Making cards - Ideas for a card craft beginner (part 2)

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  • Thank you saveapenny. Hubbie has now messed with the wifi so can’t get on the internet on my phone at the moment which is annoying! He said he would look at it tonight ggrrrrrrrr!

    sending you hugs rusty- summer holidays are quite long for the kids and as much as they hate school- it keeps them busy!
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    whoopidoo, hoping to get there meself 'cos it's years since I've been, I'll be in contact nearer the time.

    Lovely images on the site, Padster and cards too.
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    Oooh Padingtondoo they are lovely!! some really nice ones there!!

    Morning all, I am paying for my lack of sleep last night ... I finally drifted off around 3am .... then DS was up screaming and crying just after 4 ... he has caught some kind of bug and was being sick :( he is in a right mess and not very well at all bless him. It is hard aswell cause he is never normally poorly, he normally gets the odd cold but when he does catch something like this it really knocks him off his feet!!

    I want to try and craft today, I said that yesterday aswell but I got as far as taking things out of the box!!
    Hope everyone is ok.

    Oh no Rusty, I've heard there's a sick bug going round at the mo. Hope your DS is feeling much better soon xxx

    Welcome back Mel :T :T :T If you would like some more sleep (I know you would ;)) I'm sure we could all do a round robin of looking after baby Elliot, just send him down by courier with a couple of bottles and I'll do tonight and then send him on to the next willing helper ;)

    Furry, your gorgeous parcel of goodies arrived today. Thank you so much generous lady :A. I love everything :D:D:D

    My craft fair is on 16th and I am so behind with being sorted. I need to stop panicking and just get on with making stuff really. Maybe after another cuppa ;) :rotfl:
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    Hi everybody it's that time again I'm afraid, I've been instructed to close this looooooooong thread ;)

    The new Card Craft thread can be found here now - Part 3 where you can continue your hard work, thanks.
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