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Making my own butter! (merged)



  • 110frankie
    110frankie Posts: 415 Forumite
    Tried this as a kid.
    Just one very important point. MAKE SURE that the jar lid is fastened properly before you start to shake it :-0

    Thank you for a 50 year old memory, I can still see my mother's face!

    Must look out for cheap cream and try again, but I will get a jar with a good lid.
  • PoshPaws_3
    PoshPaws_3 Posts: 485 Forumite
    First Post
    I had a half a carton of cream leftover from making a curry the other day, so before it had a chance to go manky, I put it in a plastic bag to prevent my decorating the kitchen and turned it into butter. :) I'm constantly surprised that it doesn't take more shaking than it does, the first time I made butter I thought I'd be there for ages! :laugh:
    :hello: I'm very well, considering the state I'm in. :hello:
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  • leonie_2
    leonie_2 Posts: 517 Forumite
    I love homemade butter!

    I dont buy any other now. I mix it with olive oil for cheese sauces etc.

    Wonderful stuff it is!

    Well done you.

    PS dont forget to use the buttermilk for scones or in sauces etc :D
  • rchddap1
    rchddap1 Posts: 5,926 Forumite
    I've done this once, but accidentally left out the salt and OH didn't really like it too much. Didn't get a chance to save the buttermilk.....a certain someone saw it sitting there and drank it.
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  • black-saturn
    black-saturn Posts: 13,937 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    OK so you need double cream yeh? Surely if you can't find it on offer it's no cheaper than buying butter?
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  • leonie_2
    leonie_2 Posts: 517 Forumite
    OK so you need double cream yeh? Surely if you can't find it on offer it's no cheaper than buying butter?

    I always manage to find reduced cream. I buy loads when I see it, make the butter and then freeze it so i've always got lots in.

    Also, for me, its knowing that its pure and natural with nothing in it. Making it myself means I can control salt amounts and I know its not been sat around anywhere.
  • squeaky
    squeaky Posts: 14,129 Forumite
    First Post Combo Breaker
    angchris wrote:
    i am so pleased with myself, today i made my very first batch of butter and it was sooo easy and it tastes gorgeous :D it hadnt even entered my head before that i could do it and have been happily buying full price butter from the shops but this is all going to stop as of now as i have just discovered how easy it is! :j
    following the instructions from another thread on here i cant remember whose it was now but i must thank them :beer:

    Hiya :)

    I've added your post onto the end of that original thread to keep it all together.

    Newcomers to this idea might like to start from the beginning to pick up tips.

    HTH :)
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  • whistler-alison
    Hi - does anyone know if you can use creme fraiche instead of double cream to make the yummy cultured butter like they have in France? I understand (but might be wrong) that creme fraiche is cultured cream?
  • Thistle-down
    Thistle-down Posts: 914 Forumite
    First Post
    I've only just today found some reduced double cream, so decided to try this butter lark.

    I cannot believe how easy and tasty this is! I did it in my Kenwood chef - it took less than five mins to become butter, then as someone suggested I also rinsed it in the kenwood bowl, beat a few times, rinsed again, etc.

    I just plopped the butter into my dish straight from the bowl - no butterpats needed, the butter never touched my hands!

    Of course I had to make buttermilk scones - the bowl and k-beater had butter on them anyway!

    Now eating them with the homemade butter, feeling very smug. ;) Fab fab fab fab!!

    Will be doing this a lot more - just dissapointed reduced cream isn't easier to find around here.

  • leonie_2
    leonie_2 Posts: 517 Forumite
    Lynn I so know what you are talking about!

    Homemade scones with buttermilk and homemade butter... heaven!

    Honestly I was uncertain whether I would get full use out of my Kenwood chef but it comes in handy for everything!
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