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September 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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  • Mrs_Money_PennyMrs_Money_Penny Forumite
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    Hi Everyone

    A NSD today. Have a portion of curry from the freezer for my dinner tomorrow. I'm trying to make some room in my freezer as it is full and things are just rammed here and there and don't know what I have. Which makes you disorganised. Have a good evening everyone.
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  • JulimkJulimk Forumite
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    Hi everyone

    I am a complete newbie, I have never posted on any forum before. But I have been aware of this site for a while & have followed a number of tips.

    I have been reading this thread & some connected ones over the weekend & would like to join in if not too late - £200 for Sept – meaning the calendar month. Tomorrow (working at home) will update once I have totted up what I have already spent over the first week.

    As I understand it should guestimate to start with & adjust as get more of an idea of what actually spending? I intend to include food & cleaning stuff etc. The nearest supermarket is Tesco & there is a Coop local 100 yards away, but the town has two other Tescos, a Sainsbury’s & a Somerfield.

    May seem a little high as it is only me & DD (9) but she has expensive tastes! Hopefully can adjust it down fairly quickly but she was complaining today that her Dad doesn’t buy anything she likes now that he is budgeting!

    That said I used some water I had cooked a gammon joint in to make a pea & broccoli soup for lunch today (peas & broccoli from the freezer, swirl of crème fraiche as there was a little bit left in the fridge) and she loved it!

    Looking forward to the challenge & reading more tips …
  • TheBeesTheBees Forumite
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    Evening everyone
    The Sainsbury delivery came on Thursday evening but despite the total coming to over £115 there doesn't seem to be much food!:mad: I had to do a top-up shop at the co-op today but got several whoosies including sausages, hoi sin chicken and barbequed chicken :j which have all gone into the freezer and been included in the menu plan for the next couple weeks.

    Amethystcash - Freezing and storing questions - Cheese stores fine wrapped in silver foil or better still we have a tupperware style box. Cheese should store in the fridge for a couple weeks easily and any mould that grows on the edges can be cut off with a knife. Some people like to grate their cheese and freeze it in bags so it's ready for use.
    In our house we freeze almost everything and have survived so far! I normally defrost things overnight then pop in the fridge in the morning.

    The Bees
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  • jackk_2jackk_2 Forumite
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    I went to Mr M today, i got some whoopsied salmon :j .

    Also while i was there i found frozen freeflow chopped garlic which i thought was actually quite good value @ 49p for 190g.

    Jackie x
  • Just wanted to let you know that thanks to the advice earlier re freezing and leftovers, I've bitten the bullet and now have some leftover paella that we had for tea tonight in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch! Normally it would just get chucked straight out (and since we're on holiday I'd probably send DH to the bakers, so MS too!). Yay me! Just hope when it comes to cooking it again tomorrow I don't talk myself back out of it, with the usual excuses!!
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  • Hiya guys,
    Another NSD for me as spent most of the day training for the London M:beer: that makes 7 NSD's so far:T
    Jediteacher/Cornishpixie, I hope your LO's feel better soon, ((hugs)) to you both
    Welcome to all the newbies
    HWGA xx
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    Welcome JulimK,, nice to meet you

    SMILEYS..this is wot I done


    saute--- 2 onions, 2 leeks, 1orange pepper, 2 diced courgettes.,, 1 onion squash and 2 medium potatoes---in a pan with a little marg until soft
    then add 1litre chicken stock( made with 2 stock cubes)

    then add to that 1 litre of skimmed milk

    then I added 1 large grated patty pan

    to that I added 1 dessertspoon of cornflour and salt and pepper to taste

    and simmered until everthing was cooked through

    then blitz it with the blender,,,very creamy

    Hope this helps

    KAAT xx
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  • I had a great session at Mr Ts this afternoon. Im still trying to work out what time they reduce the foor these days (it must get earlier week by week) but I bagged a few goodies:
    5 jam doughnuts for 13p
    2 boxes of 5 assorted slim-a-soups @ 22p per box
    taped-up pack of 12 cola cans @ £2.00
    I also got BOGOFs and multisaves on a few things that we were needing and managed to use the NOTW voucher and over £2 in printable vouchers. (So I'm going to count the price of the NOTW but net off the vouchers in my GC total spend - is that right?).

    We managed to fob our boys off with a budget 'Sunday roast by sharing two pork loid steaks between us (£2) and doing lots of cheap roasties and Grandma's veg. Pretty yummy but no leftover veg for Monday veggie burgers!

    I'll have a go at menu planning for this week again.
  • Welcome JulimK! You seem to have researched well. Best to be slightly generous the first couple of months and to keep a spending diary. Your DD will take part in this eventualy! Maybe you need some sort of reward scheme to encourage her? My dd is 14 and she took a little convincing but as she likes to cook I used that direction. When we went on holiday and bought a meal out that she liked I would tell her that we will copy it when we get home-then we would price it together. And the difference in price would buy "such and such". Just doing that now and then inspired her and none of my children argue over it any more. My eldest 2 are technically adults(19 and 23)maybe harder to convince for some!
    I had my asda delivery today(free delivery mse way) and elder dd guessed at the cost. Usually she is close but today she guessed at £80 but it was only £52. I had a lot of stuff for that! Baked some branflake cakes(3 of them)one is for the freezer. I feel rich tonight as dd has repaid me some of the money she had to borrow before she started her job and for the first 2 weeks of working. Oh-bank of mum and dad-good job I budget well. Still owed a lot but there is light at the end of the tunell at last. Food is bursting from the seams of the house I think! So much-I feel grateful for such fortune now-I didn't always have this. Going to use my Tesco £5 voucher next Sat plus the vouchers they sent me and will have a delivery from Asda Weds week using another evoucher. DD also gave me a £5 voucher from youngs as she wrote and complained about some plastic in a salmon encroute. Well done to her! She is now going to claim back the extortianate bank charges she has paid for the last couple of years when she was very naive! MSE she agrees is great!
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  • mhemhe Forumite
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    MRSM - any chance you could post the reciepe for courgette tea bread please - i think you must have posted it whilst i was on holiday and im rubbish at searching!

    Went to ASDA and spent the money from the insurance company on restocking my freezer - im not declaring this as spends cos it wasnt my money IYKWIM. Wiped freezer out with fabric softener as recommended - there was still a whiff there. My tupperware that was holding frozen meals also still pongs - any ideas on how to get rid of that or do i just ditch all my lock and lock containers and start again??
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