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cheap building and contents discussions (Merged Discussion)

in N. Ireland
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hi folks,my building and contents is up shortly,any cheap insurers for northern ireland as i get fed up all the time browsing and then be told they don't cover n.ireland.
thanks hect63




    That's where I got my cheapest quote

  • checked MORETHAN arkonite,ABBEY were cheaper by 8 pounds.
  • I suppose it depends what you're looking for . Same as car insurance, one insurer is good for one person but will not suit everyone.

    Ah well, I tried ;)
  • That was a bit harsh on good ol' Arkonite. Our mighty Moderator is only trying to be helpful Hector...
  • first trust bank were cheapest for me by nearly £50!

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    Try the Halifax too - they don't even make you enter the value of the house or contents :)
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    Also try the Legal & General website who were significantly cheaper for me.  Also try the moneyextra site, I think it has a comparative service as well.

    Remember that you do not have to insure the buildings for the market value of the house (a mistake made by many people). There is a formula that you can use - I had a quick search but I can not fin it. Much of the value of a house is in the land that it sits on therefore if the house burns down you only need to pay for clearing and rebuilding costs which are significantly less than the market value of the house. Therefore if your estate agent says the house is worth £150K you might only need to insure the buildings for £100K ... check it out.

    Finally don't skimp on your contents insurance - many people do. If you need to make a major claim then an insurance company may say that you were under insured and only pay out pro-rata. Go round the house and add up a fair retail value for everything (remember the roof space, garage, shed etc.).... you could be surprised how much all those things cost.

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    Does anyone know of a site I can go to to get quotes for home insurance. I tried but it doesn't quote for N. Ireland and has only one link to the Halifax site with whom I'm already insured. I know it's difficult to get quotes for car insurance if you live here but I can't understand what the difficulty is in quoting for home insurance. ??? That's us getting shafted again :-/
  • Link previously posted here related to the old forum. If I can find this on the new board, I will repost the link. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

  • Just hope its not a new build property. I tried in vain to get quotes both online and over the phone but because my house is a new build and they didn't have the postcode on the system, not one company would give me a quote. The only ones that did were Allianz Direct (through the mortgage BS) and I bet we are paying over the odds but what can you do when no one else will quote you!!!
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