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    Help needed, Hello I am new to this site. We are going to France on Sunday and there is a UK Registered car there that we can use, this is not insured and belongs to my partners uncle. both our insurance companies will not add this vehicle as a temporary vehicle as the car is in France. I have found one company on the internet that would insure this for 7 days but this would cost £100.00, does anyone know of any company that would insure us?
  • Hi,

    We're looking at car hire deals in Southern IRELAND ... any good tips/deals out there please?
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  • We want to hire a 7 seater for travelling to wales from northants and back. This is from 2nd October to 5th October 2009. Does anyone have any ideas as to where I should look to find the chepest deal??

    Many Thanks for your help.
  • We'd not experienced this before in France, Italy and Portugal but got caught out like this with SixT in Spain this year. What's more, the full tank of fuel only got charged to my card after the rental but I can't remember if it was included in the original quote when I was comparing prices. We used over a full tank so it wasn't a problem from that perspective but having to return it as near to empty (otherwise you lose out) did make for an interesting, nervy final journey!
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    Well..look on your orinal booking. It should say if fuel was included in your booking or not ;) On the print out of my booking...I always highlight with a pen if fuel is included so they see it right away.
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  • Does anybody know a car hire company that doesn't charge for a full tank of fuel??

    I'm going to spain (alicante airport) for 5 days and am not planning on doing much driving, i will be lucky if i get through 1/2 a tank of fuel and feel like i'm being ripped off as all the company's i've checked charge for a full tank.

    The last time i went i found a company that just asked me to return the car with a full tank (only paying for what i've used) which is fair but they have now also changed to charging for a full tank.

    Many thanks
    Nice to save.
  • Hi, yes Easycar
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  • HAVEFAITH wrote: »
    Hi, yes Easycar

    Thanks but i've just done a quote and they're over £30 more expensive than the quotes i've got so that works out even more expensive than paying for a full tank on top!
    Nice to save.
  • well that does surprise me. I've just made 2 bookings and they were miles cheaper than the rest. Do it via quidco & you'll get cashback too
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  • They accepted my claim!! Here's the email they sent:

    Dear Mr Kitamura

    After a review of your claim, in this instance, we agree that you do have a valid claim and therefore we will refund double the difference of £614.62.

    After the terms and conditions of the offer will be processed after the rental has taken place.

    In order for us to issue a refund, we will need you to contact us again after the rental has finished quoting your rental agreement number and claim reference (stated above ).

    We do genuinely attempt tor offer the best possible value car rental and will be passing on the details to our pricing department.

    We would like to thank you for choosing Europcar

    Kind regards

    Lowest price guarantee

    Slightly concerned that it took longer than the stated "96 hours" in the terms and conditions for a reply, and 2 chasers to the claims department speaking to people who were downright rude. And the language in the email doesn't fill me with confidence that it's a smoothly run, well administered process. As I still have to pay for the original booking and I get the refund 7 days after the end of the car hire, it's slightly worrying. But it's still confirmation, I'm getting the car hire for free (or they're actually paying me!) so I'm happy!:j

    Received my refund on Tuesday, I've been PAID £73 to hire a 5 door Golf in Spain for a week! :T
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