October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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  • calleywcalleyw Forumite
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    Only got paid on tuesday and have been spending oops.

    Any way my total is now up £38 as I was naughty and bought 3 £2 chickens in Asda today. That is sunday lunch and a few meals sorted for next week.

    I have no more room in my freezer so need to start using up a few things. Not help by the 10p apple danishes from mr T's on wednesday :rotfl:


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  • chocolateteddychocolateteddy Forumite
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    Had a bad week as my signature shows How did I manage to spend so much and I'm only at the end of 1st week:eek: I suspect it is because Mr A has seemingly stopped doing some of the value range I buy - No beetroot, no tuna flakes and the alternatives were way more expensive. Also I popped into Mr T for some courgettes (had half made courgette tea bread when I discovered what I thought was a courgette in fridge was in fact a cucumber:D didn't like to try it!!) and while there remembered milk was getting low SHOCK HORROR :eek: milk had gone up from £1.44(4 pints) to £1.53 :eek: :eek:
    Now I know why I can't stay within budget with price rises like that!!!:mad:
    Will just have to stay away from shops. On the bright side Morrisons had finished their 10 mullers for £2 but Tesco have started 5 mullers for £1 so happy bunny :rotfl:
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  • ifonlyitwaseasierifonlyitwaseasier Forumite
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    evening all,

    MrsM - i am so jealous!!!! you lucky thing!!!!

    well spent £26.27 in MrM today, but it should last the week, except for milk.
    got some fish for dinner tomorrow, and some prawns, having my parents round so should have a lovely dinner, am even doing HM bread for soaking up any extra sauce.

    am really enjoying this month tryong to have nsd's more often and am gradually converting OH more and more.
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  • tirlittantirlittan Forumite
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    Evening all,

    Did not go shopping today and might actually have enough to last the whole weekend. I hope so. So only spent £11.42 on groceries so far. Bought a drink for myself and BF when out last night, £5.25, but I don't think I'll count drinks out in my budget. Also another NSD today for me so 2/10. THis month has started well. :) Hope I can keep it up and think before I spend.
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  • Flylady_FlowerFlylady_Flower Forumite
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    SHOCK HORROR :eek: milk had gone up from £1.44(4 pints) to £1.53 :eek: :eek:

    Don't know if you have a farmfoods near you, but they do 2 ltrs (just under 4 pints) for £1, 3 ltrs for £1.50...
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  • pinkjenpinkjen Forumite
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    I'm really pleased tonight, came back from Mr S with some bargains that I never looked for before joining this challenge..I got 1 pack pork mince, a pork loin joint, beef escalopes, wild salmon & skinless salmon + a spaghetti with meatballs meal which at full price would have been £24.94 for £4.96 :j so a total shop of £18.83!! These will last a while as there is only DS & myself so I'm doing well. :D

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  • Been using my bm as Warburtons bread that DS likes is £1.34 it goes up 5 or 10p a time want to try rolls but don't know what knocking back is, can anyone help. Also got 2 1.5kg chickens for £6 at MrM.
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  • Just thought I'd pop on quickly to post this week's spends.....£83.95, have spent £158.42 of my October budget and have £241.58 left - with 3 weeks to go....hopefully can do it!! Have saved a small fortune this month with shopping online & getting my discount codes from MSE:T :T Have also tried to much more choosy about what I buy and if we don't REALLY need it - it gets deleted from my basket!!!
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  • JulimkJulimk Forumite
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    I don't have a BM but have made bread from scratch. 'Knocking back' is when you have left the dough to rise, you then 'knock it back' - ie re-knead & knock out the air from the first rise, before shaping it into the loaf, rolls or whatever & leave for a second rise before cooking.

    I believe the reason for doing this is so that you end up with only small 'bubbles' of air, whereas if only one rise would be fairly big bubbles.
  • TheBeesTheBees Forumite
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    Went to Lidl today and stocked up on all the basics including fruit juices, tinned tomatoes, beans, pasta, rice, cereals, cheeses, ice creams, yoghurts, fish, chips, and even a FR chicken etc.......The cupboards were really bare before but now they are overflowing with a large stash hidden in the garage! :D Managed to spend £105!!!!!!!!:eek:

    Got to go to the butchers for the some meat later in the week as I want to double batch cook lots of recipes. I've worked out our menu plan for the next month which of course I will change around if I need to but at least I will know that I've got the ingredients I need at the beginning of each week.

    Managed 2 NSD's without even trying this week. :j

    Good luck everyone
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