October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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    We spend approx total of £280 - £300 a month for 2 adults, that includes household, toiletries & 2 wine boxes (:o) plus every couple of months there will be a bottle of gin (and blueberries & strawberries for brekkie everyday).
    We generally eat seasonally & cook from scratch virtually every meal, at weekends we shop at a local butcher, greengrocer & fishmonger then for staples & midweek at Mr T's (with an odd foray to visit Mr S, Mr M or Mr A for specific items).

    Food only - probably £200 - £220ish, Includes fresh fruit & veg

    Home grown - herbs (bay, thyme, rosemary, fennel, chives,), some salad leaves, half a dozen chillies and about a dozen tiny tomatoes! (we only have a small back yard & a huge waiting list for allotments)

    Y/S - probably £10 - £30 a month, depending on what's in the freezer & what's been reduced.

    Just to add, we do eat quite expensive things at times on items such as sea bass & other fish, duck confit (goes into cassoulet) but also eat very cheaply on things like oxtail, mussels & mackerel, belly pork etc. I guess we have luxury tastes but the shopping bill has come down since I've been in sole charge of it!
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    Wow thankyou everyone..meal planners seem the way to go,I have been spending at least £800 :o ..and it has to stop !

    Bulking out meat with pulses/soya would be a start.

    The children are always troffing :rolleyes: ,although I am very strict with this,and it is either fruit or a yoghurt between meals

    Today is the start of a new month (sort of) and I will let you all know how I do :D
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    Between £55 & £60 a week on food alone.

    Unfortunately, I've just moved into this house and I'm not sure what the land around it could grow and now it's frosty I'm not going to find out for a while!
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    I would like to declare £225.86 for October, please. It kinda all got unravelled in the last few days... Still over £20 less than last month, though, and looking at how sharply many of the prices are rising, I am not too upset at being over budget....
  • we spend about £650 - family of 2 adults and 3 kids (13,10,8) and 4 dogs (2 x large 2 x small) and also another 2 adults for evening meals about 1/2 the month (my parents babysitting to cover work childcare needs). This also includes all alcohol, cleaning products (washing powder, sprays, bin bags etc etc) and if we need any new towels, bed linen cleaning cloths although obviously those bits are very often. It has to be said husband is picky and doesnt/wont do anything veggie so all meals except breakfast have meat in them. I have tried do disguise quorn etc etc but he always knows. We also dont do ready meals and the kids have packed lunch as do hubby and i when we are at work. Sounds quite high compaired to others on here but used to be £800+ and then takeaways on top.
  • At the moment £90 per week :o 2 adults, 3 children :rolleyes:

    That does include cleaning products, nappies, baby wipes and toilet roll etc though.

    I do my shop online and I don't allow it to go over £90 including delivery, I often manage to find a free delivery code though.
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    We have a budget of £250 a month for food and household stuff, that's for 2 adults, not including eating out. This is a new and spangly budget, until last month for the previous 2 years it had been £150 a month and 3 years ago it was £90 a month. (before that it was about £600 but we don't like to dwell on that too much) :beer:
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    I did not include pet stuff in mine for 2 rabbits. We have not grown anything this year but intend to next year (sometimes I get given the odd squash/marrow from a friend who grows them on her allotment.) I do have to admit to buying bits in the reduced section - the other day I got 10 boxes of blueberries reduced to 20p each so put them in the freezer to go with breakfast. My shopping bill includes all meals - we all have packed lunches not school dinners. My monthly budget included alcohol (8 bottles of wine.) Sometimes I pay out quite a bit less in a month depending on how many bargains I've got, but I always make use of bogof Andrex/Kleenex loo rolls etc.
    We eat a Low GI diet and I always make my own bread, everything is cooked from scratch. Kids have a treat once a week which might be a shop bought pizza and potatoe wedges (or similar) which I stock up on when on offer. Hope this makes it clearer.
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    Specifically on "Human" food I spend between £50-£60 per week. But some weeks I build up my store cupboard and then once every six weeks I have a storecupboard/freezer challenge and only need to buy fresh fruit and milk so the weekly amount above fluctuates.
    I do grow my own but with a limited veg patch I still need to supplement fresh veg from the supermarket. However this summer I didn't need to buy any letuce, tomatoes, peppers, chilis, runner beans,raspberries, strawberries and broad beans. I also grew courguettes, aubergine, baby carrots, brocolli and potatoes.
    I too am eating less meat now and I place an order with my butcher once a week. This week it was an 8lb lamb joint, a free range chicken and 1 doz beef sausages. This came to £17 and with it I will have made 5 meals plus extra portions for the freezer. The lamb was roasted for Sunday (and everyone had second helpings) and the leftovers made shepherd's pie for Monday with 2 portions frozen. The sausages are in the SC today with plenty of veg as a casserole with will do tonight and 2 portions frozen. I will cook the chicken tommorrow and have with mash and veg. Then will make stock which will be used in mushroom rissotto and brocolli and stilton soup. The other nights we will have macaroni cheese and salad and baked potatoes with chicken curry from the freezer.
    I also am lucky to get a fair bit of reduced stuff from Tesco. This is reduced at 8pm ish and can be as little as 10p. This week I got 4 bags of runner beans, one bag of new potatoes, 4 tubs of hoummus, 3 tubs of cubed melon and 4 pots of double cream for £1.60 ;).
    I buy 4 pints of full fat milk and dilute it with water to make 8 pints. This saves about £4.50 per week. I buy eggs from a farm shop at £1.30 per half dozen. I also bake my own bread but do get a couple of wholemeal loaves reduced to 10p per week.
    I make everything fom scratch and I think lunches are one of my biggest savings. The children this week are having HM bread for sandwiches, this week filled with HM jam or HM smoked mackeral pate. HM yoghurt, 2 pieces of fruit and a HM muffin. OH takes soup, bread and pate most days.

    I used to spend £600 per month in Tesco but with a combination of all of the above shopping around for bargain (eg Aldi's super six veg are 39p each this month and last month Lidl had all their veg half price) and fairly strict meal planning I have reduce it significantly.

    As far as cleaning products go I buy in bulk when in offer.

    I realise that I am lucky in that I only work part time and have time to cook from scratch but I still think that organisation is the key to successful meal planning and therefore a big saving on your food bill.;)

    ps. this is for 2 adults and 2 hollow legged seven year olds.
  • Used to spend so much I may as well have transferred my salary to Tesco! My upper limit for my on-line shop to Tesco (monthly-6 weekly) is £175. This covers all toiletries, cleaning and laundry and food for three smallish doggies, two cats and two constantly ravenous boys aged 9 and 11, as well as me and my husband. We have cut our bill largely by getting shut of processed food. I work full time as a teacher and my hub works 2 1/2 hours away, so we spend saturday doing the cooking for the week. I normally make a lasagne (and then freeze one for another time), sometimes with beef, or turkey mince or soya mince, a curry (stock up when the patak pastes are on special), a casserole, a quiche (finally learned to make my own pastry!) and then a pizza. Once a week we will have a cheap night using baked beans and a few poached eggs. We started cutting our costs to be able to clear off a few debts, but to be fair I think even when we are clear (december 2010 lol) I will never be able to go back to the immense amount I used to waste not only on food, but fuel, clothes etc.
    Once thing I have learned recently ladies and gents is that sometimes the value stuff is more expensive than branded items on sale!! (eg. value butter versus willow......). Every time I think I cannot simply save another penny on my food shop, I find out I can xx
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