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February 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Hi All,

    Would like to declare at £90.91 for February which is £10.91 more than the budget but I have done better than January ;). Please put me down for £75 for March

    Thanks very much

  • rebreb Forumite
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    Moniker wrote: »
    Hi everyone

    Have already started my March budget as I did my big once a month supermarket shop this evening and spent nearly half my budget! Never mind - the freezer is full and as it's Lent there won't be any alcohol or chocolate to buy!

    Nearly had a fit though when I finished shopping as I phoned DH to remind him to put the shepherd's pie I had had prepared in the oven and switch on the pan with the swede I had prepared this morning only for him to say - oh I've already put it in the oven at 5-o-clock (this was at 6.20 pm!) I was so cross - how could he be so stupid? We had discussed the timings before I left for work this morning (he works from home)and he was supposed to take it out of the fridge at 5 and wait for me to call when I left the supermarket to to tell him to put it in the oven. I had visions of it being burnt to a cinder and I was so hungry! Fortunately, I had covered the dish with foil and he didn't take this off before putting it in the oven so the top didn't burn, just the bottom! It was edible -just. Why don't men listen? And he never cooks - even though I work full time i still do all the shopping, cooking and most of the chores -my own fault I know as I spoilt him when we were first married. Sorry rant over - steam is still coming out of my ears though!

    Off for a soak in along hot bath!


    They either do it wrong or not at all. Why do we trust them. LOL! It's a good job we love them!! ;)
    I don't get to come on here too often.
    Too buzy money saving!
  • Had a voucher for a free swim so I used that. Also had to get some garden netting and some wood to make a frame to protect our plants. Apart from that-didnt spend anything. Still have money left but it will be closer than last month but as Ive had a lot of extras to pay for I really wondered it Id go over-not the case at all-Im still on track. I will declare on the evening of the 28th as I run my calculations by the calenda month/annual.
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    hi....on the subject of loo roll...we like velvet or recently have discovered Nicky that is sold in farmfoods it is £2.99 for 9 rolls so cheap but ok
    hth tess
    onwards and upwards
  • I am aiming for a no spend day today. Made HM pies. One with chicken from the freezer and one with leftover cheese sauce and ham. They went down well. Tonight we are having spaghetti and past sauce from the freezer. It is so much easier when I have food ready to use in the freezer. OH is away for the weekend so I can be very relaxed about the cooking.

    The 25 kilo sack of spuds is nearly half empty. It was definitely a good buy. I will be making curry and soup for the freezer tomorrow. This challenge has really been worthwhile for me. It feels good to be in control and actually know how much money I spend. Cutting down on food waste was one of the reasons I joined the challenge and I have really cut our food waste down to a minimum.
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    Morning all!! Not ready to declare Feb just yet - need to get some milk & bread for weekend - and some guinea pig food. However, will keep March target the same at £450 - DH has told me he no longer gets lunch allowance for work - but has still been buying lunch:mad: . I am therefore trying to persuade him to take packed lunch most days, and keep Fridays as 'treat' day - but that any spends on lunches/ snacks need to be told to me so I can include them!!! We shall see - he is ok with that in principle, but whether in practise remains to be seen;)

    Have lost some enthusiam for GC recently - need to pick myself back up on it. Haven't been making bread/ many cakes/biscuits and we've probably had more takeaways and snacks whilst out again :( Am hoping improving weather will get me out in garden and make me think more GC. Also have builders here for another month (have been here for 6 weeks so far) - costing me a fortune in tea bags & milk & sugar:D :D I did make a BIG tub of laundry gloop yesterday though, as I'd even bought some washing powder:o - which ran out this morning.

    Anyway, well done to everyone on their achievements! Will post again tomorrow with my final total for Feb.

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  • Hiya

    Not been around much this month but here are my results for Feb.

    My budget was 150 for groceries and I spent 170.48 but 21.68 of that was nectar points so not 'real' money. I will declare the 170.48 for FEB but am pretty chuffed!

    In addition, I am only just under on my make £5 a day challenge at £138.32/140 for the month and have only spent 60 of my 100 budget for fuel - Yay!

    I will allow £180 for MARCH groceries as I have already dipped in (after pay day on 25th). Will amend sig later but have already spent £45.82. Cupboards and freezer are full though so should only need basics next week.

    Jaycee x

  • totally agree with you laineyc, my budget has made me keep an eye on portionsize and leftovers so foodwaste has been drastically cut in our house too :)

    Need to buy a last couple of things today then I can declare.

    Incase I forget later......

    Can you sign me up officially and put me down for £100 for March please ?

    (gone up as I need to replenish a few things in cupboard)

    Food budget: Nov £80 / 2.33 /0.00/0.00/00.00(.)
    Splurges (if I list them here I might remember I've already treated myself!!(.)
    NSD 2/3
  • nickynoo08nickynoo08 Forumite
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    Morning everyone, just a quick question. Has anybody used sainsbury's home delivery service? Are they any good?, i've tried mrT's and Asda in the past. Had no probs with mrT's but asda got loads of stuff wrong so i'm a bit dubious.
    I've just been putting together my shopping list for next month and as we need to try and cut costs a bit more i thought i'd compare prices and products a bit more than usual and found that my money will go a lot further at sainsbury's than at mrT's when i usually go.

    Thanks in advance
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  • no experience so far nickynoo but I'll be trying them today for the first time aswell (del Tues). Just off to do my list now!!
    Food budget: Nov £80 / 2.33 /0.00/0.00/00.00(.)
    Splurges (if I list them here I might remember I've already treated myself!!(.)
    NSD 2/3
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