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  • Hi All,

    It seems that Purple Parking have updated their website.

    As well as the normal airport parking deals, they are also offering airport hotel+parking deals, and just simple airport hotel deals. Some of their quotes still seem very competitive (eg around £80-£100 for a night in a hotel hotel plus a weeks parking at Heathrow).

    Keep checking the forums for codes too!
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    Thanks to you and Millydog for mentioning this company. I always assumed any meet and greet service would be expensive but their quote is little more than the one with a ten minute bus journey that we normally use. Nothing like the £20 extra per week that you encountered. I'm very tempted.

    Anyone else here used them?

    Having looked through a number of reviews, not this specific company as I not found any other reviews for them, I'm now wary of Meet & Greet.

    Looks like the concept is excellent when it works, and when it does work customers will rarely bother to write a review. However when it doesn't work apparently it's a real pain. The customer is totally dependent on the phone call and is all alone. Also few are acredited for their security, and some allow undesirable situations to occur that would be difficult to acheive within a compound.

    I was tempted but have now decided to resort to the conventional drive to and from the car park.
  • I've always used MF Airport Parking, seem to always have pretty low prices, especially on Manchester. Think I paid something like £23 for 8 days parking a couple of months ago.
  • The holiday extras best price guarantee referenced on the site is a complete con and what's worse they have taken the money saving expert logo and proudly referenced you on their site with the words "The biggest of the sites, Holiday Extras also offers a best price guarantee". I looked for an airport hotel and parking offer earlier and found that an offer for the exact same hotel and parking deal with the same terms and conditions was available through both AHP and Purple Parking for £14 cheaper. The only difference was that the holiday extras offer used holiday extras own parking facility and transfers and the others used AHP's parking and transfers. The parking arrangements were the same, regular free transfers the same and the time quoted from airport to parking area was only 1 minute different. In consumer terms the deal was identicle. Holiday extras refused to honour their best price guarentee because the parking locations offered were not the same. This was the only difference they could find. Apart from this they agreed that the offer was exactly the same. However, from a consumer perspective this is no different. It is a hotel deal with off airport parking and free transfers. I am not getting a different hotel offer. I am not getting a different parking and transfers package. I am not getting any special services or treatment whatsoever from Holiday Extras. I am simply parking at a different (but almost next door) location and getting charged an extra £14 for the privilage. Whats more, when challenged they agreed to refund the hotel and parking but refused to refund my credit card booking fee! So not only have they failed miserably to uphold their best price guarantee but they also kept my credit card booking fee for my trouble! On that note, do any other booking agents use holiday extras parking facilities because if not that would really show the guarantee for the con that it is. Obviously I have now booked the cheaper option as any self respecting money saver would but I suggest you pass on the appropriate warnings to everybody else and try and get your logo removed from their website.
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    I've always used MF Airport Parking, seem to always have pretty low prices, especially on Manchester. Think I paid something like £23 for 8 days parking a couple of months ago.

    I have just booked 8 days in Manchester for Dec at Manchester Airport Jetparks (on airport) for £19.94 with a 10% discount code. Was £17.99 after discount but there is a £1.95 BF. Extra £1 for cancellation protection if you want it.

    Once you have made a booking with them you can take part in their recommend a friend scheme. Your friend gets 10% discount and you get a £5 credit for your next booking.
    We seek a world in which everyone with HIV/AIDS can live an abundant life
    Want to join us?

    Enter promo code E58W in the space provided, for bookings made up to December 16
  • Contact me directly - I work for SkyParkSecure and the guys in customer services will always do everything they can to get the best deal at any airport.
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    Have a look at these two

    Aph link was the cheapest for us from out local airport but easyjet have a price promise and gave a double the difference and therefore I was able to save £24 on the price. I emailed them first and they agreed to the Aph rate but when my father in law tried without emailing first they said it was a special offer and wouldnt honnor it so may be worth dropping them a mail first. But saying that Aph was the cheapest I could I could find by £12.


    I feel I must share my experience after seeing APH Airport Parking mentioned in Martin's email this week.
    After getting a discount through my car insurer, I booked a week's parking with APH (Gatwick airport) earlier this year.
    After a lovely holiday, I returned to APH to discover that substantial damage had been caused to my car by their staff.
    Whilst the onsite staff were helpful and reassuring, their subsequent customer 'care' was absolutely appalling.
    Despite the onsite staff confirming the several hundred pounds worth of damage caused to my car could ONLY have happened whilst with them, every conversation I had with their Operations Director after this was nothing short of a debacle.
    To say she was rude doesnt even touch the surface - I was patronised, spoken to like an idiot and she was determind APH would not be paying for the repairs. I was equally determined they would.
    To cut a long story short, I have NEVER before been so disgusted with customer service. Eventually, and only after I started copying the company managing director into all my emails, did I make any progress with this. Eventually, APH did pay for the car repairs, but I should NEVER have experienced the disgusting, inappropriate and appalling behaviour displayed by a senior member of their staff.
    I cannot say in strong enough terms DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.
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    We reside approximately 10 miles from our local airport and the taxi ride there is usually around £20 (or more) per trip. A few of the neighbours have agreed that they would be willing to transport couples or small families to/from the airport at no charge. There are usually several offers when you e-mail your requirements and rarely is anyone left to seek a taxi. This arrangement has been working well for several years now, as long as you are willing to take your turn every now and again, and completely avoids the necessity of leaving your car at the airport. I appreciate that it might not be so convenient if the distance to the airport is far greater than our 10 miles but it is certainly worth considering setting up such a scheme in your own neighbourhood. Ours works particularly well since most of the neighbours are retired and available most times of the day or evenings.
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    Martin's latest email gives a 10% discount code for parking.
    After getting a quote from them I have been through the booking process with them right up to entering card details, and can't find any box to enter the code at all.
    Has anybody successfully managed this?
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