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'Home Bargains' Finds - Thread 3.

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  • e_munkye_munky Forumite
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    Went into HB today and saw this on the aisle, about 25 more sat on the shelf.

    From the box:

    Headphones + Microphone
    Compatible with:
    -Inline volume controls
    -Closed-ear cushioned earpods
    -Fully bendable mic

    - 3.5mm PLUG
  • seems like a really good deal, thanks OP.
    Smile and be happy, things can usually get worse!
  • wendymwendym Forumite
    2.9K posts
    Today in Retford:

    Plantana (German plant-based skin products) moisturiser and eye cream, 99p each, RRP £15!

    Large TY furry cats £2.99. Toy section was generally very well-stocked.

    Jellytots additive/colour free little cupcakes 99p

    Almost forgot:

    Very smart boxed sets of unusual china - 4 cups and saucers in a hatbox-shaped box, £2.49, RRP £25. Also sets of mugs and plates, different designs. The boxes are really very classy.
  • mom2be wrote: »
    I think is a bargain!
    Found this @ Harborne, Bham
    Only 99p! RRP £7.99

    Wonder if they have these in Brierley Hill??? Will have to make a trip..
  • lynzpowerlynzpower Forumite
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    ealier this week, popped int northampton

    29p - small box hormimans assam tea bags ( lovely brew)
    loads of 1.99 leappad games - spiderman
    plenty of dr who annuals as well 59p
    I also got the sainsburys envelopes 10p
    loads of the 49p books stated on previous thread
    fruity peel off face masks 10p each ( not yet tried)
    lovely box of 3 nigella style mixing bowls- for 3.99 but by the time a assistant told me the price theyd all gone! great buy tho , and plenty of the lovely teapots- great for Xmas 2.49 / 1.99 - i agree boxes are lovely.
    Stackloads of rspca, and other stationery sets for kids under a quid, good for stockings.
    nice little "grandma your the best" little morrored gift plaque things. 29p
    lilt zero 59p for 2 litre
    tango citrus 49p 2 litres
    meaty 21 walkers- 1.29 ( very good price considering thats whats being charged- ish for 6 in mr ts )
    usual sensations at 39p a go rfor the share bags, 15p for the single bags
    really nice milkyway "minute" bars for 15p
    :beer: Well aint funny how its the little things in life that mean the most? Not where you live, the car you drive or the price tag on your clothes.
    Theres no dollar sign on piece of mind
    This Ive come to know...
    So if you agree have a drink with me, raise your glasses for a toast :beer:
  • Popper into Cramlington today. Loads of new things ... OH had to drag me out of the shop!

    Pack of 2 cube world cubes - £3.99 RRP £19.99
    Some oasis which is use for flowers - 39p, 49p 59p
    sainsburys envelopes 19p
    some deep cleaning fruits face masks - 10p
    craft boxes - 2.49 and bigger ones for £3.99
    Raising kids is like being held hostage by midget terrorists
  • :D stockton today

    cd sets pop across the ages i think 10 cds ( might be less) hits from the 40s,50s,60s,70,80s and 90s also love songs the same periods £7.99 rrp £19.99 in a nice presentation box
    tea pots in fancy box

    girls fleece pjs £2.49 lovely quality in rose design and cerise pink ( also had boys but didnt take much notice )
    sainsburys writing pads 10p

    sugar puffs large 750gm box £1.29
    scooby doo van with sweets 99p:D
  • FatAndyFatAndy Forumite
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    A few items for keen gardeners in Llandudno this morning.

    Ronseal Power fence sprayer down from £24.99 to £8.99.

    Potted Dahlias (1l) for 99p, my wife was looking at some similar ones in a local garden centre but they were £6.99 there.

    And as gardening is thirsty work how about 4 x 275 ml bottles of Strongbow Sirrus cider for £1.49?
    The fridge is empty, the walls are damp, there's no hot water
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    Baby we were born to walk
  • charles_wcharles_w Forumite
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    Durham.........various size Yale padlocks including a really chunky one...99p
  • My first post on this thread so please be gentle with me!;)

    Colwyn Bay HB yesterday had Harry Potter annual's 59p
    also Lazytown annual's for same price(bought one for my daughter's birthday)
    Lazytown height charts 99p
    Barbie ballet dress in pink or white £2:99
    Urban therapy shampoo and conditioner tubes 99p each (tried this and it's nice stuff, for frizzy hair.
    They had Thomas the tank trainer cups and bowls too (would have bought some but with three children here we really don't need more cups!)
    Backyardigan's stencil books (didnt see price)
    Lots of Harry Potter figures 99p each

    and that's my lot, hope it help's someone.

    Ive been lurking for a while as I love Home bargain's and I love this thread, it has been really useful so thanks to all who post here :A
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