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    Remember that parking tickets issued by private companies are largely unenforceable, so the best approach is to ignore them. Do not, however, ignore council or police issued ones and the like.

    The private companies will threaten court action and bailiffs, but it ain't going to happen. Just like if you send in an appeal with that cheque for the amount of the fine, your appeal is going to be rejected and your cheque cashed.

    Do not give money to these cowboys.
  • I recently received a ticket for having parked on a single yellow line in a side street in Manchester. I parked on this street because there were no signs on any of the lampposts in the street detailing when you could and couldn't park there, and I assumed that the law still stood that required there to be a warning. However, when I contested my ticket, the council replied that Manchester has been designated a zone in which the parking strictures are advertised on signs on the way into town, so that individual signs do not need to exist - there is a blanket rule.

    I'm curious to know what people have to say about this - is it legal? Especially as, despite driving pretty regularly into Manchester along many of the several routes into town, I have never seen any of the signs the council claims are informing me of when I may park. I appreciate that I may just not have seen them - but no-one else I've spoken to has, either.

    On the bright side, this may be a way to save a little money on not having to put numerous metal signs around the place. However, this being Manchester City Council, I imagine that, if they realised it was saving money, they'd be horrified.
    Titch :)
  • Back in the early eighties I got a parking ticket on a public side road and the warden actually read my number plate incorrectly missing out a digit.
    I do wonder whether there ever was a registered vehicle with that number plate and what the strain must have been like for the person involved,especially at the appeal stage.

    I must add that I too hate driver's who block other driver's in.Oh and the driver's that park on zig zig's.
  • Cinders2001Cinders2001 Forumite
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    I appealed and lost!
    I paid for a 1 hour parking ticket in a council run car park. Went into a very near by shop and had to wait ages in the queue for the assistant and 3 shoppers ahead of me to deal with various problems including one which had they read the sign by the till they would have seen they can't pay by cheque anymore...... long story.....

    Result was I got back to my car 6 minutes late with a man standing by the car window and ticket on screen.....

    I appealed telling the whole story in full......and lost.

    I had to pay £30 because of other peoples problems.
    ** Freebies and money saved with the help of you all? - Don't know ....lost count! **
    ** Stay Safe **
  • Hi Peeps

    I had a letter sent to my house 2 weeks ago...stating the CEO 'handed' a PCN to me...which was a complete lie!!!

    I have not recieved any PCN nor was it on my windscreen...i have applied it saying they must send me evidence of this if not will be taking them to small claims court for undue stress on me both mentaly and financially...and when i made my representation and personally handed in the parking shop, so i know they definetly got it.

    after 2 weeks they sent me a letter...they sent me reminder letter saying i have to pay £100 withing 14days or make a representation????? acting if they didnt get the letter and i know for a defo they reiceved my representation becuase when i post it in the appeals box (in the parking shop the have a appeals box) one of the admin team came and took all the apeals that was in the box.

    B******S im gonna call them up and gonna give them a verbal!!! will keep you guys posted.
  • TiTheRevTiTheRev Forumite
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    Don't even get me started... ;)

    :A Luke 6:38 :A
    The above post is either from personal experience or is my opinion based on the person God has made me and the way I understand things. Please don't be offended if that opinion differs from yours, but feel free to click the 'Thanks' button if it's at all helpful!
  • I appealled a ticket as the double yellow lines I had parked on were barely visible - seriously, you couldn't see them in the dark, which is when I parked.

    The lines that I had parked on were more visible, but on approach the lines were virtually non-existent and when I got out the car and looked behind me there were no lines (or at least no visible lines). In front of me were more parked cars, so I had no reason to believe that the road couldn't be parked on - it was a cul-de-sac too, so I had no reason to think otherwise as there would be no obstruction caused by parking where I did.

    I appealled and sent photographs of the virtually invisible lines and the lack of a t-bar at the very end of the line.

    I have just received a letter back stating that despite this, it's not the councils responsibilty to keep the lines in a good condition (surely it IS!) and bad luck but pay up anyway.

    They also included pictures of my car parked where it was, and yes, in the daylight you CAN see the lines is was parked on, but still can only barely see the lines leading up to where I parked.

    In one of the pictures, you can clearly see my girlfriend at work (we live next door to where she works) and she is talking to my mother. The car recieved the ticket on it's windscreen on a Saturday - a day when she WOULD NOT have been at work!!

    Is this usual practice for a council - take pictures on any day they feel fit and claim that they took them at the time of the 'offence'?

    Can anyone advise on my next step regarding this?
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    Hi Wendy, MSE Martin et al

    I noticed in the main article, you are touting a "Reclaim Private Parking Tickets" guide.

    I sincerely hope that the advice in there will be to never pay them in the first place, for all the reasons outlined in numerous threads on this forum, as well as the forums on CAG and Pepipoo.

    The chances of anyone successfully reclaiming PPC charges once they've paid them are very slim; most of the PPCs hide behind PO Box Numbers and dummy directors, and whilst quite a few people have successfully got court judgements against them, the court bailiffs give up because they are usually unable to recover any money.

    I have been providing assistance, including Lay Representation at Court hearings (current score: won 55, lost 14), to defendants in parking cases for over 5 years. I have an LLB (Hons) degree, and have a Graduate Diploma in Civil Litigation from CILEx. However, any advice given on these forums by me is NOT formal legal advice, and I accept no liability for its accuracy.
  • I appealled a ticket as the double yellow lines I had parked on were barely visible - seriously, you couldn't see them in the
    dark, which is when I parked.

    Reply: "lines must be visible and clear "...and fallen leaves is no excuse for a council not to keep them clear.

    However, the council may fall back and rely solely on a signpost nearby, so i suggest you double check the signs, make photos, measure distance to sign,.just in case an appeals adjudicator asks.

  • I did appeal, but now the letter states that I must pay up as my appeal has been rejected.

    Also, the name of the road on the ticket was wrong. Not sure if that's worth mentioning.

    I WILL appeal and take it as far as it can go - I wouldn't have bothered too much if they hadn't sent pictures taken on a different day! What a way to run a country, lying to the people they are suppose to be looking after just to extort an extra 35 quid.

    Wow. You couldn't make it up.

    So, do I have to pay up now, and THEN appeal? The letter sent back to me explained very little apart from claiming that they have nothing to do with keeping the lines visible etc... and that it isn't law that they have to...blah, blah.
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