Making cards - Ideas for a card craft beginner (part 2)

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  • hels102hels102 Forumite
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    Just popping in to say hello
    Gemm hope you had a fab birthday
    bunbun lovely card, your goodies from Emma look fab!
    Saveapenny that's really good news x
    OAP My stash arrived this morning, What can I say I was so touched! I love everything, I can't stop going back to my craft desk to look at everything again!! x
    :xmassmile Looking forward to December:xmassmile
  • whoopidoowhoopidoo Forumite
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    melissa75 wrote: »
    Skiergirl - hope you feel better soon.

    OOpps - I've just spent 23 quid here:
    they have a really good sale on, and 2nd class delivery is only 1.65!!! They have bazzill 12x12 cardstock for 20p each, some great imaginisce bargains - stamps and embellishments, I've just spent about an hour on there looking at everything.

    Their stall is my favourite at the Alexandra Palace show. They have bargain sale buckets dotted all around and there stash is just gorgeous and they are so friendly too.

    Saveapenny - I'm so pleased to hear your good news :T
    :staradminHuuuuuuge thank you hugs to all posters:staradmin
  • flourgirlflourgirl Forumite
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    Brilliant card Bunbun I love the image you have used very appropriate. Lots of lovely stash too from Emma and 2 beautiful cards!

    Hels I hope you are feeling much better today
  • flourgirlflourgirl Forumite
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    have you all seen this free download
  • bunbun2bunbun2 Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    flourgirl wrote: »
    have you all seen this free download

    thanks flourgirl - they are so cute!
    saving for ds2's summer international scout camp - £200
    £60 deposit paid :j £100 paid:j £40 paid:j
  • melissa75_2melissa75_2 Forumite
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    Flourgirl - that download is lovely!!!

    I've just put some pics on my blog of my lovely crafty swaps from Rusty and Cazarol and five more cards, (I have actually made something!)
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    saveapennysaveapenny Forumite
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    Thanks everyone
    I have been trying to get my camera working for the last hour and its dead :( I have tried the kiss of life but its having no of it
    I realy wanted to show off all the beautiful cards I have had this morning from...Rainmac,Mumhug,Marg,Flourgirl and Mary
    I will try and work hubbies mobile phone camera tomorrow but me and mobile phones dont useualy get on to

    Great cards by everyone ..sorry that I am not mentioning each one seperatly
    I will try better in future , I will also try and get my act together now and enter the 2 weekly challenge...whats the next one?

    ZLS...Nice to see you back

    Melisa...I cant belive you havnt had Elliot yet..typical fella keeping us all waiting

    Dawn...I think a kids challenge is a great you want to organise it?

    Congratulations Rainmac on getting your card in print and Congratulation Mumhug and to your sister on the birth of Jasmine
    If you look anything like your passport photo....Your too ill to travel
  • THE-WIFE_3THE-WIFE_3 Forumite
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    :j for saveapenny, will do the happy dance when it's three out of three.

    Melissa, it's chipboard flourishes I'm looking for, some of the brand name ones are very expensive and I think the company I bought them from actually cut them and they were very reasonable about 15p each.

    Have a great day everyone, back to bed for a little snooze, been up since some awful hour, half past f......f......f......five!! On a Sunday!:eek:
    :whistle: Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning the devil says, "OH CARP, SHE'S UP"! :whistle:

  • rainmacrainmac Forumite
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    Home Insurance Hacker! Cashback Cashier
    Brilliant news saveapenny :j :j :j

    Hels, hope you are feeling better x

    Skiergirl, oh no, make sure you take things nice and easy x

    Bunbun, love your thank you card and wow what a fab selection of stash from Emma :D

    Off to look at that naughty link that Mel posted and at blogs x
    :wave: If you want the rainbow, you've got to put up with the rain :wave:
  • whoopidoowhoopidoo Forumite
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    THE-WIFE my ATC arrived yesterday - it's so cute *g* I'll upload a piccie later (OH has gone fishing and taken my camera) I finished yours today - I used decoupatch glue instead of my usual sealer and it's turned out near enough the same effect so I'll post it tomorrow. Thank you so much for my little baggies. Ummm, I was going to put yours in one to send back but it sort of evolved into quite a 3d ATC and wont fit :rotfl:

    I'll upload it and mine from you on my blog later when I get my camera back so don't look if you want a surprise ;) I'll have a wee blog hop later too to catch up.

    Off to a Glimmer Mists class in a min -can't wait. Been wanting to try them out for ages.
    :staradminHuuuuuuge thank you hugs to all posters:staradmin
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