Gingerbread men and other ginger bread recipes

Hi everyone, I'm after a recipe for gingerbread men. I've had a look in the recipes index and found gingerbread but it is a runny batter and not a dough. I'm sorry if i'm being really thick i'm still new to all this. :confused:



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    This is one I've used before, gingerbread people, apparently its not pc to call them gingerbread men any more :confused: :rolleyes:

    I uually bake them before decorating and then let the kids loose with icing sugar sprinkes and sweets.

  • Tina_D
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    The recipe i have from Jeannette Orreys book is for a gingerbread loaf (should have read it through earlier) so I made that anyway and we'll have it later with custard or squirty cream for pudding. I'll try these other recipes over the weekend. Thanks gang I knew you'd come up trumps :j


  • I was just about to do a search for a recipe! I want to make gingerbread men decorations for the tree tomorrow. Thanks!

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  • kabie
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    I just have to add a link to delias recipe.
    I made some the other night and they were delicious: easy to make too; I made them into gingerbread snowmen. The last recipe I tried they were inedible : not sure what went wrong but probably my fault. I'm becomming a big fan of Delia though everything I've tried using her recipes has been great (fingers crossed).,1021,RC.html
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    I think the gingerbread recipes in the index are for the cake type, which is indeed a runny batter before cooking, so you would need to find a biscuit version to make gingerbread men.

    I haven't made them for years so don't have a recipe to hand, although I'm fairly sure there's one in the Bero book, so it may well be on their site too :xmassmile

    Just checked and yes there is ... click here and select biscuits and cookies from the list on the right, and it's second from bottom on the left hand list.
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    I was just about to do a search for a recipe! I want to make gingerbread men decorations for the tree tomorrow. Thanks!


    I use gingerbread men for decoration every year but found homemade ones don't last as long as shopbought ones as they soften too much.

    One year, I tied tartan ribbon around their necks and used them on the swag over the mantle, only to come down one morning and find four of them 'garotted' and lying in the hearth - poor things!

    I suppose I could try pva glue or something else but I would worry about the heat from the fire setting alight to them if they had chemicals or a varnish type thing coating them.
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    Im looking for a recipe to make 'squishy' gingerbread men, my kids don't like hard biscuits and like a soft texture, how would i achieve this? recipes i have tried in the past are always soft whilst warm, but as soon as they cool go rock hard... Any ideas?
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    nigella lawson has a great recipe for gingerbread cake.... side-stepping the issue a bit though!
  • tigs78
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    This recipe makes lovely squishy gingerbread men...

    1) 80g Margarine
    2) 2 tbs Golden syrup
    3) 60g Sugar
    4) 1 tsp of Ginger (powder)
    5) 1/2 tsp Bicarb
    6) 180g Plain Flour

    Warm 1, 2 & 3 slighty and 'cream' together, sieve 4, 5 & 6 and mix in. Roll out. Gas mark 5 for 15 - 20 mins.
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