October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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    scotsaver wrote: »
    Hi mummygems - I usually brown the Mince first then add a handful or 2 of Oats and then depending on what I'm making I then add stock or the liquid ingredients but you will find that you will need more liquid as the oats soak up loads. I've been bulking out meals like this for ages now and no-one has noticed.;)

    Excellent thank you. I have decided to try my hand at batch cooking as its not something I have ever done before so shall throw in oats and lentils too.

    I hope my freezer can take the strain lol.

    Also, Mr T have danone yoghurts on BOGOF as well as a bag of cox's apples on BOGOF (both are under £1.50 each but cant remember exactly how much).
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  • Afternoon ladies!

    Been busy reading the 'what do you think of the OS Daily' thread and been very suprised at how angry some people are.

    Anyway, for me this week - We managed to get two lots of the Marks & Spencers £10 deal this week and I paid for them with vouchers I had earned from surveys etc, so in effect it was free food! We got two plumplicious chickens, some veg and sticky toffee pudding - all of which would easily feed 3 gannets or 4 normal people!

    We also tried the ready grated cheese from Lidls which was only £2.09 for 400g, and it is very nice. We take it out of the fridge about 30 mins before we use it and that seems to give it more flavour.

    We too have started to add a handful of oats to things - one warning, don't try it if you are making a meal which includes the rice in with the mince - it all goes rather claggy and is not nice!

    I am struggling a bit at the moment - am up late supporting a friend in America who is in the last stages of cancer. I KNOW this is off topic to a degree but I wanted to explain why I haven't been posting every day as I used to.

    I find by the time I sleep, this time of day is my morning, and the time soon zips by. But I am here in spirit! This challenge really helps give me parameters. In the old days if I was a bit down or fed up I would spend money on 'instant' meals or takeaways but now I stop and think about how important that REALLY is, and knowing I have to come in here to change my siggy keeps me on the straight and narrow!!

    I hope everyone is doing well with their own grocery challenges.

    hugs to everyone who needs one

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    Can I just ask please when you bulk out the mince with oats is it literally just throwing a handful or two in? You dont need to do anything else (except maybe add some water)?

    Haven't tried adding oats as we mostly have porridge for breakfast and I like to vary what we eat, so I always add lentils. I do soak them overnight although I think you don't need to. I also boil them merrily for about ten min before adding them to the slow cooker with the mince and finely chopped veg - which vary according to what's available and what I've got. Often add leftover veg if I have any - so nothing ever tastes quite the same twice running!!!!!!!!

    I remember when I was a child my mother, newly widowed and concerned about how she would cope with feeding herself and three children on a megre pension - used to add extra mashed potatoes to anything she could. We used to grow most of our own veg, including potatoes, so they were a cheap option. In those days I'm sure she would have considered lentils 'funny foreign food'. How attitudes have changed!!!!!!!!!

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    You may remember I sent Mr T an email a couple of weeks ago, asking why they are no longer stocking many value products online. I got a RUBBISH reply from them today.

    Thank you for your email.

    I am sorry to learn that you were unable to find some of the value products online and can appreciate the inconvenience caused.

    Let me explain why this happens our range online is a bit different to the range we have if you visit the store in person. We want to do everything that we can to make the system as easy and quick to use as possible. We want to avoid duplication of products to make your searches easier for you. To do this, we remove any lines that appear to be unpopular with our customers.

    There are some products that we can't add. If the product you have requested is one of these, I am really sorry but we will be unable to add this for you.

    So, basically...computer says no!!
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  • Indeed-such a change in attitudes! My Mum was vegetarian all of her life and when I was a kid of about 10(40 yrs ago)she was buying vegetarian mixes to make burgers and sausages and all sorts of veggy stuff in the cupboards in the way of storecupboard items. Back then she was considered wacky! Today its trendy! So different and Im proud I was brought up the way I was because I always understood the cheap options and could fall back on my resourceful nature when times were hard. We couldnt afford meat when I was a kid-sausages were the nearest I saw to meat except when I went to my grans for Sunday lunch.
    Oats and lentils-well I chuck them in everything possible and nobody ever detects them. I have oats more in meals thaan as a cereal.
    Had a NSD day again today as I spent the day helping an old man with his house so tonight I may think about cooking something to surprise him tomorrow. Some people are so appreciative!
    Anyhow-when I use oats and lentils I just chuck them in the SC uncooked as I always allow a sloppy mixture to start with and I know this will thicken it up. I rarely add cornflour to anything as I never need it with the above included. Cooked a pan of rice yesterday for the freezer-made 12 portions all divided up into little tubs. Thats how I fill my freezer-when theres a spare gas ring I sometimes cook something I dont really need and freeze it. That way it takes no time as its just one extra pan when Im cooking anyway.

    Blairweech-their reply truly is CARP!
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  • Just one week to go and only spent £93 (3 weeks shopping) out of £200 budget!! I have a biggish shop to do tomorrow but hope not to spend more than £50..
    just thaught I would mention I made a huge bolognese in my sc for the first time today (usually do it on the hob). There is so much I turned over half in to a chilli that will do another 2 meals! Thats 15 portions from one 400g pack of mince . Its no wonder my budget has been so low this month!
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    Evening all, just a quick message as should be doing my homework!!!!
    Done my shop today at MrS, total now updated. I am sooo chuffed. I NEVER get any woopsies as I normally go in at the wrong time. Today I did brilliant! Got lots - pork loin chops, pork joint, chicken (freerange), 2 lots of sausages, potatoes, new potatoes, melon, noodles and I saved £13.29 on the prices of them. Also, MrS have HSM3 Froobes for 99p and weetabix 48 box a third off HTH.
    Back to the homework!!! Taffy
    Need to sort my life out! :T
  • Bought some potatoes, gravy, dried yeast, nappies and cheese today and managed to get 8 pancakes for 6p as the best before is tomorrow. Will have them on Thursday with some bacon, cheese and peas cooked inside them.
    Made a beef and pea curry tonight and there's enough left over for tomorrow. Admittedly this is due to the fact that both my lads are down with something, older one coming out in a spotty rash and did not want to eat anything at tea other than weetabix, but there would have been enough left over for lunch anyway.
  • Finally had another NSD today :T Only reason for that was it was dark when I went to work, and dark when I came back, so no opportunities for spending. Have some "carrot, tomato & stuff" soup in the SC now, smells delish. Thanks angelatgraceland for that one. I'll let you know how it goes. Have some pork mince in the freezer and plenty of lentils & oats so may come up with some concoction for that tomorrow.

    Get well soon MrsMc, we need you!

    I too use this forum for motivation when I'm feeling a bit rubbish.
    My name is CherryPie and I'm addicted to grocery shopping!!

    Grocery Challenge

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    Did a freezer inventory as Ive already used most of my groc budget and have realised we've got heaps. I have
    2 x 800g mince
    4x cooked mince for sheperds pie
    1x leg lamd
    4x snags
    500g chorizos
    5 L chicken stock
    froven peas
    puff pastry
    heaps beef strips

    so with this and garden/pantry I should try to not shop until mid next month:D . Keep it up everybody:T
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