October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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    tango wrote: »
    The children are always troffing :rolleyes: ,although I am very strict with this,and it is either fruit or a yoghurt between meals

    :D [STRIKE]Knit[/STRIKE]Make your own. :D It's great fun. :p;)

    Seriously. It's very easy to make your own yoghurt and it saves a fortune if they eat alot of it. You should get some ideas from these threads.

    Easiyo yogurt maker, or make your own?

    Yogurt without a yogurt maker

    Yogurt recipes thread
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    Well,what an expensive last week this has been,our cooker died on us and we have had to live on take aways and ready cooked meals for 4 days,toast and cereal just wouldnt have done in this freezing weather,especially as our boiler has broken down too.Hopefully the parts for the cooker will arrive today and we can cook again.The boiler will have to be fixed but I dread the thought of that expense.
    Total for this month is £287.64.More than double my target but then I really shouldnt have taken the £60 vet bill off the grocery budget and left myself with so little to begin with.Those unexpected expenses,vet bills,cooker repair,boiler repair etc will not come off the food budget in future,I will just have to use my overdraft and pay it off as quickly as I can.
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  • There's 2 of us and we spend including toilet stuff and detergent ect £40 a week.I cook form scratch and we are vege so it's quite ample.Infact we always manage to buy a couple of things we don't need for the ever bulging store cupboard.So can't complain.
  • Hi guys

    My shopping can be anything from £70 - £120 pw for 2 adults, 2 children and 1 fussy eating cat! I tend to go to the big A, sometimes take a trip to big T and on the odd occasion I will pop into M&S for the offers. My DH gives me £450 housekeeping for everything food, toiletries, household cleaning products, milkman. Any extra money I get goes on all the other stuff, clothes, shoes, etc.

    LOL :rotfl: DH says in this current economic climate there is no room for negotiation on pay increase, so I am going to have to get savvy with the shopping. Either that or I send the children out to work.:j

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    I was very pleased that I managed to stay under my budget for £50.00 for October (don't know how to put it in red) I have got about £4.20 left in my separate food purse. I find it easier to keep the £50.00 in a different purse then I know to be careful when ever I open it up, and not spash out too much .
    I shall go again in November with the £50.00 as I still have lots of stuff in my freezer and food cupboards .On Friday I shall put whatever's left into my holiday account for next year. Not a lot but every little helps as they say
    very pleased with the results so far as it does concentrate your mind when shopping and stops you from buying things automatically as I would normally have done Well done to the rest of you. I know my fifty quid seems low but I do go to my DDs at least twice a week for dinner and I am very good at being frugal, having been brought up in the austerity years of ww2 and the 1950s ;)
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    Declare for this month £155.91 as payday today. Have already posted target for Nov on other thread.

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  • i spend about £40 per week, on food only, for OH and I. This includes breakfasts, lunch and dinner, although OH buys some things for his lunches himself, from Tesco. I am a vegetarian, and OH isnt, so i generally cook us the same meals, using veggie options for me, and then freeze the leftovers. OH has been very good about adopting a semi-veggie diet though!! :D i cook everything from scratch, but we usually have a treat each week - yesterday it was pink icing-covered donuts - yummy!! :D

    the cat is seperate - we get her dry food from the vet, and i bulk buy the whiskas pouches from Pets at Home when they are on offer. its hard to judge how much she costs, as i buy so much food it can last for months!! her dry food from the vet is £20 for a bag :eek: and usually lasts a couple of months. and she gets whiskas milk, as she doesnt drink water, and this led to a UTI - she eats and drinks better than us lol!! :rolleyes:

