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'Home Bargains' Finds - Thread 3.

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  • The puppy in my pockets are excellent value - the purse one with 4 puppies in I bought last year for 9.99 and it was 2.99 in home bargains - they had other sets from 99p to 1.75, have bought a stockpile to put away for christmas. My 3 year old and her friends love these.
  • just told my friend about the puppy in my pocket, she is going tomorrow for 9am. Her daughter is mad on them too. Wished I bought them now.
  • sainsbury's cream envelopes 19p
    matching cream writing paper (posh!) 29p
    tea tins to give to your 'sisters', or female friends 59p, look great.
    lots of the small gift books, got a logic puzzles one. 50p.
    thorntons orange cakes, box 99p.
    solar lights that change colour, £2.99
    (sorry so boring)
  • New store is opening in Bangor N Wales today - its the old kwiks store on
    Caernarfon Road - so looks quite big.:j
  • Michelle36 wrote: »
    New store is opening in Bangor N Wales today - its the old kwiks store on
    Caernarfon Road - so looks quite big.:j
    The HB's in Rhyl and Llandudno are both former Kwiks too so nice and big with lots of range. I use Colwyn Bay but it is a smaller store so not as much choice. Good news about Bangor store!
  • juliejimjuliejim Forumite
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    donnydude wrote: »
    There are loads of different puppy in my pockets in doncaster. From between 99p and £2.59!
    I totally recomend the chocolate covered rice crackers for 29p as well. Theyre german and called Bio Reiswaffeln

    I prefer the yoghurt coated ones which are the same price as well!
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    This morning in Llandudno two pack of Pataks garlic and corrinader naan breads for 29p (Sell by date is Sept).

    In Colwyn Bay yesterday 10 pack of Fosters Twist lager for £4.49. Haven't been to a pub for a while but I suspect that you'd be lucky to get two bottles for that price. No wonder all the pubs are going out of business.
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  • Picked up some "Skin Milk" foam bath today for 99p (not sure of RRP, didn't look, but bottle looks like a milk bottle). Smells gorgeous, just like the Snowcake soap from Lush :-). Back tomorrow to stock up as great for kiddies too.
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    I didnt know home bargains sold Avon stuff??

    I only noticed when at till and girl in front had Avon tanning wipes for just over 70p - not sure if they are any good.
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  • Huddersfield today had some cube world items for £3.99, and the spi dog for £3.99 . I also saw the bible stories projector book - but I couldn't see a price - anyone enlighten me? They had the nice crockery in the hat boxes too.
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