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oodles of carrots

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  • Thank you for these ideas, I like the sound of some of these recipes and hope to try them soon. Thanks to the original poster too! I noticed that someone has already posted it but I like to mix my carrots with swede too. You can also combine with mashed potato and put in the oven to go crunshy on top. Grated into spag bol sauce is particularly nice too.
  • 1601199616011996 Forumite
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    i mix mine with turnip mashed up, thats nice too.
  • ChocClareChocClare Forumite
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    For some reason I have ended up with about half a ton of carrots - well, six pounds anyway - which are blocking up my 'fridge like nobody's business. Can anyone suggest ways of using them up? Either recipes or to go in the freezer - I was wondering whether it was actually worth frying off some onions and grated carrot and then freezing as that's the basis of so many things, or whether it would just turn into a huge soggy mess. Ideas, anyone?
  • scuzzscuzz Forumite
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    Surely a simple carrot soup could be frozen?

    Or a carrot cake? (Love carrot cake - my sis makes the best!)

    Have roasted carrots as one of your veggies with dinners

    Carrot juice - very good for you
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  • TicklemouseTicklemouse Forumite
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    Carrot juice is even nicer with green apple juice and ginger. It's a great drink for perking you up and cleansing you in a morning.

    I can confirm that carrot soups can be frozen - I have some in my freezer as I type. I put them in 1 portion bags.
  • skintchickskintchick Forumite
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    Grate it into salads

    Eat them raw towards your 5-a-day

    Add to casseroles
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  • Anne_Marie_2Anne_Marie_2 Forumite
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    Already been beaten to it with carrot soups, and carrot cake. Roasted carrots are really good and can be frozen and also used to make a tasty soup.
    Another way is to boil them up and mash or use blender/processor, can be frozen at this stage, preferably in small portions. Then you can use to add to stews, bolognaise, any food that you need to hide veggies in, or mixed in with mashed potato and/or swede/turnip, this is soooo tasty. Or add bit of cream/fromage frais,knob of butter for a lovely carrot mash - add some spices if you like for a wee kick.
  • May not sound it, but one of the nicest soups I make is carrot and courgette - very simple and absolutely delish - freezes well, too. Soften chopped onions in butter, add chopped carrots and courgettes for few minutes, add vegetable stock and cook for about thirty minutes. Blitz with blender stick. Maybe add a little cream/yoghurt swirled on top to serve, with some chopped chives.
  • QueenieQueenie Forumite
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    Spiced Carrots

    1½ lb carrots
    1oz melted butter
    2 Tbsp orance juice
    pinch of ginger
    pinch of nutmeg
    pepper to season

    Put carrots into an ovenproof dish; mix together the remaining ingredients and spoon over the carrots.
    Cover and bake in the oven for 45 minutes - Gas 5/190C/375F

    Either: Serve immediately or cool quickly and freeze.

    From Frozen: thaw at room temp for 4 hours; reheat for 20-30 mins - Gas 4/180C/350F

    Serves 4
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  • ChocClareChocClare Forumite
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    Thanks everyone, some really good ideas here. Unfortunately, I'm the only person in my house who will eat soup or casseroles! A real pity, because I love them! May well try making small portions of the soups just for me. Cakes sound great, as does Anne-Marie's idea for freezing in small batches. Any more thoughts????
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