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  • DaLaw78 wrote: »
    I have always used FHR for airport parking. If you book on their website rather than use a comparison site they don't charge credit card fees

    Also use Voucher code FHR-P2008 for £2.50 off.

    Used the comparison sites then tried searching for the best deal direct. Quoted £56 on comparison site then booked direct with the same company Budget Airport Parking Manchester M31 4AX for £39.:rotfl:
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    trickyann wrote: »
    Used the comparison sites then tried searching for the best deal direct. Quoted £56 on comparison site then booked direct with the same company Budget Airport Parking Manchester M31 4AX for £39.:rotfl:

    Have you checked how far away M31 4AX is from the Airport?
  • If you book your airport hotel and or parking via the Saga website the price will usually be up to £5 cheaper than anywhere else. You do not need to be over 50 to do this! Just visit www., select the Travel Shop tab and the Travel Extras from the menu on the left.
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    just been quoted £78, were as it used to be £37, for a weeks disabled car parking opposite terminal 2. They dont do the deal any more were you could park in a disabled bay for a week at a reduced rate because they have had to make more disabled bays available, so that means charging less in more spaces and losing money, so they are charging the same price as the long stay now to make there money back
  • Millydog wrote: »
    We find that the best price of any at Gatwick is from these guys - and great service too!

    We have used Meet & Greet parking at Gatwick for our last two family holidays abroad and I can't recommend it highly enough, especially if you are travelling with kids and/or lots of luggage. Having tried every form of off & on-site parking in the past I can't place a high enough value on the benefits of driving up to the terminal, off-loading your luggage, and then just handing over the car keys. It costs about £20 extra per week over the off-site method, and it's great VFM as far as we are concerned - especially when you are travelling at ungodly hours. Waiting for a bus at 2am, driving to a field 5 miles away, queueing up to get your keys back, then trying to find your car in the dark is a crappy way to end your holiday.

    Just try Meet & Greet once, you'll never go back to any other method.
  • If you've got loads of luggage you can always drop some people off at the airport with the luggage then one person can take the car round to the car park saving on the extra you pay for valet parking/meet & greet
  • Where ever you use airport parking you need to know where one of your most treasured and expensive possessions is being stored. It could be a back street in the local town or muddy field on a local farm. What sort of security are they offering? Someone has done all the work for you. Before you book anywhere I suggest you check to see if the company are members of the Safer Parking Scheme. This is managed by the British Parking Association on behalf of the Police Service. Every site has to pass an annual assessment covering a huge number of criteria. They also have a great website I never use car parks that do not have this award.
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    AA members get up to 20% airport parking
  • I recently booked 4 weeks parking at BAA T4 On-Airport.
    Booking 4 months ahead, I got 4wks parking for £105 ! Incredibly cheap - I'm sure that's better than 50% off!

    I had shopped around on various websites, but the best deal was to call BAA direct.
  • any ideas to reduce parking costs at Bournemouth? They aren't included on any of the comparison sites Martin lists, there is 1 bus from Bournemouth (I live in Poole so useless), no train station for miles and it's £40 return for a taxi to Poole.

    It's such a pain, the airport is so close, yet it's cheaper to get the train 30 miles to Southampton! Only problem is then getting flights which are anywhere near the Ryanair/Thomsonfly prices at Bournemouth.

    It's something like £8.50 a day to park at Bournemouth and we are going for 6 nights in October. It comes out at £37.50 parking with a discount booking directly with the airport website.
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