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  • pjw123_2
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    matimage wrote: »
    I am rather tempted by one of these but I cannot believe the price of the books! They seem to be charging the same as the full price hardbacks!
    Surely its much cheaper to produce the electronic version of the book rather than paper, print, distribute etc? You would also think the electronic version could be produced directly from the authors original manuscript in this digital day and age so the amount of work involved producing them should be tiny?
    Why isn't this reflected in the consumer price? Until they realise this an sort it out I cannot see them shifting many units.
    Surely the kind of person who would want an ereader have all the books you can get for free anyway?
    I checked out prices in Waterstones, and in fact you end up paying more for e-books, as you dont get any 3 for 2 deals or similar. I am making do with my nintendo and 100 books (plus downloads apparently) as there is something appealing about reading from an electronic gadget. Good for holiday reading too, less to carry.
  • medders2604
    Options is pretty good and has a fair few books in the sales so good prices as well.
  • sarah2000h
    I can't download free ebooks from because of the following error

    "Ebook download error - Ebooks only available if you download directly from, if you have tried to download it from there then it's likely you have Norton Internet Security running with the anonymize option enabled - temporarily disabling this option will allow the downloads to work"

    I don't think it's a good idea to disable my firewall. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • nic1lou2
    I don't know about anybody else but I really struggle getting books from sites other than Waterstones to download. I am right asking for epub version for my Sony e-reader? Downloads then go to the Adobe Digital editions is that right? then do I need to import to my ebook library? or am I doing something wrong - fed up of paying Waterstones prices!
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  • LeeLowe
    I use Feedbooks regularly, and list my own novel Mortal Ghost with them. They provide multiple e-formats, including a Kindle-compatible one, are reliable with formatting, and answer email questions promptly and expertly. Highly recommended!
  • LeeLowe
    @nic1lou, Try Feedbooks, as I've said. They also have good instructions at the site on how to download in a variety of formats. If you're still having trouble, write to Hadrien there and he will surely help you.
  • daska
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    sarah2000h wrote: »
    I don't think it's a good idea to disable my firewall. Does anyone have any ideas?

    If you trust the site you can usually add it as an exception.
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  • kacetwo
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    For Sci-fi/fantasy fans there is lots of new stuff legally at

    BUT if you like go and buy some of the even newer stories
  • epsom
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    By far (for me), the best free e-book site:
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