My whole life has gone BANG

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  • inneedofhelp

    have read your thread all the way through and can i say i know just how your other half feels. i feel for you cause it must be hard i am in position i have been married 12 years i love my hubby but am not in love with him. i dont want to be here anymore. what i mean is i dont want to be in the marriage anymore. its nothing he has done its just me and i cant explain it. it may help if she could talk to her doctor someone else she trusts
    not saying this will give you answers but just wanted to say am thinking of you
    kas x
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    Needofhelp,so sorry to read the conclusion of this.

    I can't help feeling she is behaving totally irrationally. I personally feel the kids would be much better with you as you are more likely to be repsponsible with them.

    I really hope you and your children get a good result from this,take care of yourself,you have tired so hard to solve this but never really knew what you were trying to solve?
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  • Well, got back from holiday last week.

    Good holiday, got on perfectly well and the kids loved it. We talked loads, perhaps to much and I may have done her head in abit.

    I think the problem is that for the last 6 months when she was up and down to her mam's, she was either not here with me, or when she was back she was doing 2/3 shifts in the pub, or at the weekends, it was us and the kids with no us time.

    So we were just ships in the night and have \ had drifted apart. And now just feels differently about me.

    The good thing is that she is not moving away with the kids currently, which is excellent news for me, as I really do want to see them grow up and be close to them if they ever need me.

    Her mam caused the only fight, son was 8 when we were away, no text or call or card for his birthday. And was out all day when we tried to call her.... When the wife got through, she was like, oh i will see him in a few days so i did not bother... would be different if she was not pre ocupied....

    Her mam also visited the day we got back, next day wife went to doctors, signed of for another 4 weeks. Came round back and her mam was about to drive off with out saying good bye......

    Apart from that not much has changed she still does not know what she wants from life, she resorted to a clairvoyance and tarot card reading last week....:rolleyes:

    Doctors appointment has come through tho for a councillor......17th December.....:confused:
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