October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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    Further to earlier enquiries about what the budget includes; I include all food, non-alcoholic drinks, toiletries, cleaning stuff, pet supplies (just have a little hamster!) I don’t include alcohol, newspapers/magazines etc.

    I think it does very much depend on what’s available locally (I have 4 major supermarkets within a mile), whether you drive or not (I do) etc. and also personal circumstances, such as whether you really, really can’t afford more (I remember the days of counting out pennies as nothing in) or if you just want to make more of what you have.

    As a single mother who is getting no contributions whatsoever from DD’s Dad (he is on benefits) my income is limited. But, I actually earn more than the national average (& consequently get the lowest level of tax credit & no help with childcare costs through tax credits, do use childcare vouchers). However, as I have a full time-job my time is limited between that & looking after DD. That said, I work at home 2 days a week.

    For one reason or another money is tighter than usual at the moment, but I don’t need to stash anything for Christmas as will get a bonus in November’s pay that will cover it (especially as DD will be with her Dad & I am sponging off other relies! LOL)

    I had a good day today as NSD! Two birthdays at work so free doughnuts & Italian Lemon biscuits to supplement pack-up. Three more birthdays this week, so should be plenty of goodies! There is pretty much a constant supply of food, as one lady regularly bakes cakes for the team & another quite often makes HM quiches for us! Yum yum!

    I have been writing a shopping list for the top up shop on Thursday strictly based on what is actually running low & plan to stick to it. Main shop will be at the weekend, but I am really hoping it will be quite low, as I have done loads of batch cooking this week & the freezer is absolutely groaning with food! I think I will make a chicken/ham/leek pie on Thursday. I have everything in for this anyway, so it won’t involve any extra expenditure. Unfortunately DD doesn’t like pastry, so I will need something else for her! Maybe the filling as a pasta sauce?!
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    MRSMCAWBER wrote: »
    What stuff will he buy from morrisons? is it just that he gets bored with sandwiches ? or is it up to you to pack him up or he will buy?

    i have to pack him up - i'm pretty good with variety - sandwiches, soup ,jackets. it's just he sometimes :mad: forgets:mad: to take it with him or he'll go for a paper - i'm sure you know the rest.

    but i like the carrot idea - i might try football tickets:T

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  • Hi £200 for me please, didnt join in last month due to hols. Will use any surplus to add to the stockpiles or fund a costco shop.
    Eat food, not edible food-like items. Mostly plants.
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    Hiya :)

    Did my first shop of the challenge today, spent £57.29 and got a lot of storecupboard stuff that we'd run out of last month like pasta, rice, oil, tuna, flour, sugar, dried fruit, tinned toms etc. Also bought some herbs and spices as i'm trying to build up my collection and theres a few recipes i'm waiting to try that needed them.

    Shouldn't need much else this week, me and OH are at a wedding on Sat and my mam has the kids so no food needed for then, will just have something simple like egg and chips on sun night. Have made an inventory of my cupboards and freezer and apart from the veg needed, i have about 10 meals that i have the ingredients for so thats a good start :)

    Hoping to have a cooking day tomorrow, i'm planning on broccoli and stilton soup for dinners this week, chill for freezer and rabbit stew for Thursday's tea.

    Kate xxx
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    Hi I haven't joined in this for months but I am going to have a go this month with a budget of £280.That's for me and two kids. Need quite a bit as cupboards and freezer are pretty empty at the moment. Good luck everyone.
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  • Please put us down for £200 again for October Mrs M - thank you!

    March GC: £147.75/£180 groceries + £36.75/£50 meals out

    February: £163.19/£180 + £66.14/£50 monthly budget for eating out Total £229.33/£230 :j
    January: £170.01/£170
  • Good Evening Everyone, Hope everyone is fine and dandy!

    Im wondering if anyone has a cheap Lasagne recipe? I know how to make it but i have forgotten some things :rolleyes: Also my friend makes Lasagne with salami instead of mince and lots of veg like peppers and courgettes and its really tasty. But dont have any salami in and don't know how to make it :p
    Also does anyone have a recipe for Carrot soup? Can i do this is the slow cooker? If so, How?

    I need to pop into morrisons tomorrow or might just go local shop for eggs and cordial but if its raining as bus to Morrisons is 95p so it would work out at about the same price even though cordial and eggs are cheaper at Mr M than local shop but not if i am counting 2 x 95p bus fare.. hmmm.. dont think that made sense but i know what im talking about :rotfl:

    I spent £1.70 today (I think) and updated sig before so thats ok if i have forgotten cause my correct spends are in my sig :D

    Going to make peanut butter cookies tomorrow hence why im buying the eggs (I never buy eggs as DD does not like them)

    Oh i also have a £5 Mr M miles voucher that my "friend" gave to me. So next week (Monday) I will only be taking £20 cash out and using my £5 voucher to make up my Grocery spends for the week.

    Hope Everyone is okay and sorry not posted for a few months recently but feeling much better. For now anyways :D
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    kiwiblue wrote: »
    (and the fish he will no doubt catch will also help the budget)

    I hope he is more successfull than OH. I bought him and DS beachcasting kit for birthday in June - so far, caught one mackerel each - that's expensive fish!!! :eek:

    Had to smile last night. OH and DD has made tomato soup from scratch for tea. Later on he said that he had saved some for lunch or to freeze. :T I think he is getting converted quietly!

    I think having every penny counted on a spreadsheet really helps as it focuses the mind. I have to justify everything I spend because it will be looking at me in excel! :p
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    Morning everyone - looks like Winter out there this morning, very windy and wet. Won't be going anywhere near shops today, making a start in Decorating DD2's bedroom. I hate the preparation as it takes so long.

    Dinner tonight will be Sausages, mash and lots of veggies and pudding is that Giant Jaffa thingy as DD2 is having a friend over so like to make an effort.;)

    Must go now as Porridge is starting to bubble for Brekkie - have a good day everyone.:D
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

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    wow i just added up my shopping so far, and it is a whopping £90.63 of my budget.... (alltough £8.56 was for things such as new baking trays, and stuff to make the cats stop pooing in my garden. (the next idea is to take a week off work and get an air rifle...) etc which i am not sure should come out of my food tioletries budget...)

    this is my downfall i pop to several shops picking things up where they are cheapest and end up adding "just a few £'s" here and there, and end up blowing a fortune....

    i just need to reastrain myself when it comes to shops... (easier said than done, also need ot stop getting taxis to work, as they are costing a bomb...)

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