November 2008 Grocery Challenge



  • Just been to Tesco and freaked at the prices! Took me ages to do a medium shop as I had to doublecheck everything to try to get a bargain. There were a few reasonable things-Cornish spring greens for 50p and value yoghurts for 6p,value choc mousse for 28p. Didnt really intend shopping today but was out in the car so had to make the journey pay.
    Hubby wanted crusty bread for work and mine won't be ready on time so I bought the 2 small loaves of crusty bread for £1-sliced. One in the freezer now-its bursting!
    Made parsnip and apple soup today and also spicy tomato and lentil. Bread in the BM but I will bake it in the oven as the Hovis granary wasnt a sucess in the BM last time even tho it was on the correct programme.
    Made a nice chilli last night using 4oog of mince and about 1/3 pack of lentils. Served it up with spiced wedges which were on offer in Somerfield for £1.
    Taking HM soup and sarnies to work tomorrow as Im working all day-along with a good book I should be safe.
    Nearly forgot-stewing steak is on offer in Tesco for £4.....50 per kg but if you buy less than a kilo its £5.99 per kg. I bought a kilo of course. Managed to get some value carrots and 2.5kg spuds at £1 which is ok but still pricey I think. Value onions too so we are good on the veggies now. Hoping thats it for this week.
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    I'm getting paid on the 15th. Would be easier to budget for food on the same time scale. Is anyone else doing it like this?I did October normally as I only got my first pay on 15/9. But now I'd like to change. How do I do this,when should I start and which monthly challenge to join?Thanks for help.
    Well we get paid on 26th so I dont bother doing it liyerally payday to pay day. I allow an amount for the month and break it down into weekly amounts so I have £65 pw whenever I start. So I start each week in Nov with £65 and total up at the end of the month so paydays don't affect me whenever they are. A lot of people do work payday to payday though. I would just find it a bit confusing as I prefer to start the month at the beginning rather than some other time during it.
    If you know what you can spend each week then you can start your month whenever you like.
    Annual Grocery budget 2018 is £1500 pa £125 calendar month £28.84 pw for 3 adults
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    Just popped in to update signature. Spent approx £40.
    Managed to get a few reduced items and some more things for christmas.
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    Hi everyone
    Sorry this is already a few days into the month, but I'd like to set my target at £400 again - went over again last month, but it was closer than it has been, so really trying to hit target this time! :rotfl:
    Got some good deals this week, including half price bread in local bakers, whoopsied items in supermarkets & Birds Eye new chicken goujons, garlic & herb flavour, 50 pence a box instead of £1.99! :eek: (Got 4 cos DS aged 16 likes them!)
    Will update sig later.
    Good luck to all & enjoy the fireworks!
    A x
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    hi all. just finished packing away tesco order and doing the breakdown.....

    todays spends:

    Food: 124.17 (this includes baking supplies)
    Pet Feed: 8.16
    Cleaning Stuff: 1.92
    Toiletries: 4.96

    Total spent: £139.21:D

    I have soooooooooooo much food now! Im sure it will last us way past november:D

    Off to update signature now.....
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    HI just updating my sig, spent
    £7.80 on veg at Newcastle Under Lyme market - good stuff here!
    £6.00 at Home Bargains
    £3.00 at Poundland .
    I have more to add but watching Corrie now! Rosie's free at last! ;);)
  • My first spend of the month - I went into Whittard's to buy some coffee pods (I know, not very OS, but cheaper than Starbucks!) and the sales assistant noticed that they were very near their sell by date - so instead of £6.50 on a 3 for 2 offer I was only charged £3.25! And she gave me about 10 loose pods as a gift. It's so easy to make me happy, I know.
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    Just back from going to Nottingham to see a Dr in connection with my medical negligence claim - Hull to Nots for a 15 min appointment:eek: .

    Called in at Sainsbugs on the way home, had a £4 off coupon and £5 worth of Nectar Points. I don't use them often enough to collect many but £9 off a £21 shop is not to be sneezed at.

    I've been dreading the Drs appt for so long that I think I can finally get some Xmas shopping started now;) I'm off to Asda with my Xmas savings card soon so I shall have to make a list so as not to waste it. (I always get the goodies in early cos one year I left it later and then there were none left):rotfl:
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    Got my online sainsburys shop tonight at a cost of £43.92 (had a £7.50 off voucher which meant an overall gain of £4 by the time I paid for delivery). Hopefully should have to do too much more in the way of big shops for the next while...

    This brings me to a total of £64.32 which sounds like a lot but for me, for this time of the month, not so bad :rolleyes:

    I will need to buy some pesto this weekend which will come in at about £10 - we get through it by the bucketful!

    Fingers crossed, I would love to get through a month without going over!
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    Hi Just popped in to update signature I have done a main shop and got a few bits. In MrS they have half price coco pops £1.39 and rice crispies if anyone is interested. Good luck to all.
    £44752.79/savings £40892.30
  • Hey, I dont want to brag but..................
    Bought my two children a mobile phone from Tesco each tonight. Cost of phone = £24.97 each. Got £10 airtime voucher for each phone.
    (It gets better!!)
    Checked out whoopsies...bit disappointed cos not a lot there, but got big tub of hummus for 10p, tub of fresh pesto for 20p, and 6 litres of jersey gold top (finest no less lol) for 9p per litre. Also got two packs of bananas for 10p each! Handed over a voucher for 20p off any spend on veg/fruit, so bananas cost naff all! Also got a voucher for 91p for free coke zero! Coke zero came in at 90p, so got paid 1p for drinking coke!
    Bit pleased with myself. Came home and got cheque for £169 for insurance refund for doggy too!

    MF xx
    ps. Oh, and handed over a double points voucher, AND got 5p off a litre, cos the bill came to 50.77 lol!!
    November Grocery Challenge: £12.71/£100

    Housekeeping for November: £220.51/£500
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