Tesco misprices thread II - please only post misprices here

This thread is only for posting any misprices you find at Tescos.

Please don't use this thread for discussion of the policy or any other discussions as this will detract from the actual misprices which will get lost amongst the chatter; there is a dedicated thread here for any discussion. Any discussion posts will have to be deleted as the vBulletin tools don't allow moving of posts between threads, so it's best not to post in the wrong place ;)

For new readers:

For clarification SEL stands for Shelf Edge Label, R & R stands for Refund & Retain

the Tesco policy on signs instore is :-

"And if things don't add up ~ In the unlikely event you are charged a higher price than on the shelf or the product we will refund your money and you can keep the product"

Compare the price per kilo on the pack with the shelf edge label price per kilo and where there is a difference the lowest price must be charged.

Thanks to !!!!!! Dastardly for providing the following information from the DTI website which summarises consumer rights in relation to misleading price indications:

Q1. I was charged a different price for an item at the till to the one that was shown on the shelf, what are my rights?

The Consumer Protection Act 1987 makes it an offence for a trader to give a consumer misleading price indications. In the first instance speak to the trader about the differing prices, if you are not satisfied with the response, contact your local authority trading standards department who enforce the Act and who could bring a prosecution against the trader.



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    this is a continuation of the previous thread here. As most of the misprices on that are now out of date and the thread was getting rather long anyway, I thought it was time for a brand new thread to make things easier to find.

    Remember this is only for posting misprices :)
  • Fez-ukFez-uk Forumite
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    Tesco Extra Cleethorpes, got 2 14" teletext TV's, yellow sign said £47.97 but the SEL said £49.97, got charged £49.97 and got 2 TV's for the bedrooms.
    picked up also a thelma and louise DVD and the Magnificant 7 DVD, both stickered at £4.92 but charged at £5.47, in the DVD section under NEW.
    kids jeans, picked up 3 pairs only when I got home did I find that they all said £5 on them but one was charged at £6, will find out which tonight
  • leaftonleafton Forumite
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    CD- Best of the 1980s.
    Poster price- £7.97
    SEL and charged- £9.87
    The Jack Johnson CD scans at the lower price.
  • bylromarhabylromarha Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Carrots loose.

    Big yellow sign saying 30p per kg. Charged 58p per kg.

    Have got a refund on these 3 times in the past 2 weeks as no one has taken down the big yellow sign and we eat lots of carrots.
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    Homefries Crinkle Cut chips, £1.99 each or advertised on special offer as buy two packs for £3.

    Discount not coming off - charged £3.98. C/S refunded without a problem, I didn't even have the goods as they were in my boys and the freezer!
    Do not allow the risk of failure to stop you trying!
  • hi there got first r+r this afternoon tesco fresh british beef sirloin steaks (1-2)

    sel price was 10.98 price on pack is 11.30 cs not to well pleased, thanks mr t for 2 free packs of steak.
  • herbalherbal Forumite
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    Tesco Finest range parmesan cheese SEL £14.98 kg price on back £17.08 a kg, Swansea store they had about 50 packs of them did'nt want to push it that much.
  • Mr T must have a thing about Carrots at the moment, as 400g packs of Carrot batons have 69p on pack, SEL of 34p. Scanned at 69p. R+R without any probs.
    Probably my smallest R+R, but 'Every little helps'!!
    `Save a little money each month, and at the end of the year, you'll be suprised at how little you have. :confused:
  • 14" Teletext tvs still going strong.

    I've just picked up 2 tonight. Tried to fob me off with £4 refund so quietly drew the rules to her attention. A manager came round and was v. agressive saying only refund me the one as it was also displayed at £49.97. Stood my ground and said phone Head Office....shut. Another manager comes after 20 mins and refunds me the 2. You lot on here are brilliant....Best deal so far. Meat deals all died out here and no other biggies around.
  • Boys jeans, ages 5-6 regular fit, priced at £5, scanned at £6, these are the ones that look slightly faded / worn look, all other sizes scan OK, visited 3 stores but could not find any more on the shelf.
    New CD price list poster, some stores have the old SEL's up but CD scanning at the same price as the poster
    noticed Scunthorpe and Wath store both have the cheese in stock, got 2 legs of lamb last night, cheeky sod offered to reduce them to £10 a leg due to the over charge, replied with " while you were on the phone I have just been reading that poster behind you", full refund given
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