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Finished Baskets - Part 2



  • Oh one more,the popular beer they drink in Aus is not Fosters (they say that is just for exporting, lol) but is something called VB (Victoria Bitter but it is not bitter iyswim)
    They used to sell it in Asda but not sure if they still do.
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    Ooh good ideas about the bath mitts , yeah im pretty sure wilkinsons had some winnie the pooh bath mitts in the shop and foam letters for the bath?

    I am just looking at what i have so far , i am quite chuffed lol! Everytime i go in the shop i see some thing on sale and im like ooh that would be good for --- hamper lol"

    Love this thread great ideas!
    Jess x
    NanMias - cyber granddaughter!
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    Ideas for aussie stuff could include:

    Beanie kangaroos.
    Kangeroo t shirt
    Travel things like , stockings , those eye masks , blow up airoplane cushions ect.

    Ideas for people who dont do much , dont have a hobbie and dont like smellies

    Purfume samples
    Jewerly (like dress jelwery not the real thing
    Hot water bottle
    A jar of nothing

    Hope that helps!
    Jess x
    NanMias - cyber granddaughter!
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    so this is the hamper for my partner's mum (excuse the bad photo, will try and get a better one up soon but meant to be getting ready for work just now)


    conents - cost - rrp

    basket - £1.99 - £1.99
    Woolly scarf - £3 (staff discount) - £6
    Belt - £4 (sd) - £8
    slimline calendar - 59p - £2.99
    christmassy pot - £1 - £1.50
    3 candles - 40p (ethel austin sale & 20% event) - £1.17
    other candle set - 40p (same) - £2.50
    lavender candle - 25p (woolies clearance0€ - 50p
    candle in champagne galss - 35p - £150
    reflexology book - free (lying around) - £2.50
    bubble bath - £1 (5 for £5 in avon) - £4
    roller massager - £1 - £1
    pedicure kit - £1 - £2
    footworks scrub - free (lying around) - £3.50
    footworks sole support - free (same) - £3.50
    dvd - free (playfunds) - £4
    bath powder - 2p (woolies clearance) - 99p
    book - free (lying around) - £4.99
    book - free - (lying around) - £4.99
    bath salts - 54p - £1.50
    bucks fizz - 99p - £1.99
    toblerone - 25p - 50p
    facemask - free (lying around) - £2
    incense kit - £1 - £3.50
    necklace - 75p (sale) - £1.50
    bath confetti - 20p - 79p
    bath cabiar - 20p - 70p
    mug - 40p (ethel austin) - £1
    snowman soup - 33p -£2 (still to be added)
    bubbles - 42p - 50p
    set of 2 candles - free (lying around) - £2

    total: £20.08 cost £75.69 rrp
    £55.61 saving

    have the candles in the bottom of the basket, covered with the woolly scarf. Had too much stuff to be able to include shredded tissue lol.

    Am really pleased with it, had aimed for a £20 budget with this one, and had just added stuff from my selection of items that I thought would be good with only a couple of candles, the dvd, scarf and belt bought with this hamper in mind and then was only 8p over budget :)
  • Junior_j

    My son has special needs and I know what you mean about the clothes for christmas. He is easy to buy for if you want to get him another Thomas engine otherwise it can be a bit difficult.

    My nephew is autistic and he really likes his toys that have a different feel or movement to them. I picked up some things from Asda from him down the toy aisle -

    - one of those small handheld fans (some have lights at the end that are quite fun)
    - a squidgy long bug type thing that is very tactile
    - stress type balls that have different tectures
    - silly putty

    But what your idea would also be good - it's just for them to have something to unwrap and for something that he will recognise (favourite character) and for him to get excited about

    Happy shopping
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    Not sure if this counts as a hamper, but it's a little wrapped gift I have made for a friend for Christmas.

    It contains a mug, mini bottle of rose wine, 3 bars of chocolate from the selection boxes currently £1 in Tesco and a sock monkey (see other thread). All wrapped up in cellophane with a gold pull bow. Total cost - under £3.50. :)

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    03/06/21: Completion
  • Fantastic hampers everyone :D Well done :)

    Can't hit the thanks button as this site keeps crashing for me today I am having serious connection problems and can't get it sorted til OH comes home from work.

    Soooo I am off shopping :D have fun :D
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    The activity on this thread is amazing, you guys are all soooo creative :T
    :wave: If you want the rainbow, you've got to put up with the rain :wave:
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    pictures only thread!! dont forget!! link on first page!

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  • junior_j wrote: »
    :) Good ideas

    I am hoping to get the towel from woolies that was mentioned! if thats a £1.00 then i can get £1.00 bubble bath , 50p sponge , £4.00 pajammas and if i can afford it a family of ducks from the £1 shop ! :)

    so thats £7.50 :) and the storage basket wont be more then £2.00 so under a tenner woohoo

    They have some nice bath sponges in wilkos for 19p
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