October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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    Yep. And Mr A is the green equivalent. Mr S (which I've seen a couple of times) confuses me 'cos I assume that's the orange store - but we have a different Mr S (think seasonal meadows) within walking distance. I don't think we're supposed to mention the stores by name.

    Why is that?
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    I am in shock. I went to Asda today to pick up the cat food (the fuss puss will only eat Asda's pate trays) and a few bits, including a packet of sesame seeds. A little packet of sesame seeds, which used to cost 29p.

    Well, my little Asda had a serious reshuffle, so I had to go all round the houses to find the seeds and other baking stuff. Having finally found them, though, I walked out without them.... They want a whole great big shiny pund for the little beggars now. 29p - up to a pound !

    The mind boggles.

    Smartprice choc - which had gone up from 23p to 34p (that's almost a 50% rise !) had vanished altogether, as had their 27p wholemeal flour. I still have three packs at home, but I was hoping for a couple more...

    But those damn sesame seeds - I still can't get over it ! :eek:
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    cw18 wrote: »
    Yep. And Mr A is the green equivalent. Mr S (which I've seen a couple of times) confuses me 'cos I assume that's the orange store - but we have a different Mr S (think seasonal meadows) within walking distance. I don't think we're supposed to mention the stores by name.

    I think you can - just we're all too lazy to type out Sainsbury's or Tesco's and Mr S or Mr T seems easier to type ;)
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    Chell wrote: »
    Do you buy the baby things in the supermarket? If you have a Boots Advantage card then you might be better getting them there. You can get extra point coupons from the advantage card machine if shopping instore or codes for extra points/free delivery online. You might not save cash but you'd get lots of points for other things eg Christmas pressies.

    Re: pasta bake, how about doing a tomato based sauced but stiring in creme fraiche before you serve it, this gives a nice creamy tomato flavour.

    I do buy all the baby stuff in the supermarket - not sure why mind! Maybe because I stock up when they have offers on :confused: Never thought of doing it all in boots and using the Advantage points for christmas! Once this stock is used will have a look and see if the advantage points vs. the saving in the supermarket it worth it.

    I will try the creme fraiche idea thanks.
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  • Hiya guys,
    small shop in lidl as out of pots :eek: etc

    So got bag pots @.73p(had some big ones in there for jackets and alot cheaper than loose baking pots)
    3 x Cranberry [EMAIL="juice@.69p"][email protected][/EMAIL] each
    1 x Currant [EMAIL="bread@.62p"][email protected][/EMAIL]
    Broccoli only .30p
    Rice [EMAIL="Crispies@£1.19"][email protected]£1.19[/EMAIL] =£4.91p

    Liver and bacon casserole today,(it was brilliant yum yum) 2 portions for freezer

    OH had a meeting today and told that they were being made redundant in march, is anyones job safe? Still he has time to save something in case he hasn't found a job by then, (I hope)

    HWGA xx
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    I've missed a couple of months on here but I'm back!
    £300 for October please.
    Hope everyone's well. I will try to catch up- I must admit to having spent time on the declutter thread- we need it!
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    :j :j :j :j :j :j :j :j
    My remoska has finally arrived :rotfl: even cheaper cooking -woohooo

    I had a pan of bolognaise in the fridge from the weekend that I wanted to "chili" for hubby -so I threw the bolognaise, 7 bashed dried chillies a tin of red kidney beans and some liquid in, stirred it round and stuck the lid on -25 mins later it was bubbling its head off :T
    Hubby has just had some with rice n peas... then I have added more liquid some uncooked rice and stuck the lid back on -just need to check if it needs more liquid later.. then It will go into hubbies flask for lunch tomorrow with some HM bread.. there wil be too much so I might have to freeze half -if i can find a gap somewhere:D

    5 days into my October budget and still no spends :D mainly because im refusing to leave the house :rotfl: well its horrid n soggy out there and if i don't go out , I can't spend ;) have also figured that when I just need milk its going to make more sense to let hubby pick up some whilst he is on camp -he can be trusted to only buy exactly what I ask for :p -ok its probably because I don't give him the cash until he gets home, and he is probably worried that I won't pay for stuff I didn't ask for :rotfl:

    Now then -who else was it who was going to try and live out of their cupboards with me? sorry but I have been typing sooo many names on the list I am flumoxed.. anyway -I hope you are doing well -you know who you are :o
    right, back to my crochet :D

    so sorry about OHs job..hope that bit of notice gives him time to find something else :T , im sure you will be cutting back where possible and getting prepared just in case ;)
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    Hi Folks, I,m coming in again for £45.00 for the month. I think I now have this down pat but have to watch my other spending and get busy with the fizzy as regards my coupons. The freezer is getting low i.e. I now can remove things without bracing my foot against the wall for leaverage. I still have plenty tins of basics and a few cuts and joints of beef ect. so I wont starve in the near future. Cereals for soups ect still with me and loads of spices. I have plenty of bread flour for the Bmaker too, I,m quietly confident. GOOD LUCK ALL.
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  • Well... I'm not sure if my All-Value/Smart Price experiment is off to a good start, or not. I thought I'd shop Tesco online (only have Asda and Morrisons local) and so I looked up a good voucher code... then, I managed to book a cheap delivery slot (£3.5 after 9pm tomorrow night - works for me!) Then... well... I spent £96. I did a search for "Tesco Value" and then browsed every single Value item, picking anything and everything that looked good. I figured I'd try a few things, too. For all I know, that sage and onion stuffing mix mixes up tasty. For that price, I can try a box and find out... repeat that about 25 times and you can get up to £90 worth of Value stuff! They'll probably have to send a special lorry just for my shop. LOL (I did, at least, have a voucher code for £13 off, so that covers the delivery plus £9.5 worth of groceries).

    Anyway, I honestly do think this will keep us (a family of four) stocked up on quite a lot for quite a while - particularly all the biscuits and cakes and such. I buy that stuff, anyway, so now I'll have a cupboard full of it.

    The way I've done it, I should be able to get by for the next two weeks with just buying milk, fruit for the kids, and maybe the odd ingredient for a recipe. I think I'll see if I can stick to a budget of just £30 to do that until the 15th. If so, I'll have spent £115 out of my £250 budget (which also covers clothing and other household incidentals, so I'm not sure, really, how much money I'm saving on food.)
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    Dipped into my monthly budget for the first time today :rolleyes: , £12.04 at MrS for milk, bread and teabags. I also bought yeast (to make MrsM's breadsticks) and Ski yoghurts for OH as they were on offer at 87p(?)

    Hopefully I can last until the weekend and do a big shop then:D
    I might have to bake before weekend though :mad: I made Twinks hobnobs and some courgette muffins on Saturday...............2 hobnobs and 1 muffin left:mad:
    I'm at work all day so we've either got mice :confused: or OH has scoffed the lot :eek: I know which one my money is on...........
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