October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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    smetf wrote: »
    .....trying chicken in slow cooker for first time today so will off and research that.
    Just don't expect to be able to lift it out for carving! I've done two large (over 3kg) chickens in mine, and both of them 'collapsed' as soon as I touched them. The meat was beautiful and tender :)

    (BTW: I did mine for about 7 hours, with first two hours on medium and the rest on low -- which was guesswork purely 'cos none of the instructions I could find indicated what size chicken had been used!!)
    Grocery Budget : January £124. Spent £21.53 in shops + £8.84 from stocks + £4.10 discounts squirreled away = £34.47
    Grocery Budget : 2022 £1560. Spent £21.53 in shops + £8.84 from stocks + £4.10 discounts squirrelled away = £34.47
  • Well contrary to my promise that you wouldn't see me for a while I'm back with another spend update - boo!!

    I forgot that I needed dogfood and chews to send to my mums with the dog whilst we're away next week ( not that he'll eat it when he's there - lamb bones and carved ham - I kid you not! - she buys extra for him!) but you have to show willing! He'll bring it home with him so it won't go to waste.

    Also needed a few toiletries for my trip and managed to get BOGOFs and some reduced bread etc for the freezer so all in all I managed to spend £10.67:eek:

    Never mind - at leats next week will be free and there's plenty of stuff to come back to.

    Have a good day
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    Hi all,
    interesting month in Sept had used all my budget byabout the 20th so survived out of the pantry and freezer/garden. wasn't too bad really as kept me off the soft drink:D I was going to reduce my budget this month but I have my mum and my MIL coming to stay so I am going to keep it the same(which is a reduction anyway considering there are extra pple staying). My mum is good about budgeting and using what we have as she always had to herself but my MIL insists on all sorts of treats and expensive meals. Yet she still says how frugal and thrifty she is:rotfl:
    Please put me down for $400 for October.
    Good luck all
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  • Hi all :hello:

    Hope it's not too late to join in - this is my 1st GC, so here goes - could you put me down for £250 please. It's a bit of a guess and may be way off, but at least it's a start!

    Already spent £75 :eek: on a Mr W order - £10 off if you spend over £50, then £15 off the next one, which we won't need for a while, as that was the main stock-up for the month! :T

    I've said this in another thread, but I just want to say how helpful and friendly everyone is here, and to thank you all for that! Reading this and other threads has really helped me start to get to grips with my debt and budget. Still a long way to go, tho! :(

    Anyway, I'm off to look for a recipe for chilli jam, as I've got a huge plant with tons of very hot chillies on it, which I got for a bargain from the Malvern Autumn Show. I thought they were normal peppers! D'oh! :o Never mind, it'll do the Christmas pressies!

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    :hello: Hello,

    I had to buy some lunch things and some ingredients for last nights dinner yesterday, but of course I don't have my receipts with so not 100% how much I've spent, around £12. So have to update my sig later.

    I have to go and do a 'proper' shop either today or tomorrow. Should go today as might be busy tomorrow all day, weather depending, but I want to have a relaxing night (means doing surveys, listing things on amazon etc :)) and I don't think food shopping qualifies for that.
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    Good Morning Everyone.

    NSD for me today. Just made peanut butter cookies, they still soft when they came out oven but brown ish so think they done.. hopefully they will go hard.
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    I have been really bad at keeping all the grocery receipts together in one place and hubby2b just leaves his lying wherever so I fashioned a receipt spike,the sort they used to use in shops,out of a paintbrush and a lump of plastercine(very MSE,could have used a chop stick or kebab skewer) and keep it on the kitchen window sill.Now we just push any reciepts over the spike end of the brush and as well as adding each reciept total to my signature each day I can check what we have mis-spent our money on at the end of the month so we dont do it again next month.
    Its easier to read them like this too rather than having them in a mug or folder.At the end of each month I will go over it all,write my totals in a little book,take notes of any bad purchasing habits and them file the reciepts in the round file.
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    The cookies will more than likely go brown mumzyof2 don't worry they usually come out soft and warm the crisp up as they cool.

    NSD for me, being whisked away for a suprise tonight so no idea what is going on, all very exciting! Have a great weekend :)
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  • Been to Mr M today and could not resist their £6 indian deal as I am doing a hamper for my bro's xmas pressie so I wanted to get him the Cobra beer ;) Also got some 50p jacket spuds and would have got some swede and parsnips but I have loads of veg in so might try and get them next week if they are still on offer!
    Also got some baby food/milk/salad bits and my spend was £11 (taking off the £2 for the beer as thats out of my xmas pressie budget :D )
    Sold a few bits on eBay yesterday so I am off to get them posted while its still dry (but soooo cold) outside ;)
    Hope everyone is having a good day!
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  • Just logging on again quickly as I forgot to update my total this morning with the F&V and milk that I bought yesterday. Won't need to go anywhere near the shops this weekend and will resist until Monday when I shall have to go to Asda.;)

    Have managed to get all my Housework done this morning, place is shining like a new pin.:p

    Have also made the Apple Charlotte that I mentioned earlier, never made it before but it looks good so Pudding for tonight sorted.;)

    Off now to make myself some lunch, may be something hot as it's freezing outside but at least it's dry for now. Enjoy the rest of the day everyone.:D
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