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  • This is a website that I use for airport parking and have had no problems:


    We usually fly from Manchester or Leeds. I know they do not do Doncaster but think that they do most others.

    I had a look here and found the cheapest quote but when you go to book it asks for a membership number, it does say if you cant remember it to put 000 but was wondering if you actually need one? Dont want to not have one and make the booking invalid!!!

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    Is there a thread for east midlands,or is that too small to be included?

    Hi!! I don't know if there is a thread for East Midlands but BCP have a wide variety of airports they search and you will probably be able to get a good price from them for the nottingham-east-midlands airport :)

    I hope that helps. The link should be in my siganture :)
    Airport Parking
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    Not strictly an airport! ..but does anyone have tips/info on cheap or free parking near Continental ferry Port in Portsmouth?

    I feel like im getting reply happy! Keep noticing different questions! BCP also do Port parking so you might be able to find some good prices there, the airport parking page is on my signature and you should be able to find port parking fairly easily from there. I hope that is of some help!
    Airport Parking
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    Prompted by today's email I had a look at prices from the various bookers for Birmingham for 27 days next Jan/Feb. As Martin said, they all gave the same prices for the two off-site parking, (APH £41.60 & Airparks £71+) with a 5% discount from Airport-parking or, if you join their club for free, 10% off from Purple Parking. PP charge £1.50 CC fee but no Debit card fee. (Although I've been a member for years I don't post enough so it won't let me put the PP link - Just google purple parking)

    As well as being much cheaper, APH at Hams Hall is better for me as it is near M42 J9 which is where I would normally join the M42 anyway.
    Phil E
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    Holiday Extras don't seem to scan APH Parking. When I tried today, APH was cheaper by far than all but one that HE recommended!:o
  • We are going away in November and need parking from 15 to 29 NOv inc but only need the hotel on 28 Nov. ANy idea how to do this as the searches only seem to let you have the parking after the hotel stay.

    Thanks in advance.
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    yorkie426 wrote: »
    Anyone got a promo code for their parking?

    10% off Elite Airport Parking at "Airport Parking Site" (please Google it as can't post link) with code 91D3E0CF
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    We have used Meet & Greet parking at Gatwick for our last two family holidays abroad . It costs about £20 extra per week over the off-site method, Just try Meet & Greet once, you'll never go back to any other method.
    Thanks to you and Millydog for mentioning this company. I always assumed any meet and greet service would be expensive but their quote is little more than the one with a ten minute bus journey that we normally use. Nothing like the £20 extra per week that you encountered. I'm very tempted.

    Anyone else here used them?

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    When arriving back at the airport with a six-hour delay I had insult added to injury (metaphorical) when the parking company demanded an extra days parking fee.

    How do they calculate the charges?

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    From today Luton Airport has new drop-off and pick-up arrangements:

    £1 fee to drop-off. Or drop-off at mid-term parking with 60 mins free parking then use the shuttle bus. Pick-up only from mid-term parking with 60 mins free parking using the shuttle bus. Note a round-trip to assist someone to the airport building was taking 50 mins today.

    See news item

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