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September 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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  • Anzac_BiscuitAnzac_Biscuit Forumite
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    Not going at all well this month... I'm too depressed to add up the last few days so I'll do it later but it's not looking too good... and I have a friend staying for a few days next week!

    Darn. Think I may have been a little over-zealous in transferring the extra from last month:rolleyes:
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  • Hiya guys,
    Not feeling too well so gave in to OH and had a chinese tonight, £8.00 doh, but it's the 1st one in the last 6months and he offered to pay so still NSD today. DS is having whats left for lunch tomorrow
    Still have the left over chichen in the fridge so sandwiches for OH tomorrow and will make chicken and sweetcorn soup for the freezer:money:
    HWGA xx
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  • I found £10 in the road yesterday and spent it on groceries today!!

    Do you think I should include it in my budget or not??????

    I wouldn't include it in my budget as my husband put it its FREE food. He is really getting in to this.

    Not spent much this month trying to get the freezer down. I did get a NOW on sun but I think I will be spending it on nappies if this baby ever comes out. 5 days over now and had enough.

    Right better get BM on and slow cooker.
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  • Feeling rather proud of myself this morning. My little one is still under the weather and evenings are our worst time. She went to bed at 8pm last night which is really early for her! :rolleyes: Anyway, I hadn't cooked our dinner and OH said 'I have £15 in my wallet shall we have a take away?' Usually I would say 'Yes!' but there was a pizza in the fridge and we had that instead. :j
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  • Hi all:) . Feeling a bit better today. Had shopping delivered yest. and they had run out of tinned toms, so I sent hubby on his return from work. I needed them to make planned soup for tea. Anyhoo he was supposed to have nipped to shop across the road. He comes back 1/2 hour later, saying he treked into town, as he didn't want to pay more expensive supermarket across the road.:rotfl: Mr T forgot my refuse sacks, and kindly refunded them plus £2 off my delivery. Also ordered next weeks, just come within budget, had to tweek a lot, but used £3-50 off coupon.Every little helps:D Hope you all have a good day x
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  • Pink.Pink. Forumite
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    Hi everyone,

    Recently some people have been finding it difficult to take part in the Grocery Challenge because of the volume of posts. After much discussion we have decided to post some 'guidelines' for posting on the Grocery Challenge thread at the start of the thread every month. To read a draft of the guidelines look here.

    If you think anything needs to be added to them (or removed) please post into this thread. Grocery Challenge Thread Options

    Thanks everyone for your input. :T

  • taffy1969taffy1969 Forumite
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    Morning all, not caught up with thread as been really busy. Just updated my sig total so far this month £193.93, spent £38.98 in MrS yesterday. Should see me through till next week. Only needed veg, milk, fruit, and bits. Got catfood as on offer - ½ price whiskas meat and 2 boxes of go cat biscuits for £3.75, if any use to any one. Got enough for next 2 weeks or so.
    Mrs M - When I was at school yesterday one of the mums said her husband has soo many tomatoes in his garden they were going to go bad. I said no do what my friend does (couldn't go through the palava(sp?) of explaining about the site) and roast with oil and herbs or whatever and then freeze them, she said they are lovely. This morning she said she did that and is going to take some out tomorrow to see what they are like. She was very pleased.

    Back to the grind stone! Catch up later.
    Need to sort my life out! :T
  • Morning everyone - was planning a NSD today but on the walk back from School this morning I noticed Lidl's have Charmin Toilet Rolls on special again, 24 rolls for £6.49 = 27p a roll and decent Toilet Roll is one thing I won't compromise on.:cool:

    Having a tray roast tonight of Sausages, veg etc, a bit like the Sainsbury's feed a family for £5 but I'm doing it for a lot less.:D Then having a HM Rice Pudding for after - normally have this sort of thing in the Winter but with the weather at the moment it feels like Winter already - kids were saying last night they felt cold and wanted the heating on.:eek:

    Off now to plough my way through my Ironing pile.;) Have a great day everyone.:D
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  • greentgreent Forumite
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    My DH (still) thinks it's not wintery enough for chilli/ lasagne/ cottage pie (and doesn't do spag bol) :confused: so I decided to use some of our many packs of mince up on quesadillas:

    Brown mince off (drain fat if necessary) and add some chopped fresh or dried chilli to taste, along with some garlic (I used a smidge of puree). Set aside. The mixture should be quite dry.

    In a large (already hot) frying pan place a tortilla wrap - dry fry this for a few seconds to warm. Sprinkle a small amount of grated cheese (I used cheddar) over half of the wrap. Then cover this with a reasonable sized layer of the mince (ie over half the wrap only). Add chopped tomatoes - fresh ones - I used cherry sized ones, so used about 3 or 4 per wrap and then some more grated cheese. Fold the wrap over in half. Then flip it over in the pan so the cheese on the top layer becomes the bottom layer and melts. 30 seconds should do it.

    Serve with a side salad, sour cream, salsa, tortilla chips etc. the wrap is slightly crunchy on the outside and one serves an adult (filled my DH!) and is economical with mince

    I have also added some very finely diced peppers to the wrap whilst cooking.

    The mice mix freezes well :-) or can easily be adapted to form chilli/ bolognese etc.

    You can also do this with chicken pieces or turkey mince or a veggie alternative.

    Twas yummy! :D

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  • That Quesadilla's recipe looks fab - I am going to have a go at that - many thanks!

    Had to go to Mr T for fuel this morning and nipped in for my iron supplements. They were on offer - instead of £4.20 each they were 2 for £6.00. Hopefully this will be the last that I need to buy of that.

    I bought Robinson's Peach Barley on offer for £1.00 and 12 Hovis Bread Mix at 27p each - £3.24 for 12 loaves! :D I was most impressed because OH had gone to look for them especially.

    We sat down and worked out budgets yesterday as I start my maternity leave next week and our income will go down. It was quite a reality check, but I think it has focussed both our minds.
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