest!) saturday a pasta bake and sunday I think we're going for a pub sunday dinner. Sandwiches for dinners and wheatabix with hot milk for breakfast. Baking a load of goodies to take with us aswell.

    Of course I can post the tea loaf recipe! Mine's in the oven at the moment so I don't know how good it is yet but here it is:

    1 1/2 pints of strong tea (yorkshire's the best ;) )
    12 oz (300g) demerara or soft brown sugar
    3lbs (1.2kg) mixed dried fruit and nuts. recipe says to try rasins, currants, sultanas, apricots, dates, figs, glace cherries and a handful of chopped walnuts and almonds,
    1 or 2 eggs, beaten
    2lbs (800g) of plain/spelt or self-raising flour
    1 heaped teaspoon of baking powder.

    Make the tea and leave to go cold. In a large bowl, add the sugar to the mixed dried fruit. Pour the cold tea in and mix well, leave overnight if you can.
    The next day, add the eggs, flour and baking powder. You might need to add alittle water to make it sticky.
    Put into 3 greased bread tins (recipe states 18cm/7in tins) hollowing out in the centre alittle. Cover with tin foil leaving plenty of head space for them to rise into.
    Bake in a moderate to low over (120deg/Gas mark 1) for approx 3 hours. Like all things, when it's ready a knife should come out clean as a whistle.
    Take the tin foil off 15minutes before you take it out so the top browns.

    and you should *crossed fingers* have a lovely tea loaf! I halfed the mixture and still had enough for two 2lb loaves. I should know how mine turns out by 7. my first attempts of things never go well!
  • Yategirl
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    mmhh! sounds yum! Let us know how yours turns out... I will attempt tomorrow hopefully!

    cottage pie - if you make it yourself.. you know what is in it ;) bulk the mince out with grated carrots or a handful or two of porridge oats (stir well otherwise they clump) or some red lentils. I use about 300g of mince for 2 adults, a 6yr old and a 4yr old.. lots of onion and grated carrot then a nice thick potato topping with a veg on the side - yum!
  • Charis
    Charis Posts: 1,302 Forumite
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    There's been a lot of discussion as to what's best for the mother, and respecting her choices. There's little doubt that breastfeeding is best for the baby :D

    I used to wholeheartedly believe this and breastfed mine for at least six months each. To me it seemed natural and normal but I was at home with my babies, so didn't need dad to take a turn with the night feeding. I could not have coped with all those night feeds and a full time job and I look in awe at today's young mums who can and who have to work to keep a roof over their heads.

    Later on I helped in an adult literacy class and had a discussion about bf with one of the young mums there. She told me that she had debts that she was paying off and that some days she subsisted on a Mars bar for lunch and not much more for dinner. The local authority (or it may have been the NHS) provided free formula milk for her baby so the baby had enough but I can testify that breast feeding makes a mother very hungry and there was no way she could have fed herself and that baby on her meagre diet.

    Everyone's circumstances are different. Some mums are very shy about feeding their babies in public, since breasts in our society have a totally different connotation. In each case it is not the mother who should be blamed but the attitudes of a society that has caused the circumstances that take away her choice.
  • Cinny91
    Cinny91 Posts: 6,022 Forumite
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    Yategirl wrote: »
    mmhh! sounds yum! Let us know how yours turns out... I will attempt tomorrow hopefully!

    cottage pie - if you make it yourself.. you know what is in it ;) bulk the mince out with grated carrots or a handful or two of porridge oats (stir well otherwise they clump) or some red lentils. I use about 300g of mince for 2 adults, a 6yr old and a 4yr old.. lots of onion and grated carrot then a nice thick potato topping with a veg on the side - yum!

    Just taken it out the oven, smell loverly! Got to wait until after tea to try it though :rolleyes: made a batch of bath of brownies while the oven was on too. (vair OS of me i thought!) Only just thought that because of halfing it all it wouldn't take 3 hours to cook, oh dear.

    Still torn between the two, i know it will taste much nicer but i checked the prices and it's far cheaper to buy it ready made *sigh* but I'm going on holiday, i should take the easy option, right?
  • ceridwen
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    Cinny91 wrote: »
    I've never once thought of not having children due to us being overpopulated. I know of women making the choice not to have children because of their jobs, or just because they don't like children. But I rarely hear of people not having children due to 'overpopulation' it seems abit extreme to me. But that's most likely because I'm young.

    But I now have a whole new level of respect of ceridwen, to make such a decision at that age and gone through with it must of taken some courage. Saying that, the '2.4' way of life sounds more than perfect to me.


    Thank you for that.

    Moany Moany has made a lot of valid points about the way that women of my era (when younger) were still to some extent perceived as "chattels" of their husbands - their husbands being deemed to have the sole financial "say" in a household. At that period of history it was still the case that women expected/were expected to get married/or otherwise "partnered up". Actually - it took a lot more out of me holding onto being single unless and until The Right One turned up. He never did turn up in the event - but I still believe I made the right decision - to hold on until he did. Nowadays I see it is common for your generation to talk about "The One" and waiting for him/her - but it didn't seem to happen in my generation. As I recall - I felt very much a lone voice at that time with my determination to hang on in there and wait (knowing the risk that it would never happen for me). But I absolutely knew that if I had "settled" for someone else then he and/or I would have been unfaithful. I knew there would be arguments about him not doing a fair share of the housework. I knew I would eventually end up divorced.

    So - I held on. Though it never happened for me - and now obviously never will - I still believe I did the right thing. At least I never went through the traumas of a divorce that I saw so many people go through. Someone once said to me "some people just aren't meant to be single - and you are one of them" and they were making a valid point that I agreed with - but, hey, life happens. So - I've had people failing to understand why I didn't marry one man as he was so rich and failing to understand why I didn't marry another one because he loved me so much/was such a nice person - well, it's either "right" or it isn't.

    So - I admire the fact that so many of your generation are determined to hang on in there and wait - knowing you are taking the same risk that I took that it may never happen. I knew no-one like myself then in that respect - but I see so many of you now :T

    Well...maybe it was just as well - who knows? - as there's lots of interesting things to do and interesting people to meet - so maybe it worked out for the best.
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