Does anyone bother with no claims protection?

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More Than have come up with a good quote but its an extra £17 for "lifetime" no claims bonus protection.

I have >5yrs no claims - is it worth protecting or if I have an accident, should I just accept it and shop around for the bext quote next year?

Thanks for any advice...


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    I think it's a tricky one.

    I think More than are quite good value for this, because the price is low and it's "lifetime".
    It's difficult because if you had a few accidents then it would be worth it's weight in gold, but if you don't it's wasted money.
    Bear in mind that if you have an accident (or serveral) that quotes elsewhere will be higher.

    Personally I took it out but I think it was only £7 for me.
    I probably would take it but I think it's a marginal decision.

    It's not a yes or no answer I'm afraid.
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    There's no doubt in my mind that you should definitely take it. Think of how much discount you're getting off your premium for those 5+ years of not claiming.

    Now imagine if something happened to your car and you had to claim - your premium would probably shoot up by a couple of hundred pounds. Hard to just "accept", especially if it's preventable

    I've protected my NCD for the past 3years - the way I see it is a small price to pay to protect myself from an even greater potential cost. I'd rather pay <£20 a year if it'll save me from a huge premium hike.

    Even paying £17 a year over 10 years is probably going to be cheaper than what the rise in premium could be post-claim

    Of course this is just my opinion, and ultimately the decision rests on your own attitude to risk. Hope that helps
  • Interesting viewpoint but I have been driving since 1988 and had not made a claim until 2003 when someone damaged my car in a car park. As I did not witness the incident, the claim went against me.

    I also claimed in September 2005 but was not at fault - the insurance company recouped the costs....

    Despite these two claims, I still have 5 years no claims and my quote for 2006 was £275 (excluding legal cover or no claims protection which I eventually added.)

    The fact I have claimed really seems to have made no difference to my quote once I shopped around...
  • IMO it's worth it.

    I've got 11 year's no claims. That's despite 2 non-fault claims in 2001 (on the same day - by the end the car was a write-off) and a fault claim in 2004 which never went through.

    My insurance is £300 - without the no claims it'd be over £750.

    Pay the £19 and be less anxious.

  • Protected no claims worked for me. 3 accidents in 2 years 2 not my fault. I would not be without it. My daughter has had an accident last week and her insurance renewal next month has gone up by £250 per year.

    Nobody is perfect - not even me.
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    I think it is worth it too. My husband would have lost his no claims if he hadn't of has protection.
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  • That's a great price imo, i'm 23 with 5 years no claims.
    To protect mine it costs £150+ per year!!
    I would have used my own initiative if someone would have told me to!
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    Of course it's dependent on your continuing eligibility to be insured with that company. Also, you have to remember that next year More Than might not be the cheapest.
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