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'Home Bargains' Finds - Thread 3.

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  • we got a toy simalar to tin can alley £6.99
    and a lunar jim view com toy with dvd £2.99
    they also had the lunar jim figures in the space bikes £3.99
    this was at ravensthorpe hb
  • ih8stressih8stress Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper I've been Money Tipped!
    In Doncaster today:

    Oracle Fortune Teller Game 99p
    Post It Picture Paper (25 sheets) for inkjet printers 99p
    1 x Microfibre Cloth (3 different varieties) 39p
    3 x Microfibre Cloths 99p
    Make It - Playdoh in small dome 99p (I think)
    Insect Kits (with jars, tweezers etc.) 99p
    Puzzles, circular cards in metal tin 49p - 59p
  • I don't know if these have been mentioned before but I buy the following 2 items from Home Bargains as staples :-

    18 pack of loo roll (the one in the dark blue packaging) for 2.99. brilliant value and good quality!

    1.5L bottle of 'Ultra Non Bio Washing Liquid' (HB's own brand i think) for 1.99. This is fabulous stuff - I use about 1/2 to 2/3 of what they recommend. On an average of 4-5 washes a week this lasts me 2 months :). Oh and my partner gets pretty severe ezcema and this does not irritate his skin :T
  • Ravenshorpe today:
    Green and Blacks organic cookies - 89p
    Bible Stories projector book - £1.99
    Cube world £3.99
    Spi dog £3.99
    Rosanna boxed plates and mugs
    Electric juicer - one where you put the whole fruit into it - £30 (i think - it could be cheaper)
    Vivo aquarium - £40
    Various pirates of the carribbean stuff - swords, figures
    The IVF worked;DS born 2006.
  • crutchescrutches Forumite
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    I found the new home bargains in Bangor gwynedd today and my husband was laughing at me for saying oh good,another thread that i can read!
    Every day above ground is a good one ;)
  • SaveitSaveit Forumite
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    Gateshead Home Bargains have 12 Nouvelle toilet rolls for £2.49, I also got 3 Kitchen rolls for 59p. Cadburys highlights hot chocolate, six pack 79p and some really good birthday cards for 29p each. Nescafe Brazillia 200 grams for £1.99
    I hope that is of help to someone.
  • k66k66 Forumite
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    Look out for Ronseal sprayable fencing product at £3.99 for 5 litres.
    Bought 2 in dark oak.
  • In Burslem today (btw a nice spacious new store, but doesn't sell alchol)

    Green and Blacks flapjack biscuits 89p (rrp £2.49ish)
    (have tested one and can confirm they are yum!:D)
    Diddy baskets of Belgium chocolates 99p (rrp £2.99)
    Leap frog floor puzzle £1.99 (rrp £12ish)
    Leappad carry cases £1.99 (I think - didn't get one)
    Pataks Bombay crackers 19p

    Also had a large selection of nice looking cushions between £2.99 and £3.99
  • Saveit wrote: »
    Nescafe Brazillia 200 grams for £1.99

    I've bought this from hb & I find it pretty nasty stuff. I've used about 30g of it at work (with marvel) and it's just sat there in the locker now. I will definately throw it away next time I'm at work & most likely replace it with aldis gold blend equivalent at £2.49/200g :)
    desrever sthgir lla
  • abijanzoabijanzo Forumite
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    crutches wrote: »
    I found the new home bargains in Bangor gwynedd today and my husband was laughing at me for saying oh good,another thread that i can read!
    LOL I found it too and that's just what I was thinking! Wow it was busy when we went (twice!) but such a fantastic shop - loads of bargains for the family and kiddies - love it!!:j
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