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    thanks, makes sense to be here
  • sowen
    Hi! This is my first post (although I've been a long time fan of this forum!).
    I love e-books and I have a collection of links to share. Don't think I'm allowed to post links yet, but I will try to write them with spaces.
    The first one I thought about is sci-fi author Charles Stross' blog. He provides free links to some of his own books:
    www . antipope . org / charlie /blog-static / fiction / online-fiction-by-charles-stro . html
    (please remove the spaces to be able to follow the link)
    I've recently read Accelerando (available above), and I just couldn't put it down. Highly recommended for sci-fi fans!
  • sowen
    Here's a long list of other (legal) links with free ebooks:

    www . e-book . com . au / freebooks . htm#4
  • sowen
    More links for ebooks (including contemporary/classics):
    www . foxglove . co . uk / free_online_novels . html

    Free ebooks available under a Creative Commons license (fiction/nonfiction):
    wiki . creativecommons . org / Books
  • mickymoney
    Asa new proud owner of a Sony reader I am delighted to see thousands of classics free but pretty upset at the idea of paying 60-75% of full book price of newly published books for my reader. Surely this is not reasonable or good business? It will encourage a whole illegal supply route sooner or later just as the greed for music downloads did.
    How about buy the paper book for full price + 10% and get a e-version too?
    Or e-book at 25% of full price with discount off paper book if bought later?
  • Torkijo
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    On the previous posters commentss, if you own the paper copy of a book, is it illegal to download an electronic copy from a file sharing site?

    Also, for those new to the Sony reader i can recommend calibre to convert most formats into the reader friendly e-pub format.
  • sowen
    The last links that I have for the moment :)

    Free ebooks on Amazon:
    Go to www . amazon. com, search for Amazon Shorts, then sort the list by Price: Low to High. They have a few free PDF ebooks for download (you need to have an Amazon account).

    Many subjects (educational and others):
    www . learnoutloud . com / Free-Audio-Video

    Free romance books online:
    www . publicbookshelf . com

    Free fiction - New Yorker magazine - short stories, a few famous writers, and the site has lots of other interesting content (podcasts, for instance):
    www . newyorker . com / fiction / features / search
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    Well Almost.

    Just a couple of titles on offer but it'll give you an idea of how the Kindle works.

    Go HERE for the selection (3x) and HERE for the kindle application to run on your PC.

    Possibly more titles to follow as the .COM site offers far more than this but ONLY to the US.

    Official MoneySavingExpert Insert: Amazon's offering a wealth of ebooks for the Kindle free. To see the collection go to the Amazon page. Great spot rizla01!

    While this thread's from 2010, we've checked (on Tue 14 Jan 2014) and the link to the free ebooks is still working.

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    Great. there is a free Kindle app for Android mobiles.
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