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What’s this about? Parking at the airport can cost a fortune. Yet there are many ways to cut this cost. The first point of call is read the full Cheap Airport Parking guide. Then having found the cheapest it can find you, this discussion is specifically to talk about local parking and tips for

Cheap Heathrow Airport Parking

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  • tinkerbeltinkerbel Forumite
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    We just went away and needed to park at Heathrow for 16days. I used a few of the smaller comparison sites and booked with purpleparking for just £60 -with £9 cashback through quidco ;) so £51 and thought that we had got a very good deal. The minibus thing took us to the airport pretty much as soon as we'd arrived and were ready, and when we landed we just had to give them a call and they said they would come and get us. We had a hiccup though and a piece of luggage got lost (by the US airport, not pp) so were in the baggage reclaim for about an hour and we just called them to apologuise and they were more than helpful and understanding.
    we'd never booked parking in advance before but it is definitly something we shall do everytime from now on. We couldnt have even got a lift there from home from the same price really with the petrol cost!
  • JillD_2JillD_2 Forumite
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    My advice - read the small print.

    We had used the cheaper non-official parking sites in the past, you know the ones where they are like a couple of miles from the airpot, not affiliated directly to the airport but their sole business is to provide long term car parking for the airport and provide a mini bus shuttle service etc to te terminals. We never had any problems.

    Our neightbours weren't so lucky. They used a similar type of long term parking. When they left their car the car park people drove it offsite somewere else and in doing so managed to write it off. So our neighbours came back from holiday to no car. The company were awkward at providing their insurance details etc as well and our neighbours had a couple of months of hassle over it, as well as the fact that they of course had to shell out as the pay out for a write off is neer realy enough to buy what you feel you've lost.

    So read the small print. We now don't use the non airport ones.

    Sorry if this seems negative.
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  • Bob63Bob63 Forumite
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    Motorcycle parking is free at Heathrow and very very convenient. BAA even produce a guide on where the bike parks are located.
    • Terminals 1, 2 and 3: At the back of Short Stay Car Park 1A/5, to the right of the exit. Access is via Chester Road.
    • Terminal 4: Opposite the arrivals forecourt.
    • Terminal 5: Next to the short stay car park.
  • eslickeslick Forumite
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    Have a look at these two

    Aph link was the cheapest for us from out local airport but easyjet have a price promise and gave a double the difference and therefore I was able to save £24 on the price. I emailed them first and they agreed to the Aph rate but when my father in law tried without emailing first they said it was a special offer and wouldnt honnor it so may be worth dropping them a mail first. But saying that Aph was the cheapest I could I could find by £12.

    just added this to the main thread as well.
  • philhuffphilhuff Forumite
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    I've repeatedly booked at (and always via Quidco, of course!)

    My most recent booking is for a night at the Heathrow Crowne Plaza hotel with 15 days car parking for a total of £59.

    The trick is to find the 'secret' hotels, and then use your favourite search engine to find which hotel it really is. It's very easy to find common phrases, and I've never got one wrong yet.
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  • notkennotken Forumite
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    For quick stays at Heathrow, you can park at Hatton Cross Tube for £8 a day (£6 at weekends). You can then pick up any of the normal buses that stop there, which are very frequent and operate 24 hours. There's no bus fare to travel between Hatton Cross and Heathrow Bus Terminal. (When you get back on the bus at Heathrow just tell the driver you're only going to Hatton Cross.)

    It's pay and display but it takes credit cards and you can pay for up to 14 days in advance. Although it's only really economical if you're just away a few days or a weekend.

    I've never had trouble finding a parking space there, but it's not a huge car park, so there is a risk.
  • We went away for 28 days from Heathrow and left the car in a guesthouse carpark - the Crompton in Hounslow. They charged quite a lot for B&B (£150 for a double and single) but the first 15 days' parking were free and the next 9 @ £3 per day. In all we paid £215 for the overnight stop, taxi each way to the airport and the parking which was cheaper than even the cheapest carpark at Heathrow let alone the anxiety of not having to drive through the night to be there for a 4 am check-in.
  • Also check out for the locations of all the private driveways and car parks (both airport and non-airport ones such as Hatton Cross Tube).
  • £73 for 2 weeks early July at Heathrow. Good price, rubbish service.
    I booked through Holiday Extras and picked Economy Parking which is the name of a company just outside Heathrow Airport. On arrival at the reception i told them i'd be returning to Terminal 3, and they then notified me that they do not pick up from Terminal 3. I would have to walk with my bags from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2 where they would pick me up there. I was travelling with my disabled wife, elderly father in law, and young 6 year old son, which was not something i wanted to hear. When i complained and asked why this wasn't posted on their website so i could decide beforehand if i wanted to continue, i was told, "Look it's not a problem, i will give you your money and you can go elsewhere". Great attitude, and if it wasn't for the fact that i'd been in traffic for 2 hours, flight was leaving in 2 hours, and i didn't have the time to drive around Heathrow looking for an alternative, i would have taken my money, put my boot where the sun was definitely not shining, and gone elsewhere.
    Avoid Economy Parking on Spout Lane North, Stanwell Moor, Middlesex.
    Unhelpful, uncooperative & rude.
  • I've always used Purple Parking at Heathrow, from the days when they were called Secure Storage, and never had any problem at all. The transfers to the airport are quick and frequent and the most I've ever had to wait for a minibus to come and pick me up was 15 minutes (on the day Terminal 5 opened and the entire airport was in chaos!) And if you park for more than 15 days they only charge you for the first 15! This discount coupon website has coupons for 12.5% off and currently there's one for parking at £3.50 a day
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