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'Home Bargains' Finds - Thread 3.

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  • Got a 4 pack of Sharpie twin tip permanent markers for 99p. (Black,blue,red, green) Think these are the ones Becks is advertising on tele now.

    Also saw a 6m (20ft) crossword puzzle, that folds up into a book. Loads of puzzles and games for 49p in Belle Vale Liverpool this morning.
  • ladygogsladygogs Forumite
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    wendym wrote: »
    A big thank you to everyone who helped me with my Liverpool visit - I found both Audley St and the shop at HQ without any problems. The stock room at HQ is unbelievably huge!

    Both stores had lots of the Lagoon brand games and books.

    I also got a Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD game - £10, but in a big impressive box RRP £30, and a re-chargeable torch for £4.99, RRP £15.

    I bought the Trivial pusuit for £9.99, but the DVD wont play on any of our players, and the game is very 'american' ... my 17 year old son loved it though, as had loads of Q's about pokemon and The :D
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  • today I bought a childs pink safety helmet £2.99, sesame street aqua doodle (contains 1 water pen, 3 mini mats, 1 stamp pad, 2 stampers) mess free fun 99p and a bottle of gallo pinot grigio turning leaf wine £2.75.
  • Harbourne, Bham today

    - some pre-biotic drinks for 15p, RRP 2.99
    - Anton Berg Marzipan 1.99, rrp 5.49
    - Adidas gift box sets, rrp 8.99? for 3.49
    - cute small flowery gift bags 19p
    - sainsburys writing paper 10p and 50 recycled envelopes also for 10p
    -lots of gift/joke books etc, mostly 49p
    postman pat party stuff, most of it was 29p
  • mom2bemom2be Forumite
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    I think is a bargain!
    Found this @ Harborne, Bham
    Only 99p! RRP £7.99
  • myrtle_2myrtle_2 Forumite
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    Hudds had some great looking fancy teapots etc in cool boxes...rrp quite high and can't remember the brand but on one of the down the middle bits on the right......nearly bought the teapot because of the box!
  • myrtle_2myrtle_2 Forumite
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    ....which would have been very silly...
  • ChellChell Forumite
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    mom2be wrote: »
    I think is a bargain!
    Found this @ Harborne, Bham
    Only 99p! RRP £7.99

    What is it? :confused:
    Nevermind the dog, beware of the kids!
  • mom2bemom2be Forumite
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    chelltune wrote: »
    What is it? :confused:

    This package contains three books and a magic wand. The three books are adapted from Disney princess stories. They are
    1. Beauty and the Beast;
    2. The Little Mermaid; and
    3. Cinderella.
    The magic wand is used as the child reads along to hear 25 enchanted moments with Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella. Touch the page with the wand to "magically" reveal melodies and sounds on every page. Safety tested for children 24 months.
  • they didnt have any of the above at doncaster but they did have disney princess jigsaws rrp £4.99 for 79p.
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