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September 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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    Hi Gang,
    well spent £2.40 today on milk and bread, but first spend since last Monday. Still foraging for food from my cupboards and total spend so far is £3.52 from my £50.00. and only 22 days left till end of September.Will have to pay 20p for tea money at craft club tomorrow but that's good value as we get 2 cups plus bicuits as well.
    Hopefully a few more NDS days this week as I have sorted out my menus and don't need anything from the shops until Saturday ,fingers crossed.
    keep up the good work chums .
    have made a big pot of leek and potato soup from left veggies in my greengrocery box .I have at least half an organic celery in there as well I may do some soup with that tomorrow for the freezer.
    Looked at the runner beans in Mr T's today and nearly fell over, 8 runner beans in a packet for 98p I would rather do without, and that was on a 'special offer' reduced from £1.48.daylight robbery I think .I will stick to the farm shops
  • fluffysox wrote: »
    Can anyone give me some advice on preserving apples. My rather weedy looking apple tree has produced an admirable crop this year and the apples are now ripe and starting to fall so I've harvested a load. I've prepared a big crumble to cook tonight but there will are loads left. So what I need to know is:
    1. Do you have to stew them before you freeze or just chop?
    2. How to stew them?
    Thanks guys :T
    I would make spicy apple chutney with some of them. Stewing apples is fairly straightforward. Add your peeled and cored apples to a little water and some sugar and boil. Sugar to taste - try while it is cooking. Put in plastic tubs (old marg tubs are good) and freeze once cold. I think you may be able to blanche apples before freezing, but I am not sure.:o
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  • Just spent £50 in Lidl..our first Lidl foray and I must say I am REALLY impressed. I have shopped in Aldi before a long time ago and at the time I was still a total food snob so barely took any notice of it but I must say Lidl is amazing, that £50 went a looong way, in fact it should do us for the rest of the month which is a good thing cause we have got all of £30 left to last us!! Got loads of meat, pasta, rice, frozen veg to try out in my new slow cooker.

    5 pizzas for a fiver :D Just had one each and they are YUM. Also their £1.39 (for 200g!) 'Granarom' coffee is REALLY tasty (even to a coffee-snob like me!), as is the blackcurrant hi-juice which is basically Ribena, oh and not to mention the amazing 'Snacky Cracky' cheese straws! Nom nom nom :D I am well and truly converted :j

    Going to try Aldi next month to compare, can't wait!

    Hope everyone else is doing well xx
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  • evening all!

    well another nsd today, think i'll manage a few when in work! not too many places nearby except for the petrol station and i'm not paying their prices!!!

    have just realised that OH and i are muppets, we left 2 packs of uncooked sausages in his car since lunchtime yesterday, only saving grace is they weren't paid for by us, still annoying tho as i was going to make casserole in the slow cooker tomorrow, need to think of sthg else now. :-(

    however on a positive note i have LOADS of apples from my mum & dads trees so am off to stew them for crumble base!

    MrsM - thanks for that link, i've ordered my mum a catalogue ;)

    ioiwe x
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  • Hi all ...I havent officially joined the GC thread for a while as I pretty much have a handle on my budget but with xmas coming have decided to try a new aproach (for me at least) I have just ordered an on line shop for the following month for all dry/tinned storecupboard food ,cleaning products and toiletries. I have spent £102 and probably got a bit more than we need tbh. I intend now to keep my fresh food shopping bill under £20 p/w and will see how I go. I am hoping for under £15 but milk is a big part of my fresh budget.
    I was thinking of adding a few cartons of long life milk to my store cupboard but have never had it....what would people recommend??
    The idea is that any extra from my bulk shop carrys on into next month and saves me even more!! Heres hoping!
    This is for a family of 5 btw.
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    Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome.

    Especial thanks to angelatgraceland for the great idea to get DD involved, I am sure she would be up for it. It was her idea to add broccoli to the pea soup, based on one I had at the Museum of Childhood. And earlier this year she suggested replacing the vanilla extract in Nigella’s instant chocolate mouse with orange extract because she had enjoyed a choc orange mouse at The Tate Gallery.

    So far have spent £31.37 this month on groceries. Not bad as set £200 for entire month, but not a lot of ‘value’ in there. Have been looking at the Store Cupboard Challenge thread for more ideas; have had a quick peak in the cupboards & definitely need to do a full inventory before shopping again (except essential fresh stuff like milk) – reckon there could be a month of meals there already!
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    Twins went shopping with my money and bought milk, eggs, ham and a loaf of bread and it was £8.81 Eek.
    I also spent £3.95 on lunch today, (But I did buy some for someone else).
    I am not sure where I count the money that DS has for school, as he has money for the bus and lunches most days. It was £5 today. ! So do I put that as Grocery challenge? I suppose I could and see what I end up with at the end of the month. ?
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    Spent 49p on milk for work this morning, I,m going to do a shop on thursday at MrT to use my coupons but I dont need much and dont really want to spend £30.00. What am I saying I,ve just said I,ve got coupons so wont actually spend that will I. Senior moment just then. Off to update sig.
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    Spent another £23.23 today on stuff for packed lunches, some mozarella for tea tomorrow and a nice bottle of wine as a reward for surviving a pretty stressful day. Still on target for within my £250 as my freezer is chocka and my lovely dad sent up some tatties and veg from his allotment so I'm hoping to spend little in the next fortnight.
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  • I found £10 in the road yesterday and spent it on groceries today!!

    Do you think I should include it in my budget or not??????

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