October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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  • Hi all. Just popping in to declare £299.81 for October - a whopping 19p under budget :o

    See you all on the November thread.
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    I can't believe I made it in under budget!!!!!! I'm so thrilled! First time!

    Oct GC £200/£193.51
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    :snow_grin Christmas 2013 is coming soon!!! :xmastree:
  • Declaring at £211.21 for October... and about to try for £200 again for November. Haven't posted for a while.

    Thanks though still for this thread and you lot being here - it makes saving money fun! (I have made a lot of Mrs M's courgette tea bread and Twink's hobnobs over the past months.)

    March GC: £147.75/£180 groceries + £36.75/£50 meals out

    February: £163.19/£180 + £66.14/£50 monthly budget for eating out Total £229.33/£230 :j
    January: £170.01/£170
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    I'm declaring £300.60 for October, nearly £50 under in my 1st month :j
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    I'm declaring October at £121.50 -- well within my £145 budget, even after moving some treats into it that I'd been excluding during the month !!!

    for those that wanted a breakdown by Whoopsies etc., I've done the best I can (been down to the local stores today with a list of items I needed the 'normal' cost of!) and have come up with the following.....

    Total 'spend' = £121.50 this is food only - no pet food, no household and no toiletries
    Of this, £47.20 was spent on Whoopsie items
    Of that £47.20 I've managed to calculate the 'full' cost of £31.09 -- which comes in at £105.35 (so I paid 29.5% of the value)
    If I assume the same average reduction on the other £16.11 of Whoopsies, then that comes in at a further £54.59

    So the value of my food is £121.50 - £47.20 + £105.35 + £54.59

    Which gives a 'real' total of £234.24 - which is almost double what I actually spent :eek:

    But I have to say that there are several items I bought on Whoopsie that I would never have considered at full price (or even a lower discount), and we'd have either done without (smoothies, milkshakes, chocolate, fromage frais) or where I'd have bought cheaper options (kievs, chicken portions, mince)
    Grocery Budget : January £155. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
    Grocery Budget : 2021 £1825. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
  • Hi I am declaring £89.23 for october - just under my £100 budget!!
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    Declaring £302.87.
    But the freezer is still quite well stocked. So I am hoping to lower the target for the coming month of November, to £280!! Bit ambitious but I am just back off of a holiday so needs must.!!
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    I'm declaring £73 for October. Went over my budget a bit, but still happy overall! :D
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    Hi Mrs M,

    can I please declare £275 for October.

    Many Thanks

    Ps. that's for all food, cleaning stuff and soap etc for 2 adults and 1 teenager for all of October. My older son comes for dinner once a week too.
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