October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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  • tangotango Forumite
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    I am going to budget for £660 for November :D
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  • Jacks_xxxJacks_xxx Forumite
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    Afternoon my lovelies! :wave:

    I've just done the big add up of all the receipts and I'm feeling a bit demoralised. :(

    We've spent £419 which is well over my £350 budget

    £155.73 of this was at Lidl at the beginning of the month

    Then there was a medium sized Tesco shop £78.22 about two weeks later

    Two Abel & Cole veg, milk & bread deliveries (both on special offer but still £51.73)

    Plus 11 milk, bread, fruit and veg top ups in Iceland & Coop totalling £133.32

    So... £419. :o

    106.64 of that is chicken prawns and tuna for the cat - which I know is outrageous but we won't have him for much longer I shouldn't think - so he's having whatever doesn't make him vomit for as long as he has left.

    (I also spend £4.08 on cat crunchies a month to feed my neighbours cats who are hungry enough to steal food out of bins and eat bugs and compost. They have been known to drag the bag of crunchies out of my pantry, onto the lawn and claw and gnaw it open! The crunchies supply keeps them from launching guerilla raids through my kitchen window when I'm trying to dish up tea or when I've got some batch cooking cooling on the side!)

    There was very little free veg from our garden or anybody elses this month (but it was the secret of our success last month!)

    No whoopsies to speak of...

    So that's it.

    This is for me, hubby and our 20 year old son and 13 year old daughter - plus poorly grumpy old moggie.

    We all have the usual toast and cereal for brekkie with occasional boiled eggs or bacon rolls thrown in plus a full fry up about once a month when we're all around.

    We all take a packed lunch and eat dinner at home (but at different times most nights! :rolleyes: :D )

    I include loo roll (12 rolls a month £3.79) and Washing Powder (1.5 boxes a month £8) and buy cleaning products when they're on special offer, or I need to spend a little more in order to qualify for free delivery or a discount. (this month we bought a squeegey mop, sponges, sugar soap, bleach and washing up liquid at a total of £16

    I also bought a hair dye for me, (£5.99) and two lots of Head lice treatment :rolleyes: (£12)

    So £262.50 is our actual food spend which works out at £2.11 per person per day.

    Ok I think I feel better! :D:D:D Thanks for letting me rant. :o

    Love Jacks xxx :D
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    I am declaring at £302.14 this month which is under by £22-86 (and that's going to be transferred to my cash ISA - other wise it it isn't 'real' savings!)

    Of that total, £205.17 was spent on food, £23.38 on cleaning materials and £13.14 on toiletries. We also spent £60.45 on alcohol but most of that was for a case of 15 bottles bought online at a discount which worked out at under £4 per bottle and it will last us till Christmas!

    There's usually just the two of us here but I do have DDs 1 and 2 home for the odd weekend and MIL comes to lunch one or two Sundays per month. I would like to get the total down further and have high hopes this month as my store cupboards are still quite full, though the freezer is practically empty. I don't often get bargains as my local Sainsbury's doesn't have a lot of reductions and not all the bogofs are for stuff we would eat. I make most things from scratch, have a breadmaker and rarely eat takeaways. Still I am going to aim for £300 or less for November and my month runs from tomorrow October 30th till November 27th. Oh I forgot I had 15 NSDs this month too.

    Sorry I have not been around much this month - it's still manic at work and there's been lots of stuff going on in the family that has taken lots of time and energy to sort out. But thanks everyone for all your inspiration! Keep up the good work.

    Love Moniker
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    Well here I go I am declaring at £4.20 under £50.00 for October as I have no more shopping to get until Saturday.So hopefully I will have another go at £50.00 for November.Yahay I got the colour sorted as well.
    Cheers to the-cat for the help in that little problem.
    I just love it when things go right
  • pollysgpollysg Forumite
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    Hi! Can I declare please at £240, way over my target, but I didn't buy anything I wouldn't use more or less straight away. A lot is on fruit and veg as I am doing slimming world.
  • sashanutsashanut Forumite
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    Morning all

    Am just popping in to declare my October total of £226.59 - £6.59 over but way better than I used to be, spending approx £100+ per week.

    Could you put me down for £220 again this month please Mrs M? It may be less as I want to try to clear down the freezer, especially the iced-up one in the cellar but may stock up on other goods. I've already spent £2.48 of this mnths budget on a sack of onions & some nat yog.

    £220 is all food, toiletries, cleaning materials for 3 humans & 2 large dogs & 2 cats.

    I've read with interest the posts of the people with spread sheets to track their spending - doesn anyone have an easy one set up that they can let me have? I'm a spreadsheet virgin so it would have to be easy - please PM me if you can help!
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  • Did my last shop of the month last night. Was just popping into Mr A to pick up some cereal and a few bits and bobs for our halloween party tomorrow but ended up spending nearly £20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Budget is well and truely blown this month! I did buy a few things that I probably could have left til next months budget so might put it in that budget instead. And also spent £8 on a giant pack of toilet roll as I only realised yesterday that we were running out.

    So if you take of all the extra and unexpected spends I would have been under budget! Will work it all out tonight and declare the true damage tomorrow.
  • annie123annie123 Forumite
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    If it had been a 4 week month I would have been under budget:rolleyes: ...just"
    but with only a few ££ left of my budget I knew I was going to go over, so I thought I would really go over ....

    Final October spend £410 :eek: :eek: :eek: ....just spent over £110 in sainsburys..opps! only £110 over budget double opps!!

    never mind new fresh month from now;)
  • Flylady_FlowerFlylady_Flower Forumite
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    I am a very happy bunny... I have just updated my spends and have only spent £185.24 this month.... (was a 5 week month and I budgetted £300... :D :j )

    I thought I had spent loads more, but have been well below the £60 a week that I set myself and have spent virtually nothing this week, so really pleased.

    Cupboards and freezer are a bit depleted, but not drastically, and a small shop will very soon fill them out. I won't be shopping today but will go out tomorrow to start next months anew....

    Only a 4 week month this month (ends 27th November) so please can you set my budget for £240 next month please Mrs M... (don't forget I changed my name... sorry to mess you about...)
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    I failed this month big time and have no idea why. As I have cupboards and a freezer ram packed with food.

    I will set next months up at again £100


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