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  • keithmroberts
    A couple of the sites listed above have very few titles, but Gutenberg and manybooks both have many.

    The value of an e reader depends on your tastes in reading. If you mainly want new fiction the main advantages are for travel and the saving in bookshelf space for those in a cramped environment.

    My interests have taken me to many out of print titles; early crime fiction, and Great War memoirs for example which are either virtually unavailable, or require a visit in the latter case to major reference libraries. Costs for some of these titles from ABE or similar sources can be astronomic.

    For me, after six months of ownership, if I never used the e reader again, it would have paid for itself several times over.

  • pirlo
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    eReaders really save space and time.

    eReaders are really great ebook reading devices with instant access to more than 260,000 books,blogs,newspapers, magazines Whether you're in bed or on the train, ereader lets you think of a book and get it less than a minute.
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    Given the growth of e-reading (and having recently got a sony reader, thought it would be useful to start a thread listing where you can Legally download e-books (also saying what sort you find there).

    If this is already happening please can someone point me to it as i cant find it.

    Starter for 10 is: 'Science Fiction and Fantasy Electronic books. Free ebooks from authors such as David Weber, Lois Bujold, David Drake, Mercedes Lackey and other greats'

    Basically recognised and new Authors giving away their books almost as loss leaders - they give you the first one in series so you then buy the others. However, some are giving away a lot more and it gives you the chance to discover new authors.
  • Nilrem
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    Baen Library is good, they also sell the ebooks cheaply (about £3-5 each). is another science fiction type site that has short stories you can download (once registered), and occasionally full books, it's not run by Tor Books, but is a seperate site with links to Tor books and various others promoting general sci-fi and fantasy, and a lot of the short stories are from new authors that might have a few books out.
  • seth
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    This is a big free project with lots of classic books. I used the advanced search.

    I got a complete set of PG Wodehouse, The Origin of Species by Darwin, Dickens, and more

    They have audio books both computer read and human read

    They also have sheet music and other resources all free and 100% legal

    I also use

    Please post links to books and resources you find useful.

    No accounts needed on either site though you can sign up all free and legal

    There are some sites that will ask you to sign up and then spam you email account so it is best to use a temporary email account if you are not sure. Watch out who you pass your details to. I do not give my address and DOB out when signing up.

    I use you can read your mail as the account lonly lasts 60 minutes and you do not need to sign up!
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    Could anyone tell me the answer to this?.

    I have CD Roms full of e-book PDF's and I wonder if they could be transferred to a Sony Reader?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Torkijo
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    Anyone know if Baen is likely to be updated more regularly - seems to be every 3-8 months at the moment!
  • mcallister1
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    Just to say, I have been surprised to learn that my library service ( Essex) is offering e books free in a variety of formats- e pub/ mobypocket etc. They expire after 3 weeks, and all you need is a library number to get them on line. It inspired me to get a Sony pocket e reader for Christmas as it means that you are not a hostage to the high prices of buying e books .
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    Link to official notification of the Book Depostiry article on MSE -11000 classics being offered in pdf free.

    and to the Depositry:
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