Pay off your mortgage in 2 yrs - Episode 3

I really enjoyed the first program in the series but I feel that the last two have not been nearly as good.

Tonight, what did we learn?

- If you have a valuable bronze figurine that has been given to you as a gift, sell it for £2,300 at auction (as long as the person who has given it to you has died).

- Charge people £40 an hour for running childrens parties and de-cluttering their houses instead of getting a steady job with a regular income. (I realise that one of the couple had a full time job but the other didn't).

I don't really see this program giving people a lot of sensible advice and ideas. Am I just being a spoil sport?!


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    I don't know, I quite enjoyed this one, missed last weeks. I think it's obvious that no matter how much overtime you do you are never going to be able to pay off your mortage in 2 years just doing a 9 to 5 job so it was nice to see some of the different ideas for small businesses that you can run alongside a normal job.

    I just wish someone would pay me for doing their shopping for them, I could become a self employed personal bargain hunter :D
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    I thought it was on a par with prog 2 but not as entertaining as prog 1. I'm bored with the bit where he points at the house and says "there's how much you own" etc.

    The children's party was funny. All they need is to find the right idea now.
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  • Being the pedant I am, I thought the visual "what the bank owns" bit tonight was flawed by the angle they filmed it from!
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    Watched the first 5 or 10 mins of the first two - didn't even bother tonight. I think the whole premise is faintly ridiculous anyway - "most people reckon they would follow that dream if they'd paid off their mortgage"... (or something like). Surely if they had any sort of a dream they wouldn't have been hanging around waiting for a TV program..??
  • ManAtHome wrote:
    Surely if they had any sort of a dream they wouldn't have been hanging around waiting for a TV program..??

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    I can't actually see any of them doing it. Last week they had 40K to pay in 2 years, raised <5K in the first year. This week 90K to pay, raised very little (~7K?) in the first year. So basically no chance!!
  • What I'd like to know is whether these people (I've not seen the previous two programmes, but assume they too get second/after hour jobs to boost their income) pay tax on their income as party planners, declutterers etc? Tax was never mentioned in the programme I noticed...
  • I find the programme somewhat entertaining but by no means essential viewing. In comparison with Alvin Hall's "Your Money or Your Life" (was that what it was called?) there is little 'useable' ideas for me contained within the series. Key drawbacks - There's a lack of detail on the participants overall financial situation and the presenter adds little (apart from gentle encouragement) to the proceedings.

    Martin mentioned in his blog that he bumped into Alvin Hall recently and they discussed a possible tv show double act format. Martin would focus on straightforward 'deals' and ways to save money aka moneysavingexpert style and Alvin would take the behaviour changing emotional journey with the patrticipant to meet their long term goals "do you want that product or do you need that product"? style.

    I think this would be a superb mix and wish them the best with getting it made.
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    i think the programme itself is a good idea although it will be interesting to see if any of them manage to pay the mortgages off ,.........................I THINK NOT LOL
  • i watched the second one and thought it was a lot of rubbish

    COMEON!!! those people were earning 50k combined... spedning 600 quid on food with 3 kids...the best way to make money towards the mortgage is tot ake another mortgage...or spending 1.5k to go to bulgaria to buy a hosue there...

    I am sorry but I felt like I was watching a failed episode of property ladder! Plus the presenter is just full of that business motivational crap... I think at first you would start by looking at all their expenses and telling them what they could cut back or not, etc... THEN encourage them towards doing other stuff after work, a business, etc...

    Complete waste of TV space. The message i felt it was giving was: do not reduce your spendings but actually increase them by going into frivolous moneymaking schemes!
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