October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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    Hi big bird

    Use cold water when washing, garlic, onions fish off your hands -warm water opens your pores and the smell sinks in ;)
    Also rub your hand all over the sink -i have a metal "bar of soap" that removes smells a treat -rubbing your hands on the taps, sink etc does the same :D
    heck i need to get out more:rotfl:
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    Good Evening
    I have been to MrTs today and spent some more money the bill come to £23.76 but after 2 coupons it was £11.76 I got £12 off with the 2 Airwick Max' I bought thanks to the freebies board ,,THANKS GUYS..
    We have made some more celery soop thanks to the recipe from MONEYSAVINGDIVA its lovely..
    My freezer is still full,, donr seem to be getting down it at all.

    well will get off now and update siggie

    see you soon

    KAAT xx

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  • Pretty please can I join? I'm fed up of wasting my hard earned cash. Can I be put down for £100. It's my first try at this so I'm probably way out, as there's only me but I'll give it a go. :beer:
    My name is CherryPie and I'm addicted to grocery shopping!!

    Grocery Challenge

    Feb 2016 - £46.73 / £100.00
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    Just totalled up my figures for yesterday and today.

    I've spent a total of £16.24 on groceries, but most of that was to put into stock. The figure I'm actually counting is what gets used, and that stands at all of £7.74 :D

    Given I'd done calculations based on my son having lunch at college 4 days a week, only to find out yesterday it's normally 3 (he eats at home after an early finish on Fridays!) and will only be 2 this week (plus I didn't take into account October half-term) things might be getting tight be the end of the month !!!!
    Grocery Budget : January £124. Spent £21.53 in shops + £8.84 from stocks + £4.10 discounts squirreled away = £34.47
    Grocery Budget : 2022 £1560. Spent £21.53 in shops + £8.84 from stocks + £4.10 discounts squirrelled away = £34.47
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    Morning everyone - chuffed yesterday as I managed to pick up a Scottish Cookbook in a local charity shop, not bad bearing in mind I live in Kent!! Although I'm Scottish, my Dad is English and my Mum was half Scottish, half Welsh and wasn't much of a cook so hoping to learn how to cook some traditional Scottish meals, had a quick glance through and there is a lot of Oats & Lentils mentioned so glad I'm well stocked on those. ;)

    Going to get my Housework done today, beds changed etc and then dinner tonight Battered Fish, HM Chips & mushy peas. Pudding will be Apple Charlotte, not made it before so fingers crossed but thought I'd give it a try as need to find different dishes to use up my mountain of cooking apples from the Garden.:D

    Have a good day everyone.:D
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    My total so far includes a supermarket delivery of some basics I was running out of and a veg box delivery. I wouldn't normally have ordered the veg box, but I had a discount code that gave a free medium one when I spent £15. I don't think I'll need to buy more than milk for a while yet!
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    I have been doing far too much overtime lately... it's knackering but will have 2 good results. 1) extra money 2) I get to walk past Asda at around 7pm, just when the bargain stuff is being put out.

    My haul for this week was just £6.02 on the main shop, but I'm buying things like conditioner from Wilko's tomorrow as it will be cheaper. And even reduced at Asda is still not as good a bargain at the market sometimes.

    For my £6, I got a bag of pink apples, organic strawberries, sugar snap peas, tenderstem broccoli, stir fry veggies, a bag of onions, some nice salad and beetroot for my lunch today and tomorrow, brie, butter, milk, hot chocolate, tinned tomatoes, haricot beans, a big wholemeal loaf and some granary rolls. I've still got loads of rice and pasta and other cupboard essentials to make meals from, and some other vegggies (hey - beans!) from mom and dad's garden.

    If only that were my spend this week... add to this the wine I bought for mom (she's my mom, I love her, and she's easily pleased with a £3.99 bottle - she thinks that's dear, bless) and a visits to the chocolate machine (£1.50) to stop the shakes after working until 7pm most nights and not having time to make myself a proper, healthy lunch. Not good. Got to watch the sugar intake. Only 50p of this paragraph was October spend... so shall I just count that? Okies. So that's £6.52 so far...
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  • Good morning all, lots of ((((hugs)))) to anyone who feels even slightly wobbly.

    I have spent almost all my GC money!!!! BUT I bought a huge amount in Asda on Wed and will only need to stock up on fruit and veg which should be okay. I tried out a jar of the Smart Price casserole sauce with a pack of stewing beef and left it in my slow cooker over night with lots of winter veg. It's a little on the sweet side but actually isn't bad at all. I think a stock cube may reduce this, any suggestions?

    Happy Friday everyone, :beer: hope you all have a great day.
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    Hi all
    Popped in to update sig, we went out for a meal last night (included in our gc budget). Free babysitter (dh sat for them last month so returning favour) had voucher printed off for free main meal (Chef and Brewer chain) planning it as a real treat (don't get out together often :o).

    However, and apologies for being a bit off topic- pub was packed with hour wait for food so went to a two for one at a pub have been to before and were really disappointed. With meal planning we are eating pretty well at home for a lot less money, we had a beer and a glass of wine, two starters and main courses of fairly basic standard then decided to abandon, buy bottle of wine at Co-op (cheaper than another round!!) and come home.

    DH reckons that we go out so rarely we expect too much- we are better off treating ourselves to good food to have at home- cheaper too ;)

    Anyway baked twinks yesterday, trying chicken in slow cooker for first time today so will off and research that.

    Best wishes all

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    have managed to keep dh out of mr m's so far!

    made fishcakes for the freezer last night and we've had nsd's so not doing bad.

    need to shop tonight after work though - will go to nettos and get as much as i can there and then to mr a's for anything else - will of course be taking a list:A

    have a good day everyone

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