October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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  • could you put me down for £50 please?
  • Evening all,

    Declaring at £297.50 for September.

    Have done 2 weeks menu plan as OH and kids like it better that way.

    Includes - Chicken Curry,lasagna,roast pork,porkl casserole,cumberland pie,turkey hotpot,fish and chips,all day breakfast,roast chicken.

    Milk,fruit and veg and another Mr A order will be in order poss week 2/3.

    Packed lunches are going well with whoopsied deli items and storecupboard stuffs - tuna,custard,jelly,cereal,HM cakes/biscuits.

    Have been pleased with Aldi and Asda since I've been back from Spain,steer slear of Mr T unless it's whoopsie time 7.15pm or 3pm Sundays......

    Having lunch out with friends tomorrow my treat them for taking dd8 to France for 3 weeks but thats out of the entertainment budget.

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  • Hi all. Just declared my September total on the old thread - under budget for the first time, thanks to all the support and ideas on here :D

    I don't actually need anything til Friday, but I hate shopping on a Friday so I will probably pop to Mr T tomorrow or Thursday. I've got my list set up on mysupermarket.co.uk and it currently comes to just under £35. I also need to pick up a happy chicken from the butcher on Saturday, which will cost about £10 :eek: (but boy are they nice!). If I can avoid the temptation of "extas" whilst shopping, I'll be off to a good start :)
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    Right! I have never done this before but I need to get my spending under control. O/H hates any kind of 'regime change' so this is going to be money saving by stealth. :rotfl:

    I think I spent about £350 last month (for me, OH and two toddlers) plus about 3 takeaways so this month I'm going to aim for £300.

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    just finished hm lasagne out of freezer- lovely but a bit dry must remember to make next with more tomatoes:rolleyes:

    can anyone give me some ideas of how to make dh realise how serious we need to be about this - i keep making his packed lunch because if i don't he goes to mr m's and its driving me nuts:mad: . he knows the figures (see sig) but it doesn't seem to make much difference.

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  • Hi gtx

    How about using the carrot n stick.. try a conversation that goes something like :-
    "DH, just think, if we can keep to the housekeeping budget we can save for XYZ" -It doesn't have to be anything major..im sure he has his weakness ;)
    It could be if that if there is any grocery budget left at the end of the month he could have a bottle of wine etc... just something small

    My hubby gives me my housekeeping -and because we have got our budgets sorted -he can afford to membership to the golf course and pay to go in extra competitions when they arise(out of money left by the time the bills have been paid and I have the housekeeping) -so that is his Carrot

    What stuff will he buy from morrisons? is it just that he gets bored with sandwiches ? or is it up to you to pack him up or he will buy?
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  • Hello Mrs M please put me down for £350 for October with many thanks for your hard work. I am allowing a bit more this month because I have ordered from the wholefood warehouse for pickup later this week. This will do us for two months, including 16kg of white and 16kg of wholemeal flour for the B/M!

    I have already spent £92.55 on Tesco online shop, but this includes all heavy stuff and WINE ;) for the month. Total also includes a £12 discount thanks to the Tesco voucher thread posters. :j

    Good luck to all.

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  • Please can you put me down for £300 for October please

    Need some motivation to be a bit more careful this month.

    (Just worked out I spent £357.15 on food and £50 on takeaways last month!!)

    1st shop at the weekend, veg box arriving on Friday:)
    Grocery challenge July £250

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    Hi may I join please really need to get a grip on finances. I would like to stick my budget at £200 for October please.
    I have a freezer full and my cupboards are almost full. I would like to see that as £150. We will see.

    OS Grocery Challenge
    August £250/ £103.44 left
  • Morning all,
    Another NSD for me, starting to be a habit.
    I also use the carrot idea as incentive for OH. We have just bought a quad bike, funded entirely by grocery savings since the beginning of the year. Will be cheaper for him to go fishing on than the gas guzzler we currently use! (and the fish he will no doubt catch will also help the budget)
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