October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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  • Morning all :D

    Still feeling as rough as a badgers bum -but managed to drag a brush through my birds nest, crawl into the car and nip to ALDI with hubby :T although he had to come in and shove the trolley and bag up:rotfl: ...
    sooooo it goes something like this :-
    1. 12 eggs -€1.25
    2. 8 cherry yogs -€1.49
    3. 2 nets clementines -all mine -€2.18
    4. 2 boxes grapes -ditto - €2.58
    5. 2 boxes alovera tissues -for my poor snozzle -€1.98
    6. 2 big boxes suckers -Im attempting to numb my throat ;) €4.78
    7. 6 bottles sugar free coke -for "scratching" my throat when it itches :rotfl: -€1.74
    8. pack of minced beef - I NEED shepherds pie for dinner :o -€2.25
    9. ohhh net of brussels -as obviously I NEED those to ge with my shepherds pie :p 95c
    so €19.20 :eek: ....Im glad I don't often catch bugs n stuff -Its bloomin expensive :rolleyes:

    Mums package with the boots cold n flu tablets have arrived :j So I have shoved 2 down my neck and hopefully it feels like they are starting to kick in :D
    Huby has been despatched to the golf course.... he was insisting on staying in and looking after me :p -NOOOOOOO Im much better left alone so I ever so kindly "insisted" he go out for a game and some fresh air :rotfl:

    Its lovely n fresh here at the moment, so -as I keep having hot flushes with this cold -I have ALL the windows and the patio doors open :D -its lovely

    SORRY -I can't remember who asked if I had tried making cakes in r.e.m.e the remosla? -But I have got some eggs -so I will give it a go at the weekend (if i have stopped coughing n spluttering) and let you know what happens ;) -oohh what a shame -"having" to make cakies :p

    Have some bread dough proving -ready to go in the remoska and then the shepherds pie is going in later..and thats a smuch as im doing today lol
    right enough rambling -I will get off and add to my total :mad: ..have a great day everyone:D
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  • findingmyfeet - I toast pittas, cut into slices and serve with dips crudites, kids love it as a picnic type tea.

    Mrs M - I've done lots of little cakes in my moski, but did a big deep cake yesterday for the first time, banana (to use up the soggy turning ones) and cinnamon, it's lovely, really moist. Oh and your mum is going to love the jam maker, just made pickle, and the self clean function is fab, just makes it so easy!

    Candy, if you ever make a hard rice pud again, roll some it into walnut sized ball, deep fry and roll in icing sugar! This is from a book by a lady who owns a local restaurant, books called Cooking with Coco I think. My kids love these and won't eat normal rice pud, so a good way of using it up if I make it for someone else, I have cheap tastes where it's concerned and prefer the tinned variety!

    Well not officially taking part in the GC, but still trying to keep on top of the reciepts and stuff, and I reckon our bill is down by at least 30%.
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    where else can i get a remoska from? except lakeland? I gettin one for xmas off me mum but want to get it cheap so she dont have to pay loads
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    MUMMYSAVER AND BULLET ta for the pitta ideas, I love pitta bread.As for the rice pud, the dogs have wolfed it down, and it's looking loike t's glued their gobs shut, it was about 8 million parts of rice to one pint of milk cos I didn't use my scales:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
    "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"

    (Kabat-Zinn 2004):D:D:D
  • Hiya guys,
    And oh mrs mc, so sorry to hear your feeling so rough hon(((((((((HUGS))))))) to you and mr mc, ( I would have sent him to golf course too bless him )

    Did another small shop yesterday to get some of mr m's roast dinner stuff, but they had none of the cheap chickens in ours, doh! only really expensive ones:eek:

    I will def be doing NSD today as it's pooring and I'm not pushing mr around in that:eek:

    Good luck to all and hugs to those who need/want them x

    HWGA xx
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  • Mumzy

    Lakeland are the only folks in the UK that you can get remoskas from, you do see them on ebay, but they don't seem to go for much less than new and then you have to pay postage- and then you don't have much come back if anything is wrong with it..with lakeland their customer service is great :D

    Thanks for the kind thoughts folks -I shouldn't moan really -afterall its only a bloomin cold...there are folks coping with much worse :o
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    This month’s GC challenge is going well for me mainly because we’ve been traveling so much that not too many meals were getting eaten at home. Our holiday budget is empty but I’ve still got most of my GC budget in hand with half the month over! Of course I also have to thank my bulk buys in the past. We seem to have stocks of almost everything at home. OH and I have decided to go vegetarian for a while in order to lose weight so I might need to buy some more stocks of frozen veg but I don’t see this being a particularly expensive month. Which is good because Kauphthing’s collapse affected us and things are a bit tight at the moment.

    Glad to see everyone else is doing well. Get well soon Mrs. M.
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    Afternoon all

    I'm here to declare my October GC completed (well new one starts tomorrow but am not leaving house again today!) and I've come in at;

    £255.05 from a budget of £300.

    I'm setting my November budget (16/10-13/11) at £290..

    Thankyou all for your support, I don't post a lot but I do try and read the posts everyday and it really helps. :j

    Love Kimberley x
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  • Hi all, just popping in to update my sig - looks a bit dire with 2 weeks to go but have already bought loads of wine for friends we are staying with over half term - so really only have about 10 days to go - so should be fine - got some bargains in Iceland the other day so loads of chook in the freezer - kids are sick of it - my friend served up chicken on Fri/Sat when we stayed there just after I'd done roast chicken on the Thursday - so in the freezer it can stay until next week!!
    Glad to see prices are coming down in Mr T - some cereal and hula hoops down to 99p today and just a regualr tag not a special! Long may it last!
    Hugs to all those who need it - thanks again for all the inspiration - keep on smiling!
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    Afternoon all
    Well havn't been near shop since Friday and had 5 NSD'd in a row pretty pleased with that. Will need to shop for bread and/or yeast tomorrow but i think that will be all.

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