October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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    Found a box of 4 of those boil in the bag cod steaks in parsley butter sauce in the bottom of the freezer.They have been there for months but everyone complains when I suggest them for dinner and they have never been used up.Does anyone have a way I can use them to make something more interesting which the family may actually eat?
    use them as a base with mashed potato on top -- so like a 'fish' cottage pie. (like the ocean pies they sell in shops at £1 each or thereabouts).
    Grocery Budget : January £124. Spent £21.53 in shops + £8.84 from stocks + £4.10 discounts squirreled away = £34.47
    Grocery Budget : 2022 £1560. Spent £21.53 in shops + £8.84 from stocks + £4.10 discounts squirrelled away = £34.47
  • New to this, but can you count me in?

    I spent £40 last week, so shouldnt need to do much more than that.

    Im going to try £40, including dashes to the shops, tops ups etc etc
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    i don't know how i manage to do it, i have now spent £10 while at owrk, so have even less for them month....

    i feel a meal plan coming on that only includes the things in my freezer, or fresh air!!!!

    how long will a chicken breast that was frozen, and put into the fridge last for??? (got it our for tea last night, and will hopefully be having it tomorrow now :)) but i really don't fancy a bout of food poisoning, so if it is likely to cause harm i'd best come up with something else!!!!

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    sorry if this is off topic but just wanted to let people know my first go at Twinks has been a great success - to the extent i've eaten 4 of them! - does anyone know if they're ok to freeze after being cooked because they'll probably be all gone by tomorrow otherwise:naughty:

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  • Hello all.

    Finished Sept just under budget but with very empty freezer and cupboards so having a big stock up month this month, with this in mind my October Grocery Budget amount will be £400 bearing in mind it is a 5 week month for me also.

    Have already done a big Tesco home shop for cans bottles etc, and been to Makro and stocked up on Toilet roll, kitchen roll and some other household stuff so each week I just really need meat and veg and start putting stuff away for Xmas!

    Off now to update signature.
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    Hello again
    For the umpteenth time I'm trying to do this - whenever I think I'm getting a grip on things, someone blows the budget somehow! I'm going to try for £400 this month, for food, toiletries, bus fare & DS dinners. Spent nearly £40 in Mr A today - finally found out what whoopsied is & I whoopsie too!:rotfl:
    Got half a tank of petrol left, loads of toilet rolls & nappies, & just bought 2 loaves of yesterday's bread half price for toasting, so they're going in the freezer for later on. Loads of apples from friends to cook & make into puds & freeze, & have about 6 lbs of brambles already frozen, so hoping I've got off to a good start this month. Got to do stocktake of pantry tonight & do proper menu plans. Had a £5 off coupon if I spent £10 or more on baby stuff in Mr A, so got 2 prs trousers & 3 tops, should have been £12.50, but one on offer, plus voucher, so came to £6.25!:D
    Hope to join you all properly this time!
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    First spend of the new challenge occured last night. A total of £26.12, I used £9.00 worth of coupons (bless the lovely cashier, who didnt turn a hair) brought me down to £17.12. That included some fancy-nancy stuff on clearance as I,m having visitors in the next few weeks, it doesnt include the wine I couldnt have because it was after 10pm and had it confiscated (plebs.) I spoiled this by not taking sandwiches to work again and spent £1.50 on nosh. Off to update sig. See you all soon.
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    Just spent £7.54 in BOOTHS on curry sauce, pappadums, red lentils, bread and loo rolls.It's uite an expensive supermarket but right near where I live, so no petrol needed;) :D:D
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  • First day of the October challenge and I've spend the grand total of £8.83 on ... not much at all really!
    Forgot to bring/prepare lunch for work so went to M&S at lunchtime as I'm following Slimming World and it's quite difficult to find a low syn lunch.
    Also bought a fruit salad for pudding, teabags (as I've run out of my work supply) and a risotto for tomorrow night.
    On the bright side, we're going to my boyfriend's parents for tea tonight and I'm going to blitz leftover beef stew (gravy and veg mostly) into a soup to eat for my lunch tomorrow...
    ...so tomorrow could well be a NSD!

    PS I made the stew in a slow cooker and we had it for our tea last night with cheesy mash and peas - see I can do old style sometimes! :T
    Cymru am Byth!
  • Afternoon!
    Just a quick one to let you know that I have now tried the Market Place Baking potatoes from Mr T (about £1.50 for a big bag full) and they were surprisingly very good. I microwaved and then finished them off in the oven and they were really nice - all fluffy and not at all powdery IYKWIM. Will be buying them again.

    Need to pop to the local shop for cheese (OH scoffed the bit I was saving for the top of a pasta bake Grrrr:mad: ) and some milk - will hopefully be no more than £3.

    Anyway have a good evening...
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