October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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    After 3 nsds my asda delivery arrived this morning.It was £100 so will update sig.Freezers and cupboards crammed now so I'm hopeful of staying within budget this month

  • Wow - all of a sudden the budget looks a bit sick! Having said that, I've really only got F & V, milk and some meat so we should be ok - expecting to be away for the last week too so not in the same budget! Also bought £24 of wine today - for gift when we stay with friends for the week - bargain as I got 50% off and 5% for buying 6 bottles!:j Used LVs from Pinecone, some MOCs and Tescos extra points to get £7.10 off and 125 points!! So I felt I'd done OK! Must get round to printing off the vouchers on the shopping section more often - amazed how much is out there! Did make one splurge buy though, a lovely throw for £7.50 - so paid for by the MOCs (:rolleyes:hmm!) and as I haven't put the heating on yet I do need something to snuggle in in the evening!;)
    So happy kindlesgirl is now sitting down with a cuppa before pretending to be a flylady for the afternoon - fallen off that wagon a bit this week!
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    If I've got my sums right, Julian Graves are incredibly good value for dried herbs & spices compared to MrT. I was looking for cajun mix in particular, & worked out JG to be £1:99 per 100g where MrT was in excess of £2:35 IIRC...mind you, I got a large pot of mixed spice from MrM for 88p--:confused: you just can't win can you!

    There was--I presumed--an elderly father & son combo, with the son also looking at the herby bits in MrT & he picked up a well-known brand of rosemary in a shaker. I mentioned that MrT's was cheaper but no rosemary to be found, so told him about JG too. Like the chap said, he also paid for the convenience of buying everything under one roof. It's a bit of a hassle to trek from one shop to another I guess :o if you have other folk in tow or are restricted on time to do so. Anyhoo, upshot was, I found him the refill pack of the branded one so he was happy to have saved a few pennies.

    I was really surprised at the amount of choice missing from the range & wondered if it was down to the refit still being in full flow--has anyone else noticed things 'missing' from own label packaging?
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  • Just been to MrT, spent £71, strange cos my planned list online was £46:confused: must be the stuff I *forgot* to list:rolleyes: . Still, should have enough food for at least 10 days, only have to buy the odd milk, chopped toms, and bits of fruit in Aldi (cycling distance so no petrol) towards the end of next week. Still, spent a fair bit of this month's budget and it's only the 3rd.
    Hopefully have a few NSD coming up, have to pay a vet's bill first though :eek:, why are they so expensive:mad: .

    Still, the cat is lovely and is insured, thank heaven, so we're lucky I guess.

    Off to update sig, bye ;)
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    Afternoon all

    Heck its nippy -Have been in the garden this morning emptying tubs..well hubby did the humping n dumping ;) after we asked both neighbours if we could use their Bio bins (they don't use them:confused: )..so we have filled 3 dustbins :rotfl: -the upshot though (staying OT ;) ) is that I will soon be getting my over winter peas n broad beans in -to get and early crop and save us more pennies:j
    My sweet potatoes appear to be growing -but i don't think they will be particularly big -thanks to the lack of warmth :mad: -but at least I know next season I CAN grow them from a supermarket sweet potato :j -this was an experiment :D also just waiting for my parsnips to fatten up ;)

    I Still haven't broken into the budget -we are on day 8 -all NSDs -Its getting warm under this glowing halo you know :rotfl: lets see how much longer it lasts before the horns start sprouting on my head :p -hubby keeps laughing at me as I keep declining his offer to go to the supermarket -not that he thinks we need anything, but so i don't get cabin fever - but im digging my heels in -I AM NOT GOING TO SHOP FOR THE SAKE OF IT :D

    I did jackets for lunch in r.e.m.e the remoska and now have beef, onions and loads of tiny round carrots from a tub I was emptying outside -will finish turning it into stew to have with mashed potato n swede and cabbage, beans (from the garden) ...which wasn't on my meal plan -but i had stuff i wanted to use up :D

    Right i think im off to have a warm bath and then get on with the crochet blanky :D
    right enough waffle
    have a great day everyone, and hope everyone is doing ok on the budget front :T
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  • Just spent £7.76 in co op:o (did get some rubbish:o but a few things for dinner/pudding) Hoping not to go over £30 in tesco tonight. Wish me luck:D
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    I made a lamb and lentil bake thing yesterday. This was done by roasting a lamb joint, choppinG it up and putting it into the food processor to make mince (well, a sort of mince) then dividing it into six portions. Five went into sepaprate freezer bags and placed in the freezer. The sixth was added to some boiled green lentils, oatmeal, bread and thick gravy and baked in the oven. Served with roast potatoes (potatoes roasted in the lamb's fat) and cabbage. Husband doesn't like lentils (and it did taste very much of lentils) so he had value noodles with his potatoes and cabbage instead.
    It was close to my old menu plan (googled book and it looks like it was printed in the mid 1950's), but lamb is so expensive if I don't eke it out somehow it will cost a fortune.
    I am aiming not to spend anything today and just some milk for tomorrow.
  • Hi everyone

    I'm a bit late joining this month due to having no laptop and limited internet access. Can you count me in for £200 this month Mrs M?

    I'm just about to do my meal plan for the next week and will be going shopping either today or tomorrow. I'll keep everyone posted if I spot any bargains.
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    hi everyone,
    off to a good start this month just spent the morning in the kitchen. We now have 3 apple pies, 2 tomatoe and cheese quiches ad a dozen enourmous fairycakes for the freezer. Still need to make apple sauce or something and chutney at the weekend, need to use up last of tomatoes and now getting loads of apples( three trees in the garden).

    Got a tin of victoria chocolate biscuits tio put away for xmas, £5 in iceland, everywhere else they are £8.99. pringles on at a £1 too.

    see you all soon
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    Hi everyone,

    Can you put me down for £400 again this month please, Mrs M?

    Thank you!
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