    all cleaning stuff is bought from the Co-op, and probably cost £20 every couple of months.
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    In my post I spend around £35pw. I don't buy any toiletries other than stardrops, bleach, soda crystrals and basics washing powder. I bought a HUGE tresemme shampoo from costco at the start of the year and it will last me forever (it cost around £8). My makeup is Lily Lolo mineral stuff that I buy online, again this will last me at least 6 months and costs less than £30.
    With regards to food I hardly ever buy reduced stuff. It's either not worth having or my local sainsbury's hardly ever has anything reduced. I bake my own bread (unless my H manages to buy a load of it reduced) and I don't grow any fruit or veg (although am planning on changing this next year when I get organised!!). I buy a lot of basics stuff and cook things like spag bol sauce from scratch rather than in a jar. I used to buy organic carrots but have gone off eating them raw (am a mad carrott fan!) so switched back to normal ones. I buy organic whole milk for my toddler and we have UHT skimmed. I bake my own cakes and Twink's hobnobs! I try not to chuck anything away if I can help it. I must admit I personally don't eat much fruit but my son and my H do. I tend to eat more veg, which I mostly buy frozen.
    Obviously when it comes to stocking up on my meat at costco it's an expensive month as I am buying in bulk but the quality is much nicer than Sainsbury's.
    I just try and be savvy. I don't buy pizzas I make my own from naan bread and tomato puree and cheese etc. My H does go out and buy things sometimes but I try and limit his shopping expiditions. He can't just buy one thing, he comes back with bags of stuff!!! I guess taking that into consideration (which he doesn't do every week) lets say that pushes up to cost to an extra £10 a week so say £45.
    Like I say I am lucky that I have my formula on prescription otherwise that would be the best part of £10 extra each week.
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    ceridwen wrote: »
    Wondering if 'twould be possible purlease <smiles winsomely> if posters could:
    - give only what is spent on (human) food
    for October, that's all my total is (but doesn't include DS's college lunches -- and he's now down to 2 of those rather than 3... and none this week as it's half term!)
    ETA: No alcohol or takeaways in this. We don't "do" takeaways of any description now, and the only alcohol that gets bought is what DH buys in the pub (or brings homes in cans once in a blue moon) which comes out of his "pocket money".

    - say how much (if any) homegrown fruit/veg they used to supplement the money that was spent

    - give an indication of how much of the "bought" food was yellow-stickered (ie lot less than normal price) - as that is a saving that most people in full-time jobs cant make (as we dont have the time to pop into supermarkets specially at "best reduction" time - and also I suspect I live in an area where foods just dont get reduced that much in cost at any time!).
    heaps of mine is Whoospie! Of the £95.23 in my signature as I type this (which is a couple of days out of date), £39.13 is "stickered" goods. I can't remember what %age discount I got on some of them (not things I'd have bought without the stickers), but the majority is at least 50% off (I would say well over half is 75% off), and a couple of quid of it is things that are down to 10-20p at very end of day instead of £1.50-£2 each. If I were in work, then I'd have given myself a bigger budget due to not having the time/opportunity to grab most of these bargains - but I can see where you're coming from.

    My November budget (same £145) is hopefully including all cleaning/hygiene items as well, but the dog food is staying out completely as I have to budget it differently for the Benefits Agencies (for anyone confused by this, we'll be blocked from getting IS due to a redundancy payment, but have to justify where the money's gone when it falls below the 'magic' level). I will however try and adapt my spreadsheet so I can report is as human food paid / human food value / other items, and record them as individuals in my signature if that will help. Shouldn't be a big deal as the only thing I need to do is build in the 'value' due to the others being split for the last couple of months anyway :)
    Grocery Budget : January £155. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
    Grocery Budget : 2021 £1825. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
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    Declaring for October at 248.05 just a bit under. We have been away for a few days and bought some bits at a market and farm shop. I haven't included the one meal we had out, but as we were staying with eldest DD we took some mince, chicken breasts and a gammon joint to leave with her, so it was about equivalent and came from my stock.

    This includes all food, toiletries and cleaning stuff (that I buy in bulk or on offer), the odd bottle of wine, (but not when he gets a box of 6 in for Christmas). This is for two adults and two teenagers. I work full time so don't get the opportunity to stake out the 'whoopsie' counters, only by chance on my occasional trips to Tesco or Adsa. I cook mostly from scratch now, and haven't bought bread for 5 weeks, (apart from some locally made at the market while away this weekend), and do packed lunches for 4 x 5 a week.

    I am happy with this as we had a five week month. Pay day tomorrow. I will be even more careful in November.


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