October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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  • Hi all,

    I am declaring £175 for October having gone £25 over budget. It all started to go wrong when I decided to stock up on a 5Kg bag of rice in a shop I wouldn't go to for a couple of weeks and then I started seeing special offers all around me and felt it difficult to resist.

    I feel as if I was a little bit more in control this month but I have used the meat I found in the freezer.I don't think I have wasted much money though. I'm upping my target for next month to £160 ( have posted on the November thread).

    This GC thread has a lovely feel to it - it's as if we are all in the same boat but also in different sized boats ...(grasshopper)

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    Here I am to declare £165.95 for October.

    Really pleased with this even though I did spend a week on holiday with food spends from a different budget.

    I still have quite a lot of stuff in the freezer and have started stocking up for Xmas sotings are going to plan so far.

    Thanks to everyone for helping me to keep going - especially MrsM.

    Off to check out the November thread so will see you all over there.
  • I made it and I'm under, I cant quite believe what a tiny amount I managed to spend after my £138 blow out in costco in the first week!! Thank you for keeping me focussed people. I thought we would empty the freezer but its still full to the top after some very good whoopsie finds. Off to use the surplus for stockpiling :-). £164.69
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    Hi all am declaring october at £349.88 technically I have spent more as I went to tesco with a buy £30 get £10 off voucher so stocked up but the stuff won't be used until november so haven't included it!!! Am really pleased I found the GC as although most months I have been over that is still an improvement on pre GC. Thanks for all the tips November budget is £280 please Mrs MC as it is only a 4 week month.
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    Oh my Oh my

    I've only gone and bleeding done it!!!!

    Loooook !!!!!!!!!!£167.83!!!!!!!!

    Talk about chuffed

    and hungry...

    only kidding but I have got a lot of shopping to do tomorrow.
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    lingojingo wrote: »
    What helped most was a big bulk buy at the butcher's in town, so will be doing that again in November.

    Could I ask which butchers that was please? I am near to Huddersfield & would appreciate knowing a good place to buy meat! :D
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  • Declaring at £307.11

    Bit annoyed we went over the £300 - but have had visitors and a 5 week shopping month!
    Grocery challenge July £250

    45 asd*/
  • I have been watching this thread for a while and would like to join for November challenge. Can I declare £400. 3 adults & 1 at Uni and 4 dogs

  • DECLARING AT £240.12p:o
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    Maslowe -- the November thread is here

    If you pop over there and declare you budget I'm sure Mrs Mc will add you to the list -- but she's more like to spot your request if you declare the budget in a larger font and in red (even the same font in red is more likely to be seen) :)

    Welcome aboard :)
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