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  • Just a word of warning: check all details on policies are correct before accepting policies. i discovered 8 errors in my house and contents insurance, thanks to Martin. His money saver email arrived just as i was about to renew insurance. Luckily, on his advice i decided to read the cover details.

    Upon ringing insurers Royal and Sunalliance to complain was told it was not their fault, my husband should have checked all details were correct. It was not up to them to do it! Blooming cheek, they input the details so whoever did that made the mistakes. I know we were being overcharged by at least £80 and as we have been insured with them for years, i dread to think how much we have overpaid, with no redress.
    try this over 60 quid cheaper than others and great for car insurance too
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    Try Tesco for contents insurance, I got a policy at the start of this week for £55.65 for £20.000 cover, :)

    Compared to my old policy at £100 for £15000 cover :(
  • May I suggest you try
    They also do house insurance.

    Excellent customer services. If your insurance is a little more complicated e.g. the property to be insured will be let, you have the alternative to ring their FREEPHONE number of
    0800 028 5635.

    I have no hesitation in recommending them!

    You have nothing to loose......and everything to gain....smiles.
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  • Try Allianz Direct for Buildings and/or Contents insurance.
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    Thank you for the recommendations for Allianz and Autodirect, I have looked at both and Autodirect was £65.00 and Allianz came in at £71.00, however they could not match Tescos at £55.00, :)

    Hi all, this is an update regarding contents insurance, AutoDirect e-mailed me yesterday with a new premium, the original quote was for £65.00, they brought that down to £56.00, I did already took the policy out with Tesco the day before that! Tesco is still the cheapest.....just! ;)
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    Cheapest I found for both buildings and contents insurance was Northern Bank. I was with Abbey before that and even they couldn't understand how my premiums shot up!! Glad I went with Northern though, heating stopped working - and thankfully I had taken out home assistance with Northern - that covered a good bit of the cost, otherwise we'd have been sitting in December with no heating!!
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    Thanks for all the tips I'm going to letter my fingers do the walking and try them all. We are with the Halifax at the moment and I was afraid to try anywhere else because about 18 months ago we had water damage in our kitchen from a leaky diswasher hose and wondered if having the claim would go against us. The Halifax have not penalised us with an increse in our premium.
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    If you are looking for high value contents insurance, this is excellent:

    I know it does not always apply, but sometimes the cheapest is not the best.
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    Interesting advice, all, but can anyone help me? I need to take out buildings insurance on an empty property that is waiting to be sold (deceased person's property). Any insurance company likely to help?

    Also, how do I go about finding the rebuilding costs of such a property? i.e. the amount I should insure it for. Companies I have spoken to so far don't seem to know or want to know!
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