October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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    :mad: BIG OOPS!!!!!! did do some bulk buys, but what with being ill and lots of other chaos I have done terrible this month £301.65 will do better next month £225 I am having real trouble keeping on top of the increase in prices, I certainly didnt think I'd be paying 29p for value baked beans!
  • Declaring £65.18 for October which is shocking for me!
    Although at least £8 was unplanned spending for stuff I will be using next month. But rathen than work out exactly what I spent on the extras and add it to next month's budget I'm just going to write off this month & start fresh next month and aim to be well under budget!
  • I will sneak in and very quietly declare my total for October at 510.00 and I think I spent more than that but didn't add it to the list. In my defence, I have no defence, I can't seem to keep my purse shut.....I really don't understand why I spend so much money, that's for food, cleaning products, toiletries and alcohol (but I'm teetotal) for 3 adults, I don't throw anything away, we prepare most meals from scratch, I bake goodies at home (twinks hobnobs are a firm favourite with all) and mealplan but admittedly not rigidly....I'm at a loss as to what else I can do. It's a bit disheartening to fail so miserably tbh.

    We are not in debt but would like to pay our mortgage off early, so it is important that I get my spending under control. I have set my Nov budget at £350.00 again and will try as hard as I can to stick to it.

    Happy Halloween and good luck to all.
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    Can I please declare £242.33 for Oct, that includes the bits I pay today like the milkman.

    2 adults, 2 boys (:footie: sports mad big eaters) (25 & 22)
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    Well we're back from Portugal and the tesco delivery has just arrived, so I can now declare Oct at £367.02 - this includes some Xmas/ birthday pressies and some clothes and some medication (calpol, nit stuff etc) too - so not too bad! Have brought back some bits from Portugal which we had bought and not finished (half pkt rice, 1/2 pkt pasta, 1/2 bottle w-u-liquid) and put in a rough figure for these. Figure also includes 'posh' takeaway for DH bday (from a restaurant at 20% off menu price) and several other takeaways and lots of McDs :o - oops!! In my defence, I had a week of craving them and they were one of the few things staying down (12 weeks pg and suffering from morning sickness) Now though I'm fancying porridge and weetabix!:confused:

    We did well on hols spending too - took 670 euros (haven't a clue!) and brought back 250 - and we ate out lots, filled up the car with petrol and bought some bits and pieces for the kids - we didn't set ourselves any restrictions as it was holiday time :D Villa was lovely and so was weather - between 24-26 degrees each day, apart from last day (about 16 degrees)

    Have not meal planned for Nov and don't feel up to it today, but will do over weekend. Lots of food in and all other stuff, so reduced target for Nov, methinks ;) Have 3 happy chickens in freezer, so think we'll be having some chicken meals - lol!

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  • 'lo all,

    Declaring £136.52 fo rthis month which is over budget (again) but includes a pile of vitamin tablets that will last a while and if I don't include them then I fall under budget.

    Off to the November thread now......

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  • redmel1621redmel1621 Forumite
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    Well I know I haven't been that active on the board, It just moves on too quick for me to keep up with....
    I have been trying my best, although I have gone over. I forgot to factor in my son's birthday party which I did at home, so I would like to declare my final amount as - £382.56 My new month starts on Monday, but I don't need to spend anything this weekend.

    Mel x

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  • jackk_2jackk_2 Forumite
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    Declaring £218.46 for October, pants huh!! :(

    I hope everyone did better than i did

    Jackie x
  • Declaring £ £140.22/160 for October!
    really pleased as it was DD 18th birthday last week and I included some treats, also half term this week.
    What helped most was a big bulk buy at the butcher's in town, so will be doing that again in November.

    Please put me down for £150 for November.

  • ravylesleyravylesley Forumite
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    Well its finally the end of my month and I'm going to declare at £379.I made my final purchases of the month today at the Market.Got loads of F+V for £8.70 pears,strawberries,cherry tomatoes,baking apples,satsumas and plums.The pears were absolutely huge Comice ones and 8 for £1 so a bargain as what the kids dont eat I can either poach and serve with chocolate sauce or add them to a baking apple and make a crumble mmmmmmm

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