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  • ooo000ooo wrote:
    It's awful having to speak to the missus at night ;)

    Hope you get sorted soon m8!

    For Abbey customer service, speak to a guy called Michael in their Donegall Sq, Belfast branch. I queried something with him last year, and he was top notch, really couldn't do enough for me. From memory, he is possibly a customer manager. Better than a call centre anyway.
    I haven't been asked to tell you that I'm the [highlight]Board Drunk[/highlight] for this board. As the night wears on, my posts will become worse, with simple spelling mistakes, inane ramblings, and a blatant disregard for the truth. I have no authority to do anything, so there's no point asking or telling me. If you see me past midnight, please tell me to get my coat and order me a taxi.

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  • :j Hi Everyone looking for insurance in northern ireland.
    I have surferd many insurance sites only to be told they don't cover NI. However I have found a N ireland dedicated website that provides only insurers who can quote online for N Ireland, car, home, travel etc.
    It was refreshing to get 4 online quotes in around 12 mins, I timed it !
    Saved me a few punds as Endsleigh were ther best value. Also beats phoning all thiose brokers in the yellow pages. Here's the link Northern Ireland Insurance Centre: Hope you find this site useful folks.

    ***Edit by board guide***

    I have split this thread from the original (Cheaper home insurance) as it covers more aspects of insurance than just one type
  • mcclimmcclim Forumite
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    Just had a look at the site and 17 - 40 looks to be very good...
  • D.A.D.A. Forumite
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    Just a word of warning though - there is absolutely NO contact information anywhere on that site, apart from a link to email the webmaster... it's pretty bad that they don't even provide an address in their privacy policy.

    EDIT: although if you're concerned, you could always click the link below. :)
  • HI there folks, just a quick response to D.A.'s comment.
    The Northern Ireland Insurance Centre website is basically what is known as an "affiliate" site. The web owners earns revenue from small commissions paid by the Insurer should a customer take a policy. There are loads of such sites for insurance and finance products in GB but this is the first I've found that concentrates on Northern Ireland and thats why I posted it here. You won't get a "sorry we cant quote for NI" from the well known and reputable insurers featured on Northern Ireland Insurance Centre.
    Affilaite websites are perfectly legimate businesses, in fact some of the biggest web names are pure affiliate sites. Some are very useful at saving surfers time (as they gather many merchants under one roof) and hopefully money.
    I will keep a look out for more useful insurance / finance sites and keep this thread informed.
    Have a nice day.
  • Pink.Pink. Forumite
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    Hi SurferGeorge,

    Welcome to MSE :)

    Thank you for the link to Northern Ireland Insurance Centre. I was just wondering, are you connected to the website?

  • Hi Pink-winged

    No I'm not connected, but I do understand affilate marketing and I wanted people to know what an affiliate website actually is.

    Have a good evening

  • Any one recommend an insurer that will insure competitively for buildings and contents in NI?
  • "Some say the cup is half empty, while others say it is half full. However, this is skirting around the issue. The real problem is that the cup is too big."
  • not-so-civilnot-so-civil Forumite
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    Try Marks and Spencer, I found them very competitive.
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