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November 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    hi....instead of having a drink in asdas cafe last night we purchased sp drinking chocolate some aerosol cream and a bar of 23p chococlate and came home and made our own which were actually lovely and a definate saving on the £ a cup they some nice innocent oj reduced which looked nice but havent tried yet.....its odd in asda we go same time every week while son is at kickboxing and sometimes it is awash with reduced stuff and its great oother days there is nowt......they must tinker with their order.....oh yes asda had cheap looking beer i think 3 packs for £20 different ones which someone might like for xmas.........have a nice day tess
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  • Mrs M can you put me down for £180 for december
    I will post my total for nov at end of week DH gets paid on friday but I be popping to MrA tomorrow. Not been posting much this month but have been reading finding it hard with DH off shore a new born and a 2 year old who had decided to be potty tranined more washing. :eek:
    I have done well so far this month only spent just over half the money:j I think it was all the NOW vouchers that I used and bulk buy cleaning and tinned stuff earler in the year. I keep trying to get the freezer down but everythime I take something out I end up putting more back just by bulking out the meals I cook. Can't remember the last time I bought any meat and still have 40 sasauges 20 burgers and 20pk of chicken from when MrM had 50p offers.
    Well i'm off to try and make some hobnobs and coconut buns.
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  • greentgreent Forumite
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    Nearly there! Can't believe how little I have spent this month. Not declaring yet (month ends Sun) but there is no way I will go over! And I have included some Xmas pressies and foodstuffs in the figures too. I've just added up takeaways/ snacks on the go and they total a massive £37.55 too - eek!!

    Noticed yesterday that Cravendale is on offer in Mr T if you buy 2 - but not as good as Mr A where it was £1 a bottle (not sure if that's still on tho')

    DH is 99% likely to be made redundant 31st Dec from a job he's been in for 21 years - so we shall be aiming to keep food expenditure reasonably low (and have baby no 4 due in May) He has his letter confirming his leave date, it's just if the slim chance comes up there's a suitable alternative job at work before then.... Ah well!!

    cw18 - sorry to hear of your loss (hugs)

    welcome to newbies!

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  • Can't quite believe it, November is nearly at an end and I still have 70 something pound left in the budget, result after last months disaster. I decided to take a leaf out of the os book and mealplan, I don't really like it, it seems too organised, but dh thinks its great as he knows what we are having for dinner and we are saving money. I did 4 weeks mealplans and still haven't emptied the freezer and cupboards so I will keep it up. Thanks for all the advice.
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  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    ... I decided to take a leaf out of the os book and mealplan, I don't really like it, it seems too organised, but dh thinks its great as he knows what we are having for dinner and we are saving money. I did 4 weeks mealplans and still haven't emptied the freezer and cupboards so I will keep it up. Thanks for all the advice.

    Not everyone gets on with meal planning; I don't stick to a rigid meal plan, sometimes I make a list of possible meals for a week (that I have all ingredients in for) and then pick the one I fancy each day ;)
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  • sharronejsharronej Forumite
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    well i'm going to declare £166.00 for November £6.00 over but that was on reduced food last night, came home with six carrier bags of food which will last a couple of weeks so the fridge, freezer and the cupboards are growning under the weight of all the food in there! I've ordered my first food from December budget from approved foods which includes a lot of drinks for Christmas (j20's) etc so hopefully I will be okay with the target I have set.
  • Afternoon all

    Well We are nearly in the last month of the year :eek: ..where did it go :confused:

    Anyhow.... I have checked and double checked and we have enough main meals, stuff for brekkies and lunches -ooh and baking to last through December -all I will need is the stuff for crimbo dinner... by Friday I will know if mum n DB are going to make it here for christmas ..then I can decide what I need... :D
    But I'm going to be able to stick to my normal monthly budget for extras etc :j ...meaning I can stash another €300 in the savings account ;)

    I haven't drawn up a meal plan as such.. but know that the meals are in the house or the ingredients are...

    If we do have visitors they will be here for 3 weeks :eek: ... mum is making her usual "ooohhh I will pay for the groceries whilst we are there" noises :rotfl: that will be a battle ground.. we normally get to the checkout and then its a fight as to who can get their purse out first :rotfl:whilst the men dawdle trying NOT to get their wallets out :rotfl:

    Right enough waffle...can I just let you know that I will be missing in action from the 2nd until the If you post your targets then -don't think Im ignoring you -I will catch up as soon as I get back :D
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  • hi everyone

    well, i have gone over my target :(. i have included things in my figures that aren't actually groceries at all, but are 'extras' so i thought this would be the best way to manage it. i don't think i'll spend anything before friday now (payday) so i'll declare at £75.13, 3.35 over budget.

    i will be away for the last week in december, and am going to try to budget more carefully so that not so many extras come out of my groceries. therefore, i think i'll try for £65 in December

    i'm disappointed to have gone a little over but actually quite pleased as it's my first month - now the challenge is to see how low i can go!! i also had some stuff in the storecupboard at the beginning of this month, so will have to be a little more careful from now on

    thanks MrsMcawber - enjoy your trip!!
  • candygirlcandygirl Forumite
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    Spent £17 in lidl today, and £8 in farmfoods where they had a 32 box of wlakers crisps for £3, so had to get it:D :D LIDL was packed full of moaning old biddies, all arguing with each other, what A NIGHTMARE:eek: :eek: :eek:
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  • Lucifa73Lucifa73 Forumite
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    We're off for the weekend so I can declare November at £201. That'll do for me:D :j

    I'll be on December for £200 again (not paying for Xmas dinner as at Mum's:p )
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